Absolute Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow for Beginners

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What cannabis strain is easiest for beginner cannabis growers to grow?

Hi, I seem to have a lot of first time growers buy my cannabis seeds online. So I get asked quite often…’What cannabis strain is easiest for beginner cannabis growers to grow?’

Well, I have given this some thought, and I have decided that an auto-flowering cannabis strain would be the easiest for a cannabis newbie.

Although, I suppose financially my Free Cannabis Seed Offer is the way to go. You get about 25 cannabis seeds from various strains for a mere $15.00 total. You will find some auto-flowering cannabis seeds in the mix as well. These are some of the cheapest cannabis seeds you would find anywhere online to practice growing with. Be aware all auto cannabis plants are not created equal, some are a bit harder to grow well, then others.

There are a few auto-flower strains that are very hardy, very forgiving, and very fast to mature (less time in the ground for things to go south.)

Auto-flower cannabis plants flower when they reach a certain age….not by a longer dark period like their photo-sensitive cousins. You do not have to cut back the amount of light they receive in order to induce flowering.

Heck, they will flower under 24/7 lights. I have found through experimentation that they seem to do better with a short rest though. I, therefore, do an indoor auto-run of cannabis plants on an 18/6 light regiment. Lights on for 18 hours a day, and a 6-hour dark period.

Auto-flower cannabis plants also will remain relatively small in comparison to Photo-sensitive plants. Auto-flowering cannabis plants will usually attain a height of 2-4 ft.

They are much easier to conceal. Remember thieves abound, and can and will help themselves to all your medicine. First-time cannabis growers should be concerned with the concealment of their cannabis garden. There is no worst feeling than realizing someone came and hacked all your plants off.

Autoflowering cannabis also matures much quicker. This is a good thing for the beginner cannabis grower as the plants are simply in the ground for a shorter duration. Less time for bugs to get established, and less time for any root problems or other problems. If you incorporate a greenhouse, or and indoor grow room you can put them in when it is too cold outside, you can grow 3 crops in one summer grow season.

By growing several crops a year you can change up your meds occasionally which seems to make them more effective in treating illness. I love autos, and plant on concentrating on them somewhat. I would recommend most all the auto flower cannabis seeds I offer, with an emphasis on the Sour 60 Cannabis Strain, and the Mi5 Auto-Flower Strain as it is fast hardy and produces some great bud. And many of my autos tend to turn purple when mature, especially if exposed to the cooler fall weather.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this post. I am a new cannabis grower and this info is exactly what I was looking for…will be placing an order forsome of your cannabis seeds now!

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