New Free Cannabis Seed Grow

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11/13/21 Free Seed Grow

Hi all, I am growing out some more seeds for the very popular Free Cannabis Seed Offer here on JCS. These will all be autoflower cannabis seeds.

Be sure to get on my email list to assure you receive notification when these seeds are ready. I also give out email list exclusive discounts, and deals, so don’t miss out on those.

I have decided to offer two types of free cannabis seed offers….one will be only autoflowering seeds, and the other will be photo cannabis seeds. I am growing the autos as we speak. The other plants in this image are MI5, Sour 60, and Blue Haze auto-flowers that I am growing out for seed for you guys.

I am having some fun with it….growing all the plants I will let produce seed in just one 10 gallon pot. I will be updating this post throughout the grow, so you can see the plants that will produce the seeds for those free seed orders.

Here are a list of the genetics that are involved….Sour 60 Autos, MI5 autos, Blue Haze Autos, Sour Lowryder Autos, Blueberry Autos, and even a few Afghani Autos thrown in for good measure.

So here is what I have done, I planted several of each strain, then just let them grow, the resulting seeds will be a mix of all these genetics…but basically they will all be either a pure auto strain, or an F1 hybrid of two different autos. There will end up being about 11 plants in that one pot…..2 males, and 9 females.

They will produce some awesome plants that I am sure you guys will enjoy.

Update….11/17/21….it is amazing how fast cannabis can grow if it is simply fed properly. These are only 4 days older then the last pics…. I feed my plants regularly, and I added a layer of compost to the top of the soil with these.

I am having fun with this grow and growing them in this one pot all together. Makes it easy to grow them out under only one light. I would get alot more seed if I had transplanted them, but we shall see….

As you can see they are loving life, should put on some good size, even crowded together in the same pot. The ‘trick’ to growing plants with limited space for their roots is to feed them all the nutrients they can use. I should have one of those grow contests in the Dixie cups…

Too, you will notice I covered the compost with a layer of perlite. This not only helps to control fungus gnats that I have had some issues with, but also reflects the light back up to the leaves.

I also like to water from the bottom, which can also prevent many of the problems you can encounter in an inside grow. I plan on updating this post about once a week, with new pics of their progress….so check back often to see how they are doing.

11/23/21…They are maturing very quickly it seems. Here is some pics of them now, and these will be the ones I let flower out, They are beginning to show sex, although some will be slower then others of course. I will allow 2 different males to have their way with the girls.

Does anyone else wash your cannabis plants periodically?

The area I live in is very dry, so I like to wash the leaves of my plants to maximize photosynthesis.

You might be surprised at how much light can be blocked by a film of dust on the leaves.

The washing pretty much ends once I have pollen moving around the room, until the males are done, then I give them a one lash bath till their seeds are mature.

I have these under a 20/4 light regime, for rapid growth. They certainly are not disappointing…

Here are those images…

11/25/21…Well, I guess I am really keeping up on these updates!

Anyways these auto plants are maturing quickly, and looking pretty good.

I am getting some leaf curl, which many times indicates your growing environment is too hot. But not in this case, and I have seen this before, truthfully not sure what causes it. If you have a good idea tell me your thoughts in a comment.

I feed these plants about every watering, plants like all living things need food.

I find the simplest, and easiest way to provide the food they need is while I water, I can look at the plants and see if they are hungry each time I water them a bit.

Plants, like people, animals, and most living things are individuals, some may require a lot of food, while others not so much. I like to push my plants a bit with fertilizer so they can reach their full potential.

If I am growing plants in their own pots I like to push them till that one plant that is the first to show signs of burn….does. This plant then can become the one that shows me I am using the right amounts of fertilizer. If that plant shows burn, you know you need to back off a bit with the ferts.

When growing seed I also feed a full spectrum fertilizer throughout their lives as they need the nutrients to produce the best seed.

I could go on and on….but here are some images of them after only a few days I see…..

Another image as they grow on….11/27/21

I have always been curious about leaves that curl a bit like that. I know that heat can be the culprit, although that is certainly not the case here.

Some plants seem to do this, and then come out of it without any intervention on my part.

It falls under my category of….’Don’t sweat the small stuff.’

Anyways, as I said before they seem to be maturing rapidly, seeing how they are only about 3 weeks old.

Check out my short YouTube videos of this grow if you like. I would share the vids here, but YouTube blocks them as being age sensitive. Anyways here is the link to my YouTube channel.

12/2/21 update….Well they are maturing, and getting to know one another.

The plants are basically loving life, and growing rather large for being crowded together as they are. I will get a good number of seeds from this grow for those free seed orders you guys love.

Maybe I should have kept track of who was who in this grow, their are a couple of females that have been impressive. I think they may be the Blue Haze auto-flowering strain, but again not too sure.

Her are a few new images of these plants as they continue to grow out….

