How I Handle the Freebies

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Just a quick post to tell you guys how I generally handle giving out freebie cannabis seeds.

I am going to give all orders some free seeds….even the very small orders…so free seeds in every order! The only exception would be a free seed order of $15 (which I have had to curtail temporarily. I am growing more!)

If your order is under $50.00 you will get a few free seeds of another strain I sell. For every additional $50 for an order I will include another free strain. Basically the more you spend the more generous I will be with the free seeds.

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Aquaponics For Growing High-Quality Cannabis

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Hawaiian Cannabis Strain

Many talk about hydroponics when naming different methods for growing cannabis. However, it seems as if aquaponics isn’t spoken of nearly as much, although it serves as a great method for growing many different plants- including cannabis. Aquaponics consists of the combination of hydroponics with aquaculture. Hydroponics is the use of water for cultivation of plants, while aquaculture is the keeping of fish, or other aquatic (water) creatures in tanks, no matter the size of the tank(s).  Aquaponics systems are formed and built in a broad range of sizes, from a tiny indoor single fish tank, to a huge fish farm. We will talk about aquaponics on a much smaller scale, as an example here.

The aquaponics system works by acting as an eco-friendly symbiotic relationship. A symbiotic relationship is when two or more organisms live and thrive together while mutually benefiting one another. In aquaponics, the water serves as a medium for the plant to grow in, just as the hydroponics system does. However, it is more complex, and subjectively, much more interesting than hydroponics.

The Big Cannabis
The Big Cannabis Strain

The fish (or other aquatic animal) contributes waste to the water that serves as a medium for the plant’s growth. This happens from uneaten food, feces, etc., and although natural, this seems like it would lead to an unsanitary environment. However, it proves to be greatly beneficial to the entire system. This waste provides nutrients to the plants, acting as the plant’s fertilizer. In return, the plants convert certain chemicals, such as ammonia, into nitrogen, which is an excellent and necessary ingredient in fertilizer for cannabis, and especially crucial during the vegetative stage of growth. This process of conversion is called nitrification. The plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, and since water serves as the growing medium in this system, the fish is provided with the oxygen it needs to live by this. Simultaneously, the water is cleaned throughout the process, making aquaponics a totally self-sustaining system. It acts as a cycle, and requires minimum to absolutely no upkeep to maintain an aquaponics system.

 There are many advantages to using the aquaponics system to grow cannabis. First, aquaponics takes up much less space than grows that use soil as the medium. Also, plants grow quicker, larger, and denser, which is most desirable for cannabis growing enthusiasts. There is a reduced cost once the system is established, considering fertilizer is provided from the fish, naturally, through processes such as nitrification, for instance. Much less water is used in this process, since the water is cycled through and cleaned by the system itself, which also saves on money. Aquaponics also, in general, is a system with considerably less pest problems, because who enjoys fungus gnats, or stubborn weeds? Last, but not least, it is an extremely easy system to build, and you can do so with a simple, small Betta or Goldfish.

Overall, there are many benefits and advantages to using the aquaponics system to grow cannabis. Not only is it interesting to have a pet along with your plants, but this resource-saving, self-sufficient system is one that can be mastered by almost anyone.

Best Cannabis Strains for Growing Monster Plants

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Doing an outdoor grow? Want to grow those big monster plants that will give you a huge harvest? Up to 10 lbs?

I don’t blame you, although harvest time can be a bit overwhelming! But, who doesnt love multiple pounds of great cannabis buds from a single plant.

So which of the strains I offer would be good candidates for 10+ lbs of buds?

Here are my picks for the strains that will grow big, given the proper nutes, time, and light. Here is another post I wrote that goes into the details of growing 10 pound monster plants.

So here are my top picks for growing cannabis trees….

Santa Marta Colombian Gold a mostly Sativa plant ( the locals there have added genetics to this landrace strain)from the mountainous regions of Columbia South America

The Force a mostly Indica hybrid strain that shows excellent hybrid vigor, and the ability to get huge.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold/Jedi Glue a F1 hybrid I grew out that should share the ability to grow huge outdoors.

Paul’s Purple Fire I bought these seeds wholesale, but not only can these plants get big, they can turn purple in the coolness of fall.

Sugar Haze is a hybrid strain resulting from the cross of a Santa Marta Colombian Gold and Skunkman’s Original Haze. The Sativa influence will make this hybrid slower to flower, and longer to get bigger during the vegetative state.

BadAss BB’s is a cross of The Black and The Big. And like its mother can get BIG! You can also watch some of these plants turn so purple they almost appear black at harvest.

