How To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online With Cash

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cannabis seeds for cash

CASH?.cash (IMO) is the best way to pay for cannabis seeds online. Cash orders are shipped just as soon as your cash is in my hand. I suggest you send your money wrapped in paper in an bubble envelope with tracking so you know that we received it.

WE are not responsible for cash lost in transit. Always include a note with your order details so we know who sent the cash.

I do realize sending cash does seem like a risk, but it really isn’t that risky. We have been selling cannabis seeds online for cash for some time without a single problem. No paper trail, and no one the wiser.

Sending cash for your cannabis seed is simple, fast, (your order usually ships that day) and is incognito. You will find the details of buying your cannabis seeds with cash while checking out. Don’t hesitate to send cash. Click here to find all our Payment Methods to purchase your marijuana seeds online.

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