And the whole group….

12/8/21….The free seed grow goes on…

The speed at which these plants are maturing is surprising me. I am not one to count the days of a grow, nor to keep much in the way for records at all. I simply respond to what the plants tell me they need when caring for them.

These seeds will likely be ready in about one more month or so. One thing I love about autos. 60 days to mature seed is fast!

One thing to keep in mind when looking at seeded cannabis, and perhaps the reason you do not see many images of these plants on seed banks… the buds will not attain the size of unseeded, or cannabis grown as sinsemilla.

Seeded plants put their energy towards maturing their seed, rather then stacking on more flowers.

When judging a seeded plant, look more at the plant structure, rather then it’s size. Flowers that are exposed to pollen when their very first hairs appear will simply not get as big as flowers grown as sinsemilla.

Here are some updated images of the grow I took today….

And the whole group….

Growing pretty well for all being crowded into just one pot!

12/14/21…Time to say goodbye to the males. They have fulfilled their life’s desire….pollinated the females to make seed and have enjoyed the satisfaction of procreation.

They have been very viral, and have done their jobs like a boss. All the females, although small (seeded plants just do not attain the size of unseeded plants, as they put their effort and resources into maturing their seed) are fully seeded.

You may notice a bit of leaf discoloration, not to worry though. I believe it is simply a PH issue, and will not hurt the seeds produced at all, nor affect the genetics of these plants at all.

At this point in their lives they will give their seed everything they have….literally! Plants, like all mothers will give their very lives for their offspring….the truest love this world has to offer in my opinion.

So here they are one last time….

Free Seed Grow
Say Goodbye to the Males….

Well the males are now gone and these are some of the buds that are maturing their seeds for free cannabis seed orders. I expect the seeds to be ready in just a couple of weeks.

The plants themselves can become hard to look at as they are basically dying of old age while maturing their seed.

As they age they will begin to yellow, and finally begin to wither….all the while leaving behind beautiful seeds to carry on their genetics.

It won’t be long now, and if you want a heads up when these are done and I put them on site, be sure you are signed up for my email list.

Here are some of those buds….be aware seeded buds do not attain the size of unseeded buds, as the plant puts it’s resources into maturing it’s seed rather then stacking on more flowers.

You can however get a good estimation of how well the flowers will be crystalized…..

Well the free seed grow is approaching maturity.

So I am giving those who subscribe to my blog a heads up.

I expect to harvest them in about 1 week, then a week or two till they are dry, and ready to offer to you guys.

Be sure to sign up for my email list (there is a sign up form in the footer of any page) so that you will be the first to know.

I plan on giving my email list the first crack at them.

And of course I will make note of their availability here on this post as well.

Update….12/31/21….The mother plants have been whacked, and are hanging to dry, and cure a bit. They will be available in a week or two.

What I am Growing 2/8/2021

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Am growing more great seed for you guys. The plants are doing well under the 4000 watts (if you can believe them) of LED lighting. These kinds of posts will always be ongoing as the grow develops. I love growing this plant, it is so easy and forgiving to grow. One can make mistakes and still these plants will flourish!

Here are some images of the plants….

Adding the Cannabis Strain Big Bud to the Lineup

I am excited to be growing out a new strain to my offerings….Big Bud…. I grew Big Bud about 20-30 years ago indoors hydroponically. I loved the strain, and loved the size of the enormous buds produced.

This strain grew big strong and fast. It responded well to hydroponics.

I traded for the seeds, and they looked weak and subpar, but you can grow the biggest, healthiest plants from tiny immature looking seed. The plants are turning out great, and I was very happy to find a male in the amongst them.

I will see if I have a few more images of the Bid Bud seedlings….

Back for an Update On the Cannabis Seed Grow 3/24/21

Well it is getting to be the time of year when I will simply not have the time to do much writing. I wanted to give an update on my grow, as the seeds are approaching maturity. I am growing out 5 different strains, and that isn’t easy when you are only allowed 15b plants total.

3 of the strains will be new to my site….Hawaiian, (got the seeds in a trade, slow to flower, looks like the real deal), Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower, and one I grew extensively back in the early ’80’s…the now fairly famous Big Bud. I actually got all these seeds in trade, they all look good. Big Bud looks to have the characteristics I remember….BIG buds, and heavy crystallization.

And 2 of the strains I am simply adding to my depleted stock. (thanks to you guys!!) These are Sour Patch CBD, and Sugar Haze.

Next up will be the Santa Marta Colombian Gold strain as I am now running low of those.

Here are some images of one of the new strains Hawaiian

The male is very venereal, and growing strong and tall. One female is small, but again I flower young so that is not much of an indicator of plants that can be grown from her seed. The other female is simply a beast, and will def produce plants that could be huge, and will surely impress. As I said these plant were very slow to flower, indicating a tropical pheno type. My other plants I am growing are about done maturing their seed, you can see how slow this one is. It has been my experience, that the slow maturing cannabis tends to be very potent as well. I think these seeds will produce awesome results!