The Black is a strain that can not only get huge grown out right, but can turn a very dark purple. This is an exotic strain you and your friends are sure to like.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X Sugar Haze is a F1 cross I grew out for seed. This strain is a mostly Sativa hybrid that growing huge should be no problem.

Hawaiian is a landrace/heirloom strain straight from the islands. It is slow to flower and Sativa dominate. Should work well for growing into a monster plant.

Lebanese is a landrace strain from that area of the world. A long winded strain that should share the ability to grow big given the right conditions.

So there you go. Either Go Big….or go home. LOL

Using Cannabis/Marijuana….What are the Risks?

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A Guest Post by Marvin…Thanks Marvin

A good debate holds both pros and cons for a specific topic. The best debates cover the most controversial topics. In this article you are about to read, I will go over all the risks and benefits that cannabis holds. As you may know, cannabis is a plant that holds the capabilities of a drug. You may also know that drugs can hold health risks as well as other risks that many people become concerned about.

With cannabis, the risks that come with using this drug are: addiction, oral hygiene concerns, and heart deficiencies. With cannabis, the benefits that come with using this drug are: the ability to treat physical pain, the ability to treat psychological ailments, as well as increasing the ability to recall (memories). In this article, I will be switching between using the word cannabis and using the word marijuana.

Studies show 30% of those who use marijuana, may have a slight degree of a marijuana use disorder. Studies also show that 9% of people become dependent on marijuana. In 2015, an estimate of 4 million people (in America) matched the diagnostic criteria for marijuana use disorder.

Researchers have found that those who use marijuana are more likely to have oral health problems than those who don’t. It is more common for those who use cannabis to have caries than it is for non users. Caries are the decay of teeth. It is also more common for users of this drug to have more periodontal diseases and oral infections.

According to, “observational studies have linked the chemicals in marijuana to an increased risk of heart attacks, heart failure and a heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation”. It has been found that 6% of patients under 50 who experience heart attacks use cannabis. It has also been found that cannabis users between the ages of 18-44 have a higher risk of having a stroke than non users do.

All of this is to say, we shouldn’t go about drugs in a light manor especially cannabis. In short, using marijuana leads to people having use disorders(addictions), tooth decay and oral infections, as well as heart attacks and heart failures. After reviewing all the risks and concerns revolving around the use of cannabis, I’d like to now view the benefits of using cannabis. As I have stated before, the benefits that come with using marijuana are: the ability to treat physical pain, the ability to treat psychological ailments, and increasing the ability to recollect.

As reported by, “Ninety-seven per cent of respondents used cannabis primarily for chronic pain. Average pain improvement on a 0–10 pain scale was 5.0 (from 7.8 to 2.8), which translates to a 64% relative decrease in average pain. ” The website also states that “Half of all respondents also noted relief from stress/anxiety, and nearly half (45%) reported relief from insomnia.”

In a study involving rats as test subjects, researchers found that using cannabis “induces deficits (…) of cognitive function, including working memory. In the experiment, the rats were made to choose between two things, with there being one correct answer each time. As the test progressed, researchers observed that “exposure to cannabis (smoke) significantly enhanced choice accuracy” among the rats.

This information proves how the use of marijuana can not only release someone from chronic pain but, deliver a calmer state of mind as well as, increase the ability to remember something. As laid out, the information suggests that using cannabis holds more significance in benefits than risks. Only 9% of people become reliant on cannabis, this number is less than half of the people population. As for dental hygiene, studies have found it is “more likely” that those who use this drug will have oral health problems, this suggests that there is a higher chance of having oral health problems but it is not certain. The amount of people who experience heart attacks under the age of 50 and who use cannabis, is only 6% which again, is less than half of the people population. After using cannabis to relieve pain, 64% of people felt significantly better. The users of this drug also mentioned a decrease in anxiety as well as insomnia. With this decrease of stress, more people can function properly mentally as well as physically. Lastly, this drug allows the user to reclaim information that may have gotten lost or pushed to the back of the brain.

In conclusion, using cannabis brings risks and concerns of health but there is a higher chance of the drug impacting you positively rather than negatively.

10 Tips For Harvesting High Quality Cannabis

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You have done everything right, your cannabis plants/buds look great. Now what?

Well, this is the moment you have been waiting for….like a child waiting for Christmas, it is time to harvest what nature has provided.

The time to harvest your crop is when the trichomes have become cloudy, and the pistils have mostly turned darker. You will need a jewelers loop, or some kind of magnification in order to determine the proper timing. Be aware the longer you wait the ‘heavier’ the stone is likely to be.

The number of days to flower before harvesting will vary widely according to strain. Some auto-flowers are ready to harvest in only 60-70 days from planting. Some tropical Sativas can take twice as long to flower.

