Cannabis Pipes, Bongs, and Blunts, OH MY! (Part 2)

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A Guest Post From Travis…Thanks!

If you were here last time, you remember that we were talking about the benefits of using paper and tobacco wraps to smoke weed with. Now let’s examine the pros and cons of using pipes and bongs to smoke cannabis.

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The alternative to paper is usually glass. Of course, there are coke cans, makeshift pipes and bongs, MaCGyver pieces, etc. However, for our purposes, we will look at glass, metal pipes, and also bongs.

Glass pipes are a good go-to for the beginner or even daily smoker. Glass pipes are usually smaller and easily concealed. Thicker glass pipes have the benefit of heating up slower allowing for longer smoking time.

Most glass pipes have some kind of carb hole on the side or back. They are great for a quick toke or an impromptu smoke sesh. There are many different styles and designs of glass pipes.

Metal pipes are usually pretty much the same style. With screw together pieces, it’s fun to make different size pipes. The downside of metal pipes: THE HEAT! Metal pipes heat up quickly making them only good for a few bowls before your fingers burn.

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Recently I saw a silicone pipe with a metal bowl. I didn’t trust it enough to buy it. Pipes range in price greatly from a couple of dollars to multiple thousands. China makes glass that is mass produced and therefore cheaper.

Unfortunately that means it also breaks easier. Pipes get hotter the longer they are used. The heat sometimes causes the cheaper pipes to break.

Also with pipes, sometimes the resin leaks out of the carb hole and usually into your pocket or onto your hand.

The worst thing is they are easily forgotten in laps or on chairs and are often broken upon standing.

A good alternative to the pipe and paper is the bong. Bongs now come in silicone, plastic and glass.

With a bong, the smoke usually travels through water that is supposed to make the hit less harsh. With a bong you are usually taking in a larger amount of smoke. This is one of the main attractions with bongs.

For the daily smoker you can usually find a decent quality piece for a reasonable price at your local head shop.

For the occasional smoker, high-end quality bongs are available in styles that make excellent conversation pieces.

cannabis concentrates
cannabis concentrates

The only real downside to bongs is that they are often easily broken. They can get pricey to replace depending on your taste.

They are addicting (betcha can’t have just one). Bong water stinks if you get it on your carpet or clothes.

Sometimes you can take too big of a hit. The bottom line: Be careful with bongs.

Well, folks, that’s it for now. I hope these articles have been helpful and informative in picking the right smoke method for you.

May your nugs be dense and your head stay lifted and always remember you’re truly gifted. Stay lit.

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