Benefits of Cannabis

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Guest Article From Quinn, Thanks Quinn

Some of the Many Benefits of Cannabis

Many people from all walks of life have experienced the beneficial effects of cannabis.

Pauls Purple Fire Cannabis 1
Pauls Purple Fire Cannabis 1

Whether in countries where medical use is accepted, or others where it is prohibited, anyone from kids to elders have used the herb for many conditions like, pain, depression, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite and many more.

I personally have used cannabis to help with chronic pain and anxiety. Listed below are a few positive effects I have experienced with marijuana

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Cannabis Bud

One of the most beneficial results from the synergistic combination of THC and CBD is decreased inflammation.

This is one marker that can signal trouble for your whole body, and chronic inflammation is at the root of most, if not all diseases.

The way cannabis works to reduce inflammation is by interacting with your body’s cannabinoid receptors, which can bring about balance in your system.

Relive Chronic Pain

Sour Plums Strain CannabisFlowers
Sour Plums Cannabis

One of the biggest benefits I have personally experienced with cannabis is a relief for chronic pain. With Indicas, or Indica Dominant Hybrids being the strains of choice.

For some, this is one of the best or only ways to live with certain conditions or pain.

In my experience, it can also be used to help with the pain so that you can heal yourself more effectively.

This also ties into the anti-inflammatory effects, as pain sensation receptors are also located in our cannabinoid system

Stimulate Creativity

Another benefit one can experience with cannabis is increased or stimulated creativity.

This effect can be very helpful for artists of any kind.

Generally speaking, Sativa strains are attributed to more creative and cerebral experiences, but due to crossing and breeding over time, some Indica and many hybrid strains can offer this.

Relieve Anxiety

Last on this list, but definitely not least, is the benefit of reduced anxiety.

While over-indulgence of certain Sativa or Sativa hybrid strains can trigger paranoia or anxiety in some, many people turn to ganja to unwind after a stressful day.

Some also self medicate for more chronic conditions, such as anxiety, depression or others.

Personally, I feel that most of this benefit comes from the ability to see life from a new perspective.

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