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How to Monster Crop Cannabis Plants

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Monster Cropping is the lengthy process of taking a cutting from a plant that is already 2 or more weeks into its flowering stage, then you must put it back in to vegetative state in order to tweak a strange genetic growth pattern.

Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order

First the flowering clone will need to be rooted. Be patient because it will take longer than usual, and these flowering clones have about a 50/50 success rate, so take a few extras.

If your cuttings have any buds or signs of bud, you should remove it now. The buds will wilt and dry anyways, making the cuttings take longer.

After the cuttings take root, re-veg them for 2-3 weeks on 16/8 photo period. You will know it is in RE-VEG state when it starts to display strange looking round leaves. After the leaves start to look normal again, you will know it has gone back to VEG state.

So, the cool part about this next growth is why it is called monster cropping. The new plant will start to shoot long branches pretty much all from the same spot and these will be your top colas.

With LST (low stress training) you will quickly fill up your canopy with many equal sized top colas.

Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

Another way you can do this monster cropping technique is by re-vegging a full plant after you have harvested.

When you cut you plants down for harvest, leave a “mainframe” of branches with a few healthy fan leaves and put it back under 16/8 photo period, then use LST and super cropping to get a MONSTER of a second harvest!

Pros of Monster-Cropping

You can keep certain genetic strains alive while using less space, power and time.

Your monster crop will produce lots of natural colas from the main trunk.

This is an awesome technique if you are limited to the number of plants you can grow, or you have got a small grow space.

Jedi Glue

This works awesome With SCROG and will maximize the light dispersion on to the plant canopy, which will in turn increase yield!

Cons of Monster Cropping

There are not very many cons I can think of. One major drawback is that if you take a clone from a re-vegged plant, the plant will not produce as well as the first monster cropping.


This process adds at least 3 weeks on to your grow schedule because of the time it takes to convert the cutting from a flower back into vegetative state.

My conclusion is that if I can get a substantial increase in yield without sacrificing extra vertical space, then I say its worth the 3 weeks to see a tree full of top colas all the same size.

This summer I will experiment by taking my plants from my bloom room after I harvest and re-veg them to be moved outdoors for the summer.

Causes of Low Germination Rates for Cannabis Seeds

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Why Won’t My Cannabis Seeds Sprout? The Basics

Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

You bite the bullet, and send all that hard earned money for those expensive cannabis seeds.

Now what?

NOW it is time for you to turn those minuscule little seeds into awesome cannabis plants.

But, this very first step in this process can be one of the most troublesome.

Getting those little suckers to sprout!

Reasons Your Cannabis Seeds Do Not Sprout

There are many reasons for cannabis seed germination problems, some on my end, and some on yours.

Lets start with cannabis seed germination problems that could be my fault.

Cannabis seeds sprouting in a paper towel
Checking the Germination Rate of the Force Cannabis Strain
  1. The cannabis seeds are too old. This is likely a problem with cannabis seeds at times. For me, it would be the seeds I buy wholesale. These seeds have been produced by who knows who, and who knows when. I test germinate seeds that someone complains about…I don’t get many, but a few. I can assure you I have only been producing cannabis seeds for a bit over one year, so the seeds I have produced will be fresh and the germination rate will be around 100%.
  2. In proper storage of my cannabis seed stock. I store all my seeds in a cool, dry, dark place. I am not a believer in freezing my seeds for storage, nor even refrigerating them. The cannabis seeds I have produced should stay very viable for at least 5 years or so.
  3. Immature seeds or damaged seeds tend to have lower germination rates. I try to send only very mature, undamaged, viable seeds as the main seeds in a paid order. I do however realize many immature looking cannabis seeds will still germinate well, that is why you will find some immature looking seeds in the free seed offers, and as freebies included in orders.
  4. And, lastly, I just want to say I always send extra seeds (just one of the seeds I have bought wholesale, and many extras of seeds I have produced and have many of) in an order. The more money you spend the more freebies you get. I do this for three reasons…First, because I want to turn you into a repeat customer. Second, because I sell only regular cannabis seeds so males are likely. And third, because germination problems can happen to us all, and I want you to have extra seed to make up for it.

Now for cannabis seed germination troubles that could be your fault.

