Cannabis Seed Germination Rate

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All living things age, including cannabis seeds, which contain embryonic plants, which lay dormant, waiting for the right conditions to break through their protective coats and push through up through the soil. With age comes a loss of viability. Rest assured here at JCS the viability of all seeds is checked periodically.

Some types of seeds can lose their viability rather quickly, but cannabis is not one of these. Cannabis seeds can remain very viable for many years. We guarantee at least an 80% viability rate.

We at keep our cannabis seeds cool — at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower — and dry — 8 percent relative humidity or lower, so their drive to germinate is repressed. As seeds age, the embryos still wither, decreasing the number of viable seeds, or rate of germination. Seeds packaged for the current year should have an 90 percent or higher germination rate, but as the seed ages, the germination rate decreases. This is one reason I always send extra seeds with every order. (as well as lots of freebies!)

So what are you waiting for, go to Just Cannabis Seed and get your favorite strain of cannabis seeds while they are fresh!

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