And now here are the others….

You can see the the unusual pheno type of the Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower has been super cropped, this is my favorite way of controlling the height of plants, especially an inside grow….I need to do a post on super-cropping. This is a very Sativa like pheno type, that would likely get 4 or 5 feet tall….big for an auto-flower.

The next is the more common pheno type of Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower, and in an auto flower is basically one big bud.

The Sour Patch CBD plant grew strong and big in it’s short life. Well crystallized, and seemed very robust.

Then the one I am def excited to add to the line up….Big Bud. I found it to be aptly named, as the buds can get HUGE! You can see the extensive crystallization, and the size of the bud on a plant that was flowered when it was only on it’s 3rd node. If I was a market grower this plant would be one of my choices. I grew this strain back in the 80’s hydroponically, it never failed to impress!

And last, but not least is the very popular strain of cannabis called Sugar Haze. This is a Sativa dom plant that under the right conditions could grow one of those 10 lbs plants. This plant grew exhibiting excellent vigor, and also grew tall in it’s short life.

Well that about sums up this grow, I will be wacking them soon, and they will be available onsite. If you want 100% germination, and to grow some great plants….these seeds will be as fresh as they come!

My New Cannabis Seed Grow….Here Come Some F1 Hybrids

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Starting a new seed grow. 10/05/20

These will be F1 hybrids, and I will sell them cheap.

I know a lot of people grow out these F1’s and sell them for a premium price, but I think they are taking advantage of you. I see F1’s as not all that desirable…they will create offspring that run the gamut of genetics….resulting in plants like the mother and father, and everything in between.

One advantage the sellers of these seeds have is the ability to target the keywords of both strains. A def plus in this business.

I am growing out of these plants and plan on producing 13 different F1 hybrids.

I plan on selling these cannabis seeds onsite for cheap! The cheapest cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online! Think I will price them all at 2-4 bucks a seed.

Santa Marta Colombia Gold Cannabis Male
Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male Cannabis Plant

Now that is some cheap cannabis seeds!

Here is an image of the grow and a short vid showing the plants smiling in the breeze. I will add a list of all the strains involved in the grow soon. And, I will add more vids, and pics as the plants mature.

Here is a list of possible hybrids from these plants….There is only one male, and he turned out to be a Santa Marta Colombia Gold plant….here…

And, here is a list of female cannabis plants he will have his way with…Jedi Glue, Black and Blue, The Force, Sugar Haze, DUI, OG Kush, Burnt Sugar Cookies, Sour Plums, Shock Trauma, and there are two Santa Marta Colombian Gold females for a pure strain.

I see the two Colombian Gold females are two distinct pheno types as well.

One looks pure Sativa, and is slow to flower like many strains from tropical areas are, and the other was quick to flower, and looks more like a hybrid. Some landrace strains are questionable at best. With everyone crossing and producing seed pure landraces are going to be harder to come by. Oh, well it is the nature of the beast.

Cannabis Seed Grow
New Cannabis Seed Grow

Time keeps rolling along….here we are at 12/8/2020 and I am about a week or two from the chop. I want to be patient and give most of the seeds time to fully mature.

Check out several videos of the grow on My YouTube Channel.

You guys are going to love these hybrids. They will show hybrid vigor, and check out the crystallization of these buds.

I say this over and over, but it bares repeating….Seeded buds don’t always attain the size of unseeded sinsimillia. These plants grown for bud could get huge…..especially the Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold!

Some may disagree with the way I manipulate the cannabis plant, but I did not want to spend the whole winter on this grow.

So, I grew these plants out to about the third node ( a few weeks) and changed the lights to 12/12 to initiate flowering. That is why, even though the plants are photo period plants, they have remained small in stature. They will have only been in the ground for a few short months.

But, they are able to produce 100’s of seeds during their short lives.

So, without farther ado…..

In Conclusion

1/1/21….Well wack day finally arrived! So down they came to be processed and added to the site for your enjoyment. The grow was awesome, and so are the seeds! I thought I was having trouble getting seeds to mature under my LED lighting, but I was wrong. I was not letting the plants go long enough. So this grow I just let them go on and on it seemed….but the final result was worth it!

As I dry the plants in order to extract the seeds, some of the seeds will fall to the floor. I collected these, and decided rather then just put them in the free seed jar, I would offer them up as a freebie with every order till they are gone. You can see them below in the little vials that hold about 10 cannabis seeds each. And you can see this offer will go on for a bit as have many to give away. I will include these, along with all the usual freebies I give you guys. So put in that order, and enjoy!

So here are some final images, and I uploaded a video to the YouTube channel you can view here. and here are a few images….

Growing Cannabis the Easy Way!