Cannabis seeds need just a few things in order to make the leap from a single simple little seed to a beautiful cannabis plant. Lets take a look…

Cannabis seedling
Cannabis Indica Seedling
  1. In order to sprout cannabis seeds need to maintain the proper moisture levels throughout the germination process. Too wet and the can just sit there and simply not sprout, too little and you can get the same result. I am also not a fan of soaking, wet paper towels, ect. My favorite way to germinate cannabis seeds is the old fashioned way, the way nature does it. I plant them about 1/4 inch deep in a fine seed planting potting mix. Then I water daily with a spray bottle, just enough to wet soil around the seed, but not soak all the soil in their container. I believe this maintains the proper moisture to support the highest germination rate. I usually (but not always 🙂 get around 100% germination.
  2. You must maintain the proper temperature throughout the germination process. This temperature should be about 75 to 85 degrees Fairenhight in my experience. Any deviation from this temperature range and your germination rate could fall off.
  3. The water you use could be a possible problem as well. If you simply use tap water you need to know your tap water is good enough to use. I tend to just buy a jug of distilled water to wet my seeds.
  4. Light? You don’t even need it to sprout your cannabis seeds, but they will quickly be looking for it once they have popped.

I wanted to cover just some of the basics here in this post. There are lots of ways to accomplish getting a cannabis seed to pop, but there are a few basics covered above that can be deal breakers.

I have written a few other posts about the other methods of cannabis seed germination, and about cannabis seeds in general….

What is a Cannabis Seed

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

How to Sprout Cannabis Seeds Using The Soaking Method

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Using The Paper Towel Method

Cannabis Seed Germination Rate

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Can You Tell if a Cannabis Plant Will Be Male or Female Just by Looking at the Seed?

How To Grow Cannabis Indoors For Beginners

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The Basics of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Guest post by Señor Wavy

Jedi Glue X Santa Marta Colombian Gold
Jedi Glue X Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Cannabis is a very versatile plant that can be grown in a number of places.

Especially with new advancements, such as auto-flower seeds which don’t require any specific amount of light to flower and tend to be vigorous, strong cannabis plants. ( has quite a few great auto seeds, I personally have tried the Sour 60 Autos and loved them)

In my personal opinion, growing cannabis outdoors is obviously the most ideal situation, however, there are many climates and situations where some folks are unable to do this all year, or at all. In these places especially it is very useful to be able to grow indoors.

There are other benefits to growing cannabis as well, such as being able to utilize hydroponic systems, protection from environmental changes and people (thieves), and perhaps most notably, being able to fully control the flowering schedule, and grow any time of the year.

So, in this article, we will be going over some of the basics to consider when growing indoors.

First things first…

Pick Your Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and in this case a single seed.

The seeds you choose to grow will determine the genetics of the plant. Plant genetics determines many things, including what environment it prefers, unique aspects of caring for it, size and shape of the leaves and the cannabis plant itself, as well as effects of the final product…..the flowers.

Historically, Indica strains have most popularly been grown indoors due to their shorter stature and quicker flowering time than Sativas.

This is no longer always the case though, as years of breeding and crossing strains has led to countless hybrids, many of which can display either Indica, Sativa or mixed characteristics with varying heights and flowering times.

Strains that are genetically pure from their origin are known as landrace strains. There are quite a few really great offers for landrace seeds here on as well if you are interested in them.

When growing indoors I would stick to Indica landrace strains or hybrid cannabis strains which allows you to let the plant express its full potential.

Some Sativas may run out of room without some training.

Other factors you will want to consider are potential yield, resistance to cold, heat, pests and diseases, and effect.

Growing indoors gives you the big advantage of being able to keep many common pests out of the grow room.

Growing indoors also means YOU are Mother Nature and have control of humidity, heat, temperature, light, ect. This allows you to choose certain genetics that may not thrive particularly well outdoors. 

Depending on the size of your indoor grow space, the main things I would look out for in choosing genetics are:

Size of the finished cannabis plant (Choosing shorter plants if you have limited space)

Flowering time if purchasing photo strains, (If you choose regular (not autos) seeds you will want to keep them in a vegetative growth stage for at least two to four weeks before you initiate flowering.

Finishing times if starting auto-flowering cannabis plants. (There are also auto-flowering cannabis seeds available on this site which will be ready to harvest in about 2 to 3 months regardless of any particular light schedule.)

