A Cannabis Poem By Carlos

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Thanks Carlos…

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Hello universe
Remember when I grew you long ago in a world forgotten
where the ones that could bought a lid for ten bucks
and shared with those that didn’t have but together
we had visions of a world without shackles and more
when no one paid attention to seeds
and when I grew you long ago in my studio apartment under
primitive grow lights and upside-down plastic bottles
for drip irrigation and reflectors made of aluminum foil
and after months of nurturing those high schoolers
became schoolers high and we laughed and snacked
and laughed but we all grew up and forgot how nice it was
to forget hassles for a little while and pass it around
and held my breath to keep you in for as long as possible
and eat the roach
was that love?

Cannabis Sativa Flower
Beautiful Cannabis flower

You were just smoke, but I held you in my lungs for long moments
to savor the gentleness of ancient rites plausible
of standing on a street corner on St. Marks Place in new york totally stoned
in the cold and couldn’t feel where I ended and the universe began
oh universe! could I hold you again?
would you come to me in a seed or two?
i don’t care if it’s great or bad
there’s no such thing as a bad seed
I love to see you grow green and lovely and a promise of
kind moments with friends awash
come to me o seed and I will nourish you and care for you
and never ever sell you to anyone but give you
the way you gave yourself to me
my friend

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