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Guest Post by Laurel, Thanks Laurel

Small Auto Flowering Cannabis Plant
Small Auto Flowering Cannabis Plant

I first started smoking pot back when an ounce was called a lid and it measured four fingers in a baggie.

Back when we would dump our lids out on the Cheech and Chong Big Bamboo album so we could sift all the seeds out?.and how many of us tried rolling that lid in the giant rolling paper that came with that album???

So all those years rolling and smoking I wait until I am in my sixties and living in a mobile
home park to finally grow some weed.

This will be like my fifth year growing in containers because there just is not much you can do large scale in a mobile home park.

Auto Flower Cannabis Plants
Auto Flower Cannabis Plants

I believe I have done quite well for an old lady. I think what convinced me was someone telling me I wouldn?t be able to grow shit.

I started my seeds in my shed under CFL lights, this year I expanded and got a grow tent for the house
and I bought a LED light to go with the cfl?s in the shed and that has been a big improvement.

Eventually I move them outside.

I usually buy good soil and grow in five and/or ten-gallon grow bags which I put in milk crates so I can move them around if I need too. My first year I had like only three plants which got
me about four ounces?..

I was simply thrilled.

I never topped or LST and god forbid I used miracle grow for nutrients.

Each year I have improved so for those of you who don?t think you have a green thumb, trust me, it can be done?.marijuana is a pretty forgiving plant for the most part and we learn as we go.

So here I am five years later, this is my first year to try some auto-flowering weed. So far so good and not
counting the autoflower plants, I have graduated to about ten plants this year and each year the pot is

It has turned into like a hobby for me, even more so now that we are stuck at home due to the
coronavirus pandemic.

Cannabis Plants
Cannabis Plants

I don?t grow to make money, I am not out to grow the biggest or the best, don?t care if my weed has a name, but I am a happy camper just being able to keep myself in smoke.

I will throw in some pics of what my neighbor refers to as my ?ghetto grows? to give encouragement to
other over-the-hill smokers who think it is too much work or that you need a yard?

if you have the time it really isn’t hard work and by now most of us should know you don?t have to have a big yard.

Shock Trauma Grow Diary~Just Cannabis Seed

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Indoor Shock Trauma Cannabis Seed Grow

October 2019

I’ve decided to share what I’m growing on my blog. You can have your own cannabis grow diary here on Just Cannabis Seed if you like. Just go over to the forum under Cannabis Grow Diaries.

Flowering period for Shock Trauma is about 60 days.

Shock Trauma Bud
Shock Trauma Bud

Shock Trauma is a cross of Medijuana and Night Nurse and is a indica dominate hybrid with a 1:1 cbd/thc ratio. This strain was bred and developed by the master breeders at New 420 Seeds.

Shock Trauma is an excellent medicinal strain with a high level of cbd along with thc. This strain has that heavy, deep earthy indica draw, with a sweet aromatic smell. These traits came from its Night Nurse mother. Smooth and pungent, with a decadent nearly chocolate flavor.

The Medijuana father adds his very strong couch lock high to this plants wonderful medicinal effects. With both high levels of cbd and thc Shock Trauma is great for pain relief, and inducing deep restful sleep.

Fully Seeded Shock Trauma

The powerful head buzz smooths away any anxiety leaving one relaxed, and sleepy, the heavy body stone only adds to the medicinal effects. Great medication for pain, stress, and depression. Also helpful in the treatment of PTSD, fibromyalgia and PMS.

Most all my grows are to produce seed these days. Growing cannabis for seed is a bit different than producing bud. You do not have to be too concerned about plant size for one thing, as even a small plant can produce 100’s of seeds. When producing seed from a photo strain of cannabis such as Shock Trauma, you can initiate flowering at a younger age then when producing bud, as again the size of the finished plant isn’t as critical.

You feeding regime is different as well. When producing bud you want to curtail much of the nitrogen when feeding giving way to more phosphorus for bloom. Phosphorus gives bigger flowers…bigger buds. When producing seed I feed nitrogen throughout the life cycle of the plant as I want big, fat, fully developed, mature seed.

Although I don’t keep track of the days of my grows. nor watering schedules and things like that. I just look at the plant to tell what it needs. I realize many like to keep track of everything, and that is not a bad way to go! . And, this is a place you can do that. Feel free to add images, and all the content you want. You could post every day if you like. Again you can keep a grow journal here.

Here are some images of my Shock Trauma Seed grow. You may copy and use any of my images on your own website if you have one. I only ask for a back-link to

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Are Up Next

I germinated these Santa Marta Colombian Gold seeds in the orange pot, then transplanted them into their forever homes. When growing seed I can put several in a pot as the size of the plant is not really an issue. And, just so you know I had 6 out of 6 sprout for 100% germination rate! I tend to be a bit old school, and love growing these landrace cannabis strains.