Smell (This one is more about personal preference. If you have a space where you are comfortable with the smell of your plants drifting out and prefer strong-smelling flowers, then anything you choose will be fine. However, if you are not a fan of very pungent medicine or are around others who are not, then you may wish to choose a strain known for its more mellow aroma, or at least not anything like a skunk or cheese. Carbon air filters can drastically reduce the smell coming out of a grow room or tent, and are used by many growers)

And obviously, Effect (Indicas tend to be more bodily relaxing (hence the term…couch lock, and Sativa’s more cerebrally stimulating, although as mentioned before many hybrid genetics are cultivars of both)

Choose Your Growing Medium

Choose Your Growing Medium
Choose Your Growing Medium

This is probably where growing indoors gives you the most options, when indoors you can choose from any growing medium such as soil, coco coir or rockwool as well as  other hydroponic and organic mediums.

There are many subtleties as well as advantages and drawbacks to each one, so I would highly recommend researching further on your own before you decide.

However, as a basic rundown, soil is known to be the most forgiving as the pH does not fluctuate as drastically compared to growing hydroponically, and the soil provides somewhat of a buffer to stresses like nutrient deficiencies or overages. You can buy bagged soil specifically made for cannabis online or in hydroponic or garden stores.

Alternatively, you can look up recipes of how to make your own. This makes the soil a reliable choice, especially if you don’t have access to anything else.

Another very popular option is coco which is shredded coconut husks. This is a hydroponic medium, even though it is sourced organically. Many growers prefer coco coir, especially indoors as it has excellent drainage and aeration for roots, although this ties into it drying out faster than soil as well. There are no nutrients in coco, so you will need to supplement for everything the plant needs.

Deep Water Culture
Deep Water Culture

Another popular choice is DWC (Deep Water Culture) which is when the plants’ roots are entirely suspended in a water and nutrient solution. This method especially deserves an article of its own, so if you are going for this one I would definitely recommend researching it before you begin. 

If you go with a medium such as soil or coco you will next need to choose a container.

Many people including myself prefer and have had great experiences with fabric pots, which are essentially cloth or fabric bags designed to keep light out, yet allow maximum airflow to the roots. This helps ensure your plants do do not get overwatered, as well as improves root health by increasing circulation of air, and prunes the roots when they touch the sides, preventing your plant from becoming root-bound.

Aside from these, any normal plant container will work, and if going for bigger plant size and yield, it is recommended to use at least a five or ten-gallon pot. 5-gallon paint buckets are a popular option that you may have laying around.

Choose your nutrient solutions

Choose Your Nutrients
Choose Your Nutrients

After deciding on a growing medium and genetics, the next consideration will be nutrients.

Cannabis, like all plants, needs at least nitrogen phosphorus and potassium (NPK) in sufficient and balanced amounts.

Beyond these base nutrients, your cannabis plants will also require calcium, magnesium and sulfur, and a list of micronutrients that includes: Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Chlorine, Cobalt, Silicon, Boron, and Copper.

If you are choosing to go with bottled or pre-made nutrients then simply follow the directions from the manufacturer.

However many nutrient companies suggest and it is a good idea to start at half, or even 25% strength and see how the plants react. This is because overfeeding your plant can seriously stress it,and it is better to work your way up than need to flush after over-applying.

The other option would be sourcing your nutrients from more organic means such as bat guano, dolomite lime, and making compost teas. This is my personal favorite choice due to the fact that it reduces the risk of nutrient buildup, requires less flushing before harvest, and creates a healthy soil that feeds the plant for you.

It is a common saying and sentiment that you are not feeding the plant, you are feeding the soil/growing medium, and that feeds the plant. For this reason, I and many other growers prefer using super soil or “living soil”. This is simply soil that contains an active number of beneficial bacteria and microbes to produce and break down nutrients and sugars for the plant.

This is quite possibly one of, if not the most important areas to be aware of, and I highly recommend researching this subject in particular further if you are interested in growing cannabis plants.

Pick Your Grow Space

Choose Your Grow Space
Choose Your Grow Space

Because this article focuses on growing indoors specifically, you essentially have a few options.

Depending on your situation you may choose to grow simply, in a window with a lot of light, or ramp it up a bit to a closet, a small room or one of the very popular grow tents, or go for it and fill an entire room.

