Cannabis Bongs, Pipes, and Blunts, OH MY! (Part 1)

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Guest Post From Travis….Thanks

When it comes to choosing how to smoke your weed, the choices are almost endless. For a new smoker it can be a lot to wrap your head around. Where do you start? Well, have no fear for I am here!

cannabis concentrates
cannabis concentrates

Choosing your initial smoking weapon can be tricky. A lot of times our first time smoking was unfortunately out of a coke can or some other crude smoking device.

From there we went to pipes or maybe a bong. Of course, when friends came around we all wanted to be the one to roll the joint or blunt; Regardless of whether or not we could roll.

What about the rest?

The ones just breaking into the cannabis game?

Before deciding your smoking method, it would be prudent to determine if you are going to be a daily smoker or a sometimes smoker. This may help determine the method and price range you want to stay in.

You see, the joyous thing about cannabis is that while it has medicinal benefits, it’s also fun. Cannabis can consume as much of your time and money as you want to let it.

From buying weed in whatever form to new glass and even growing weed and all the expenses there, the weed habit/hobby can get to be expensive!

With these things in mind let’s jump into our smoking methods and examine some pros and cons.

We’ll start with the paper. There are a plethora of paper, hemp and tobacco smoking products out there.

Sugar Haze Cannabis Strain

Most wraps come in different flavors and styles. Of course, for the all-natural smoker out there, there are hemp and natural papers.

Some people even go as far as to take a cigar and split it open, empty the tobacco, and roll a blunt. So what are the benefits of using wraps? Some people say they get a buzz off of tobacco wraps in addition to the high of the THC or relaxation of the CBD.

A lot of people like the strong flavoring on papers and wraps to mask the taste of their weed. With blunts, you can roll quite a bit of weed at one time.

Fans of blunts say that they are slow burning and relaxing.

Fans of joints say they are also slow burning and easy to transport.

Whatever the reason there is definitely some die-hard joint and blunt fans out there.

The downside of joints and blunts are surprisingly few. First, you have to learn how to roll.

There are plenty of tutorials out there but the bottom line is that you have to do the rolling. Learning to roll can be tedious and time-consuming.

It can also add up in torn blunt wraps and papers. Luckily rolling papers come with multiple attempts, so master that and move on to blunts.

Well, that’s it for this edition. Be sure to tune in to the next sesh as we continue our exploration into the pros and cons of pipes and bongs.

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