With out farther ado here are my 10 tips for producing high quality cannabis buds….

  1. To begin your harvest you will want to remove all the fan leaves from your cannabis plants. I usually do this while they are still in their planting pots. You can simple pluck them off, or use scissors.
  2. I also like to remove any larger leaves from the buds themselves. If there are no trichones on the leaves anyways.
  3. I like to tape the strain identifier that I have used so I know which strain is which.
  4. I like to cut the whole plant off and take it to the drying room. I live in a very dry climate and this can substantially slow down the drying process. If you live in a more humid environment you might want to cut all the individual branches off the main stem to speed up the drying, and alleviate mold concerns.
  5. I maintain the proper temperature, and humidity in the drying room. To accomplish this you may need to use a humidifier, de-humidifier, air conditioning, or heat….depending on your circumstances. Keep humidity around 50-55%, and the temp near 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Drying should take from 1 to 2 weeks, anything longer or shorter you will need to adjust the temp and/or the humidity.
  6. You then hang your plants/buds on suitable hangers, making sure there is plenty of air flow all around.
  7. Once your buds are dry enough it is time to cut them all off the main stems, and cure your harvest.
  8. Most cure their buds in an air-tight container…preferably glass. I like to cure for about 2 to 3 weeks. Many cure for much longer.
  9. Keep a close eye on your buds as you cure them, burp your jars of buds daily at the start. Drying more if need be. As the buds cure, and no moisture problems are present you can burp them less frequently.
  10. Now you are ready for a final cleaning up trim, then packaging your bud for use. The finished bud can be store nearly indefinitely in a glass jar as well. If I have a large harvest I like to put a Silica Gel Desiccant Bag in with the buds. You can find the on Amazon.

Free Seeds! Landraces, Autos, Photos and Good Genetics! Tell Me About Your Free Seed Grow?

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I have always used the paper towel method. I prefer a moistened paper towel that I place my seeds in. I then put it in a plastic bag and let it sit over night in a dark closet. I also put a heating pad on low under the tray. This method has always worked extremely well for me. I live in a humid coastal region. Which can be a good and a bad thing…

I just wanted everyone to know that I have noticed a huge difference in the way this site works. Its not just me either. We have had more new members join our forums/blog in a short span of time than ever before. That is something to be proud of for sure. If your anything like me, I am trying to help Mother Nature a bit. I think we have messed her up enough. So let’s try and bring her back to where she was 100 years ago. Cleaner, fresher, not so pissed off…

So that is why I wanted to say thank you Jerry ! I truly appreciate the fact that your are putting out such a good fresh viable product. I literally dropped 12 and they had all popped in less than 24 hours. I have never had such beautiful things morph out of this little tiny thing. You are so prompt on getting our packages out. If you pay cash it seems to be there in two days. I am very happy to be part of this movement. You are putting genetics back where they need to be and doing a kick ass job while doing it. The Mandela effect works ! – Your a plethora of knowledge and I am a sponge ready to absorb it all…

Thank you Ashley,

These are the some pictures of our free seed grow….

Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

What I am Growing 2/8/2021

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Am growing more great seed for you guys. The plants are doing well under the 4000 watts (if you can believe them) of LED lighting. These kinds of posts will always be ongoing as the grow develops. I love growing this plant, it is so easy and forgiving to grow. One can make mistakes and still these plants will flourish!

Here are some images of the plants….

Adding the Cannabis Strain Big Bud to the Lineup

I am excited to be growing out a new strain to my offerings….Big Bud…. I grew Big Bud about 20-30 years ago indoors hydroponically. I loved the strain, and loved the size of the enormous buds produced.

This strain grew big strong and fast. It responded well to hydroponics.

I traded for the seeds, and they looked weak and subpar, but you can grow the biggest, healthiest plants from tiny immature looking seed. The plants are turning out great, and I was very happy to find a male in the amongst them.

I will see if I have a few more images of the Bid Bud seedlings….

Back for an Update On the Cannabis Seed Grow 3/24/21

Well it is getting to be the time of year when I will simply not have the time to do much writing. I wanted to give an update on my grow, as the seeds are approaching maturity. I am growing out 5 different strains, and that isn’t easy when you are only allowed 15b plants total.

3 of the strains will be new to my site….Hawaiian, (got the seeds in a trade, slow to flower, looks like the real deal), Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower, and one I grew extensively back in the early ’80’s…the now fairly famous Big Bud. I actually got all these seeds in trade, they all look good. Big Bud looks to have the characteristics I remember….BIG buds, and heavy crystallization.