If you are going to prepare a room or closet to grow in, the best reflective material is either mylar or something of that nature, or just plain bright white painted walls.

If you are using a grow tent this will already be taken care of for you, as well as light proofing, which is ensuring no light can enter the growing space during the dark cycle. This is very important as any light leakage or interruptions can potentially stress plants, causing hermaphrodites or abnormal growth.

It is wise to choose a grow room in which you can maintain a steady temperature ideal for growing cannabis, which is around 75 degrees.

Grow tents may be placed in closets or simply wherever in the room you like. Make sure to choose a proper size so that you have enough light for all your plants and enough room for them to reach their fullest potential.

Grow Lights, Fans, and Filters

Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

When it comes to choosing a light, it can be difficult to know where to start.

There are so many options available on the market today including LED’s, HID (High Intensity Discharge) systems and many more. Although HPS lights had been the standard for cannabis growing for years, many new advancements in LED technology has made them high quality, and cost-effective, some comparing to or exceeding HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights in effect.

With this there is a huge influx of brands and models to choose from. A simple rule of thumb is that you want a minimum of 50 watts per one square foot when using a HID light. Although LEDs may be advertised at a certain wattage, this is actually not the wattage they consume or always put out in regards to how plants use it.

Given this a more effective and realistic way of measuring light energy for plants is known as PAR (Photosynthetic Available Radiation). This is basically the energy that a plant can absorb from a light, and much more accurate and determining if you have enough light for your plants. It is best to look into the particular light you will be using and see what they manufacturer says about the strength, as well as others who have used it.

A good start to finding a light would be to ask any growers you know, or search and ask in forums for any recommendations based off of experience.

Some well known brands include Mars, Spider Farmer, Son T Agro, ViparSpectra, Maxisun, and many, many more.

The next thing to think about is a fan. You will likely need both an exhaust fan for controlling heat, and moisture in your grow space, and a fan for circulating the air within the grow space.

If you are using any type of light that gets significantly hot, such as an HPS (High-Pressure Sodium), you will want to have an exhaust fan venting hot air away from the plants and cold air to cool down the light.

However, if you are using a newer LED or anything of that nature, it is less necessary to focus on cooling down the lights as temperatures usually do not get as extreme.

Common placement for fans includes one blowing near the base of the plants which helps with airflow, as well as discouraging pests or airborne diseases from getting too comfortable. Depending on the size of your space you will probably want at least 2-3 smaller fans for optimum airflow, with one on the floor, one pointing at the plants and one near the ceiling or light.

It is very useful to note that, in general, multiple smaller lights or fans will be more effective than one big light or fan. This is because you can position them more effectively and get maximum light coverage or airflow.

One of the last considerations for growing cannabis indoors is an air filter. This is especially important when growing in enclosed spaces. Most commonly a carbon exhaust is used to vent fumes out of the space and through the carbon thereby neutralizing the smell.

You can research how to set up rooms with air filtration systems, and many grow tents have simple openings you install them in.

In Conclusion

At this point, you are ready to grow!

If you follow all of the steps above and properly prepare your space, you should be looking at relatively smooth sailing, and begin to enjoy the wonderful art of growing cannabis. (it really should be considered an art!)

Online forums are a very helpful place to go for advice in general, as well as if you have any specific questions or problems.

As always, have fun enjoying this magical plant, and happy growing!

The New Cannabis Market….High CBD Cannabis Strains

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Phytocannabinoids accumulating in the resin of cannabis plants are made naturally in the human body.

cannabis concentrates
Cannabis Concentrates High in CBD

That’s actually the reason why humans have such strong interactions with cannabinoids. There is a network of receptors in our body that cause all of the different things that you experience.

The two most common and researched chemicals are THC and CBD.

Anecdotal evidence shows that THC is the most psychoactive of the two, while CBD is more relaxing and homeopathic.

Today’s genetics provide THC content levels hovering around 30%. New users that aren’t used to the intoxicating effects of THC may want to start with lower levels and or a higher mix of CBD.

CBD seems to have a leveling out effect on THC intoxication. Studies have shown remarkable positive effects for people who ingest the acid form of THC and CBD.

