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JCS~The Home of Cheap High-Quality Cannabis Seeds Online

With cannabis becoming more mainstream, and accepted, both socially and legally. Cannabis seed banks are popping up all over. Many of these seed banks still charge those high prices for the seeds they offer.

Most of these seed banks are simply marijuana seed resellers. They don’t produce the seed they sell, they buy all their cannabis seed wholesale, and then simply resell at a profit. And, at the going rate of $10.00 a seed the profit is enormous!

I’m doing things a bit different here at JCS, you see I produce many of the seeds I sell, and although I do buy seed wholesale as well, I don’t need to enjoy that huge profit margin, because I would rather pass the savings on to you, my customer.

Cheapest Cannabis Seed Online?

Young Cannabis Plant

I don’t really know that my cannabis seeds are actually the cheapest you can find online. But at 2 bucks a seed I kinda think they are!

I offer my cannabis seeds, which are all from high quality, killer genetics for cheap, bargain prices. I have slashed prices from now till Christmas. Some of my most popular auto-flower seeds are literally at wholesale, bulk pricing. Some of the cheapest seeds you will find anywhere. All my seeds have been quality tested, and you can be assured of getting the genetics you bought.

My site is new, and I want you the customer to be amazed at how cheap my seeds really are! I want you to take advantage of these low-cost cannabis seeds. I want you to come back and buy from me again. I strive for return customers.

Here are some links to some of the great cannabis seed deals I’m offering:

Cheap Deals

I’ve decided to sell The Force cannabis seeds cheap as well, at $2.50 a seed it is a real bargain! The Force is a very vigorous hybrid that exhibits excellent hybrid vigor. I was amazed at just how fast and strong this strain grows. I had to keep the plants below a certain height, and it was a challenge! The Force also buds out nicely.

Cheaper Deals

Next comes a couple of auto flower seed strains that are popular and sell well at the higher prices. Sour 60 Auto-Flower Donkey Dong (Green) Regular Cannabis Seed, and Sour Lowryder 2 Autoflower Green Pheno Regular Cannabis Seeds I have decided to lower these to rock bottom pricing. Slashed to wholesale bulk prices at ONLY 2 bucks a seed. Cheaper than those other guys!

If you are new to growing cannabis, a beginner at growing cannabis, these are the seeds for you.

Cheapest Deals

Indica Type Cannabis Bud

The cheapest cannabis seeds you will find is my Free Cannabis Seed Offer. These are seeds from the exact same genetics that we sell. These are top-quality seeds, not hemp, or seed from ragweed, or any kind of substandard cannabis seeds.

You will be charged a flat rate of $10.00 for shipping and handling within the USA. A small price to pay for over 50 high-quality cannabis seeds! That comes to only $.20 a seed! That sounds cheap to me!

These seeds are breeding mistakes, overruns, and mismarked seed. You will likely find some real ‘gems’ to grow out.

Free Deals

Cannabis seeds

Since I’m writing a post about all the cheap deals I have to offer, I think I should again mention my free offerings. Besides the free cannabis seed deal, I have over 100 Absolutely Free PDF Cannabis-Related Ebooks. There are several grow guides to choose from. You can download one, or you can download them all. These files have been tested, and are all safe and secure on my site….safe to download.

I also offer some of the cannabis-related images I have taken. These images are free to useon your blog or website. I only ask for a link from your website back to mine. A backlink. You could link to my home page, weed seed shop, or any of my product pages. Here is the link to the royalty-free cannabis images.

In Conclusion

Thanks for stopping by and reading my offering. I want to supply you with cheap cannabis seeds! Your one-stop weed seed shop!

2 thoughts on “Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

  1. Jerry’s seeds are amazing and so is the owner of the site. Very generous and someone who cares about people and his product. I had a bit of a rough patch in my life and he did me a huge favour and I acquired some of his seeds and let me tell you. I’ve been away for a while and don’t no much about this auto flower thing but sounds pretty cool. Germinated 4 blueberry autos and within 24 hours they had sprouted. And I’m not talking just peeking out of the shell. I mean these things wanted nothing to do with the shell and where trying to get far away from it. Planted them in 3 gallon pots. Sprayed with spray bottle and put old water bottles with the bottoms cut off to use as a green house type affect. No word of a lie. These things where out of the dirt and two leaves on them again within 24 hours!!!! This is crazy!! What do you guys do to these. Never have I had such success with seeds and by far the fastest I’ve ever seen. Wow. Thanks you guys. Your seeds are the best!!! They will be going in my old lady’s greenhouse out here in Canada very soon!!! I will keep you posted. Great guy to deal with. You rock!!!!

    1. Thanks John, I grew those seeds out myself, and they are fresh. I think my site will become only seeds I have grown out, rather then bought wholesale. I keep only the big, fat, tiger stripped mature seeds everyone wants.

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