And 2 of the strains I am simply adding to my depleted stock. (thanks to you guys!!) These are Sour Patch CBD, and Sugar Haze.

Next up will be the Santa Marta Colombian Gold strain as I am now running low of those.

Here are some images of one of the new strains Hawaiian

The male is very venereal, and growing strong and tall. One female is small, but again I flower young so that is not much of an indicator of plants that can be grown from her seed. The other female is simply a beast, and will def produce plants that could be huge, and will surely impress. As I said these plant were very slow to flower, indicating a tropical pheno type. My other plants I am growing are about done maturing their seed, you can see how slow this one is. It has been my experience, that the slow maturing cannabis tends to be very potent as well. I think these seeds will produce awesome results!

And now here are the others….

You can see the the unusual pheno type of the Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower has been super cropped, this is my favorite way of controlling the height of plants, especially an inside grow….I need to do a post on super-cropping. This is a very Sativa like pheno type, that would likely get 4 or 5 feet tall….big for an auto-flower.

The next is the more common pheno type of Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower, and in an auto flower is basically one big bud.

The Sour Patch CBD plant grew strong and big in it’s short life. Well crystallized, and seemed very robust.

Then the one I am def excited to add to the line up….Big Bud. I found it to be aptly named, as the buds can get HUGE! You can see the extensive crystallization, and the size of the bud on a plant that was flowered when it was only on it’s 3rd node. If I was a market grower this plant would be one of my choices. I grew this strain back in the 80’s hydroponically, it never failed to impress!

And last, but not least is the very popular strain of cannabis called Sugar Haze. This is a Sativa dom plant that under the right conditions could grow one of those 10 lbs plants. This plant grew exhibiting excellent vigor, and also grew tall in it’s short life.

Well that about sums up this grow, I will be wacking them soon, and they will be available onsite. If you want 100% germination, and to grow some great plants….these seeds will be as fresh as they come!

My Life With Cannabis

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My first encounter with Cannabis was through a story I was told by my father who grew up in Fez, Morocco.

MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis
MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis

The story, which dates back to 1942, is a tale of young boys ? my father and his brothers – who decided to horse around with their mother. Somehow, the three oldest brothers managed to buy Hashish and on Friday night dinner they put the hashish on their mother?s plate. She ate it with her dinner without noticing anything at all.

The food she had prepared for the family was enough for both Friday and Saturday for 9 people (parents and 7 children) since cooking on Saturday ?the Sabbath- is prohibited in the Jewish religion.

The family woke up on Saturday only to discover that both the entire prepared and raw food had disappeared from the house. All the pots and pans were empty.

It turned out that the mother of the family, under the influence of the Hashish she had eaten at dinner, woke up in the middle of the night and ate everything in sight ? without knowing it.

For a long time I was against marijuana under the influence of all who opposed it without offering any good reasons why. I have since changed my mind.

Last summer my wife went to Europe and I asked her to buy a few cannabis seeds. She bought three and brought them back on August 4th.

On August 5, 2019, I planted one seed in my garden. It grew into a beautiful plant. I showed it to a few people who commented that it was a model plant that could be on a poster.

Unfortunately, frost came very early in 2019 and before the frost I dug out the plant (very carefully) and put it in a huge planter. It continued to do beautifully indoors but I noticed that its growth had slowed.

Thin Cannabis Flower
Grindspoon Type of Cannabis Plant

I did not provide special lighting to the plant.

It also did not help that my little 12Lb dog started feasting on the bottom leaves and behaving very strangely! Eventually I did put a fence around the plant to protect it from the dog.

The winter in New York is very long and although the plant survived for another 3 months indoors it stopped growing and eventually died.

I did realize I needed 2 more months for the plant to mature but I did not have that time. Now some of my seeds are in the ground, two full months earlier than last year?s experiment.

I truly hope to succeed this year!

A Harel

How Cannabis Has Changed My Life!

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Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

As some of us have experimented with marijuana in our younger years, my generation always split the gap between pro and anti marijuana legislation.

There was always a debate in social gatherings and political platforms alike. Sometimes leading to unfair stigma and judgement.

Naturally I was elated when my state legalized the herb for medicinal use and small grows. About a year ago I was approved and started using cannabis to treat PTSD, severe depression and anxiety.

The results were amazing compared to the pharmaceuticals that were being pushed to me and changed almost like the weather.

Using the right combination of relaxing and focusing strains for day/night use has cut my prescription drug usage down to half and still dropping with every checkup.

Cannabis Flower
Cannabis Flower

Most people can’t afford to pay outrageous prices for designer flower in pretty packages and growing your own medicine keeps the impact off your wallet while providing a fulfilling hobby for a great payout.