These effects typically take 3 to 4 weeks which is typical of your current SSRI’s. Consuming this raw form from juicing or capsule form has even show positive impacts on the behavior of “rowdy” children.

However, smoking or decarboxylation of cannabis is the traditional form of ingestion and produces a unique high dependent on the levels of THC. THC acid preparations tinctures are a great way for people to try cannabis for the first time. THC acid has some pretty substantial anti-inflammatory properties and may have some antispastic properties as well.

Shock Trauma Cannabis
Shock Trauma Cannabis Strain

If you’re juicing flowers you do need to add a little bit of water into your blender as well or some juicers can actually get hot and activate the THC acid.

THC as a therapy, you have to try it for a while to make sure you’re actually experiencing a benefit. For many patients is actually up to three to four weeks after daily use that they truly start to experience the benefits.

cdb sweet and sour widow
CBD Sweet and Sour Widow

Daily use of THC acid and CBD (acid or decarboxylated) and then decarboxylated THC for flare-ups, usually works best for most patients regardless of the chronic condition.

Using opioids for the least amount of time necessary to treat pain and then switching to THC is changing the landscape of opioid addiction.

If you are in the bipolar Spectrum, you will definitely need to discuss THC use with your doctor beforehand as it can make anxiety worse. However, there is anecdotal evidence that CBD is very helpful for anxiety.

Since we still know so little about brain chemistry, you may need some guidance and experimentation to find what ratios of THC and CBD work for you.

The culmination of these symptoms and the use of chemical extraction techniques has made high CBD strains a hot commodity.

Its a new market that many are cashing in, and selling strains that are high in CBD like the strains Shock Trauma Regular Cannabis Seeds, and CBD Sweet And Sour Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds.

Aeroponics, or Deep Water Culture

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Guest article by Kevin…Thanks Kevin

The Materials Needed for the System

• 5-gallon bucket with lid (or you can order bucket inserts with net cup)
• A decent aerator pump (same as for an aquarium) one at least for 30-40gal
• Airstone (preferably disc air stone or at least 2” air stone)
• 3” net cups (any size you prefer)
• 2” Rock wool cubes (for starting from seedling)
• Clay pebbles (to secure the rock wool in net cup)
• Your choice of plant nutrients
• You will need a tool to cut the buckets lid some snips and be sure to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Now you are going to want to get the lid of your bucket, as well as your net cup, take the lid of your bucket (the size of your chosen net cup will determine the size of the hole cut into the lid of the bucket.)

I chose 3” net cups so you cut out a hole in the center of the bucket lid just enough for your net cup to fit in and the lip of the net cup still catches the bucket lid to hold it in place.

Cannabis Flower Under LEDs

You are also going to take your snips or chosen tool and cut out a hole in the lid for you aerator pump hose to go through.

Now you will pour your chosen water and nutrients base or mix into your bucket. Now put your hose for your aerator through the hole in lid attach your air stone to hose and make sure the airstone is at bottom of the bucket.

Then put the lid back on, drop in your net cup, pour in your chosen hydroponics clay pebbles, and BAM!

You now have your very own Deep Water Culture System


• Aerator pump- This aerates the water and nutrients base to create a oxygen rich environment for the plant roots
• Chosen Nutrients- Keeps the plant healthy and helps to prevent root decay
• Rock wool cubes- This is what will be used to place your germinated seedlings into
• Clay pebbles- Pour this around your rock wool cube that has your seedling inside it to secure it with in the center of your net cup
• 5 Gal. Bucket- This will be the reservoir for the nutrient and water base
• Net cup- What will be the base for your clay pebbles so your roots will make your plant more rigid

Starting a Seedling

Cannabis Seed Sprouting in a Paper Towel

You will want to go ahead and germinate your seed your preferred way.

When the stem on your seedling is about an inch long you are going to take one of your rock wool cubes split it down one side leaving the other intact place your seedling inside the cube spike facing down close your rock wool cube with your seedling inside placed in the correct growing position.

Pour some of your clay pebbles into the bottom of your net cup then place your rock wool cube on top of the pebbles in the center of the net cup so it is suspended within the net cup.

Then you will pour more clay pebbles around your rock wool cube to secure it in the middle of the net cup.

You will want to keep the rock wool cube wet mist with a spray bottle until the seedling grows roots long enough to enter the nutrients in the water reservoir.

When your plant matures enough your reservoir and aerator pump should be enough to sustain it.

The tube coming from the bottom of the bucket is just a drain tube that also functions as a way to see your water and nutrients levels in your bucket.

Basic Cannabis Growing Tips

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Beginners Tips For Growing Awesome Cannabis Plants

A Guest Post From Quinn, Thanks Quinn

The Big Cannabis Strain
The Big Cannabis Strain

Cannabis is a plant that grows pretty easily on it’s own. Whether in the wild or on your windowsill, it is a relatively easy plant to keep healthy.

There are many other considerations, such as if you are growing in soil or hydroponic medium, in the ground or in pots, and other variables.

That being said, there are a few simple considerations to remember in order to ensure a happy, healthy plant.

None of these are hard and fast rules, just some basic biology of the plant and things that many growers have picked along the journey. As always, continue to experiment and try new things.


Free Cannabis Seed Grow
Grown From a Free Seed Order

It is recommended to keep cannabis plants within the temperatures of 65 F° – 75 F°. The top end of ideal temperature is about 85° F° to 90 F° and the coldest should not be below 65 F° to 60 F°.

Cannabis is a highly resilient plant, and can adapt to more extreme temperatures, but anywhere from 65 F° – 85 F° is going to give the plant ideal conditions to live.

Besides fans, which help to circulate air, two factors to help control temperature is to consider using an A/C system or heater, as well as having your plants shaded from direct sun at the hottest times in the day.

When it comes to humidity, an even 50% RH (relative humidity) is about the sweet spot. The humidity can go up to 60%, however prolonged higher humidity can encourage mold and other issues.

It is recommended to have slightly higher humidity in the vegetative state compared to flowering, as this will help the plant stay hydrated, and there are no dense buds yet to be negatively impacted.


The Black Cannabis Strain
The Black Cannabis Strain

When watering your plants, one thing to remember is that the soil should not always remain wet. Many people find that watering around every 1 – 2, or even 3 days is a good balance.

I like to use a soil mix that is about half perlite or/and vermiculite. This will retain some air near the plant’s roots, even when wet. Cannabis loves an airy planting medium.

Trying to water plants a certain amount at a certain time is simply not the way to go about it. Think about it….would a large plant in a small pot be watered the same as a small plant in a big pot? Or visa-versa?

There are simply too many variables involved. Plant size, pot size, temperature, ventilation, ect.

No, I think the best way to determine whether a plant needs water is to heft the pot and be able to look at a plant and determine whether it is thirsty, or not.

You can tell how wet or dry your soil is by many ways, such as the weight of the pot, or feeling 1-2 inches in the soil.

The best water to use is clean, filtered water, with a PH of 6-6.5. Some soil additions such as perlite or peat moss can help with water retention and drainage, which are both equally important to roots.

Adding a layer of mulch, or a cover crop, can help regulate soil temperature, as well as moisture.


Auto Flowering Cannabis Blooming in the Greenhouse
Auto Flowering Cannabis Blooming in the Greenhouse

If you are growing plants outside, they prefer areas with full sun.

When growing inside, you will need to supply your plants with sufficient light.

A light with anywhere from 200 to 1000 watts will be great for a few plants, but it’s best to use a light calculator to see what your needs may be.

When growing strictly indoors, you want to make sure to use a light with a full spectrum, including UV.


Sour 60 Purple Pheno
Sour 60 Purple Pheno

Except in some cases where the planting medium is already full of necessary nutrients (super soil), it is best to amend from natural sources, such as compost tea or food/animal products.

There are also bottled nutrients and others available, for those who wish to go that route, but organic nutrients are more forgiving and require less flushing.

Two other beneficial additions are seaweed and mycorrhizal inoculates.

You may have heard this before, but the three main nutrients cannabis needs for healthy growth are, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

There are other trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are needed, but the three above are needed in the highest quantities.

It is very useful to research this topic extensively, so you can decide for yourself where you want to source nutrients from.

In Conclusion

Although cannabis is an easy plant to grow, there are many things you can do to improve it’s environment and health.

Many things are learned by experience as well, so don’t be afraid to try some things out for yourself!