I’ve started growing in a small grow tent and have found the whole endeavor to be pretty fun and fulfilling.
Though it took some research and beginners mistakes to get the ball rolling, I’m able to produce my own medicine without hassles of lines and prices.

Keep at it and it will become like second nature.

Providing things keep improving at their current level I hope to be pharmaceutical free by the end of the year. Thanks to this gift of a plant my life has changed for the better on all fronts.

I feel the best I’ve felt in years and have more focus and energy than I could hope for with the most refreshing rest to recharge the old battery.

So I guess the point to all this rambling is to keep an open mind and remember that what works for you may be different from the next person. Give yourself the chance to improve by means that others may find controversial.

Our dependency on pills to make everything better that give you worse side effects than the conditions they treat sometimes holds back the progress of refining the natural gifts we have used for millennia.

Spent Male Flowers Adorn Her

With daily life comes incredible stress and it is more important than ever to be able to make an effort to improve our quality of life.

If marijuana can give you that relief and let you relax and enjoy your life, I’d say you deserve it. Times are crazy enough and people need to keep in mind that mental health is just as important as physical health.

Just a little time to kick back and listen to music or listen to a book, maybe take a hike and enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine can change your perspective completely.

I honestly have to thank the people that are trying to make this treatment more mainstream and cutting the stigma away. They put in amazing work and provide us with a resource far better than years ago.

In short, my life is much more enjoyable because of medical cannabis.

I’m happier, healthier and more fun to be around.

I’m able to enjoy more social interaction and be around people for the first time in what seems like forever.

Thanks for listening to my success story and opinions.

J Gee


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How to Grow Great Cannabis Indoors

Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold
Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Cannabis is a plant, that is easy to grow, however it naturally thrives outdoors. But, under the right conditions there are many benefits and advantages of growing indoors.

No 1. The first advantage to growing indoors is that you completely have the ability control your end results.

You will be building the environment from ground up, this environment will become your personal grow space. You are mother nature and control everything, from lighting, to the choice of pots, the growing medium, nutrients, air flow, temperature, humidity, ect….YOU will be responsible for the success of your girls.

Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order
Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order

No 2. Outdoor growing is cool and all but dealing with the seasons most definitely is not.

When you depend on Mother Nature to provide for your plants, you will be locked into only one harvest per year, (if growing photo plants) especially the farther you live from the equator. Cannabis is an annual plant and naturally flowers but once a year.

That being said it is safe to say that the number of harvests is not so much about the plant itself but more about the environment that you will learn to create.

When you grow indoors, you can create the right conditions for your cannabis plants to produce more than one harvest in a year!

This Frosty Girl is From a Free Seed Order Too!

Harvesting 5 to 8 times a year is possible!

Especially if you are growing autos.

And it could even be done with photos If you have to rooms, because it takes a plant two months to mature and flower. That means you could grow cannabis year-round when done indoors.

One for the vegetation phase (where you give it 16 to 20 hours of light) and one for the flowering phase (where you give it 6 to12 hours of light). This simple method enables you to grow up to 8 harvests annually.

NO 3. You will gain a personal relationship with each and every plant you will came to know them as you watch
them grow develop and mature, as you are going to provide everything that nature does, and
believe me it?s going to take some work because growing indoor is more so about focusing on the quality of each

NO 4. Some would say that the biggest advantage to growing cannabis indoors is that you will have full control
over your personal growing experience (environment.)

I have used the term experience because that is specifically what it is, and you’ll find a love for it!!!

You can control your grow medium (look forward to a future post on building the best growing medium), lighting, temperature, water, humidity and CO2 levels with relative ease. It is also much easier to keep your grow environment free of pests and disease of which we will fully discuss fin the near future (pests and disease).

Free Cannabis Seed Grow
Grown From a Free Seed order

NO 5. There is also a difference when it comes to the THC, CBD & Other canabanoids that is provided from
indoor cannabis when compared with outdoor cannabis.

Indoor cannabis tends to result in substantial higher trichome counts, denser flowers, and a more potent high. Outdoor weed creates a weaker high, with fewer trichomes and less dense flowers.

One reason why indoor-grown cannabis is deemed more potent is because of the controlled environment it is grown in.

Not only this, but the introduction of high CO2 levels when compared with the natural environment has also heightened bud growth and produce THC levels that are challenging to obtain outdoors. When you consider everything that cannabis that is grown outdoors has to go through, it is probably of no surprise that it will be considered much less potent.

Please take note that the content within this post are solely intended for educational and informational
purposes only. Please be aware of your local laws within the state you reside in.