As always, happy growing. (:


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Cannabis Plants Grown From a Free Seed Order

A Guest Post From VRW, thanks VRW

Cannabis is an easy plant to grow, however, it naturally thrives outdoors under the right conditions. There are, however, many benefits and advantages of growing cannabis indoors. Lets take a look at some of these reasons….

1. The first advantage to growing indoors is that you completely have the ability to control your end results. By
building the environment from the ground up that will become your personal grow space, from lighting to choice of pots to the very medium, nutrients airflow, and many different formats of training for the success of your girls.

2. Outdoor growing is cool and all but dealing with the seasons most definitely is not. When you depend on what is called Mother Nature to provide for your plants, you will be locked into only one harvest per year (unless you are growing auto-flowering cannabis) especially the farther you live from the equator.

Pauls Purple Fire Cannabis Strain 1
Cannabis Grown in a Greenhouse

The fact, however, is that cannabis is an annual, and flowers but once per year. ( unless you reveg the plant.)

That being said, it is safe to say that the number of harvests is not so much about the plant itself, but more about the environment that you will learn to create.

When you grow indoors, you can create the right conditions for your cannabis plants to produce more than one harvest in a year!

Harvesting 5 to 8 Times a Year is Possible! Especially if you are growing autos And it could even be done with photos If you have to rooms because it takes a plant two months to mature and flower.

That means you could grow cannabis year-round when done indoors. One for the vegetation phase (where you give it 16 to 20 hours of light) and one for the flowering phase (where you give it 6 to12 hours of light). This simple method enables you to grow up to 8 harvests annually.

3. You will gain a personal relationship with each and every plant you will come to know them as you watch them grow develop and mature, as you are Mother Nature, and will have to provide everything that nature does, believe me, it’s going to take some work because growing indoors is more so about focusing on the quality of each plant you grow.

Lady Bugs Protecting Cannabis
Hungry Lady Bugs Protecting Cannabis

4. Some would say that the biggest advantage to growing cannabis indoors is that you will have full control over your personal growing experience (environment.)

I have used the term experience because that is specifically what it is, and you’ll develop a love for growing cannabis!!!

You can control your grow medium (look forward to an indef post on building the best growing medium), lighting, temperature, water, humidity, and CO2 levels with relative ease.

It is also much easier to keep your grow environment free of pests and diseases of which we will fully discuss in the near future (pest and disease).

NO::5 There is also a difference when it comes to the THC, CBD & Other cannabinoids that is provided from indoor cannabis when compared with outdoor cannabis.

Indoor cannabis tends to result in substantial higher trichome counts, denser flowers, and a more potent high. Outdoor weed creates a weaker high, with fewer trichomes and less dense flowers.

One reason why indoor-grown cannabis is deemed more potent is because of the controlled environment it is grown in.

Not only this, but the introduction of high CO2 levels when compared with the natural environment has also heightened bud growth and produce THC levels that are challenging to obtain outdoors.

When you consider everything that cannabis that is grown outdoors has to go through, it is probably of no surprise that it will be considered much less potent.

Please take note that the content within this post is solely intended for educational and informational
purposes only. Please be aware of your local laws within the state you reside in.

A Cannabis Poem By Carlos

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Thanks Carlos…

New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
Sour 60 Purple Pheno
Purple Pheno of the Sour 60 Auto-Flowering Strain

Hello universe
Remember when I grew you long ago in a world forgotten
where the ones that could bought a lid for ten bucks
and shared with those that didn’t have but together
we had visions of a world without shackles and more
when no one paid attention to seeds
and when I grew you long ago in my studio apartment under
primitive grow lights and upside-down plastic bottles
for drip irrigation and reflectors made of aluminum foil
and after months of nurturing those high schoolers
became schoolers high and we laughed and snacked
and laughed but we all grew up and forgot how nice it was
to forget hassles for a little while and pass it around
and held my breath to keep you in for as long as possible
and eat the roach
was that love?

Cannabis Sativa Flower
Beautiful Cannabis flower

You were just smoke, but I held you in my lungs for long moments
to savor the gentleness of ancient rites plausible
of standing on a street corner on St. Marks Place in new york totally stoned
in the cold and couldn’t feel where I ended and the universe began
oh universe! could I hold you again?
would you come to me in a seed or two?
i don’t care if it’s great or bad
there’s no such thing as a bad seed
I love to see you grow green and lovely and a promise of
kind moments with friends awash
come to me o seed and I will nourish you and care for you
and never ever sell you to anyone but give you
the way you gave yourself to me
my friend

My New Cannabis Seed Grow….Here Come Some F1 Hybrids

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Starting a new seed grow. 10/05/20

These will be F1 hybrids, and I will sell them cheap.

I know a lot of people grow out these F1’s and sell them for a premium price, but I think they are taking advantage of you. I see F1’s as not all that desirable…they will create offspring that run the gamut of genetics….resulting in plants like the mother and father, and everything in between.

One advantage the sellers of these seeds have is the ability to target the keywords of both strains. A def plus in this business.

I am growing out of these plants and plan on producing 13 different F1 hybrids.

I plan on selling these cannabis seeds onsite for cheap! The cheapest cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online! Think I will price them all at 2-4 bucks a seed.

Santa Marta Colombia Gold Cannabis Male
Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male Cannabis Plant

Now that is some cheap cannabis seeds!

Here is an image of the grow and a short vid showing the plants smiling in the breeze. I will add a list of all the strains involved in the grow soon. And, I will add more vids, and pics as the plants mature.

Here is a list of possible hybrids from these plants….There is only one male, and he turned out to be a Santa Marta Colombia Gold plant….here…

And, here is a list of female cannabis plants he will have his way with…Jedi Glue, Black and Blue, The Force, Sugar Haze, DUI, OG Kush, Burnt Sugar Cookies, Sour Plums, Shock Trauma, and there are two Santa Marta Colombian Gold females for a pure strain.

I see the two Colombian Gold females are two distinct pheno types as well.

One looks pure Sativa, and is slow to flower like many strains from tropical areas are, and the other was quick to flower, and looks more like a hybrid. Some landrace strains are questionable at best. With everyone crossing and producing seed pure landraces are going to be harder to come by. Oh, well it is the nature of the beast.

Cannabis Seed Grow
New Cannabis Seed Grow

Time keeps rolling along….here we are at 12/8/2020 and I am about a week or two from the chop. I want to be patient and give most of the seeds time to fully mature.

Check out several videos of the grow on My YouTube Channel.

You guys are going to love these hybrids. They will show hybrid vigor, and check out the crystallization of these buds.

I say this over and over, but it bares repeating….Seeded buds don’t always attain the size of unseeded sinsimillia. These plants grown for bud could get huge…..especially the Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold!

Some may disagree with the way I manipulate the cannabis plant, but I did not want to spend the whole winter on this grow.

So, I grew these plants out to about the third node ( a few weeks) and changed the lights to 12/12 to initiate flowering. That is why, even though the plants are photo period plants, they have remained small in stature. They will have only been in the ground for a few short months.

But, they are able to produce 100’s of seeds during their short lives.

So, without farther ado…..

In Conclusion

1/1/21….Well wack day finally arrived! So down they came to be processed and added to the site for your enjoyment. The grow was awesome, and so are the seeds! I thought I was having trouble getting seeds to mature under my LED lighting, but I was wrong. I was not letting the plants go long enough. So this grow I just let them go on and on it seemed….but the final result was worth it!

As I dry the plants in order to extract the seeds, some of the seeds will fall to the floor. I collected these, and decided rather then just put them in the free seed jar, I would offer them up as a freebie with every order till they are gone. You can see them below in the little vials that hold about 10 cannabis seeds each. And you can see this offer will go on for a bit as have many to give away. I will include these, along with all the usual freebies I give you guys. So put in that order, and enjoy!

So here are some final images, and I uploaded a video to the YouTube channel you can view here. and here are a few images….

White Widow, Jack Herer, and Afghani Auto-Flower Seed Grow

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New Auto Flowering Seeds to add to the Mix!

Just a quick post to add some images of some plants I am about ready to chop. Some of these seeds are destined for the free seed jar, and some will be put for sale. I’m going to try to do a slideshow with these….

Well today 10/11/20 is chop day for the White Widow Auto-Flowers, Afghani Auto-Flower, and the Jack Herer Autos. These seeds will soon be available to you to purchase here online. These are the fully mature plants below. See the fat calyxes? There is a seed inside of each, that would want to grow in your garden! 🙂