New Seed Counting Contest….6/13/22

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Well, I think it is time for another contest.

This one will be a straight up seed counting/guessing contest, and here are the rules:

  1. You must be 18 in order to place a guess.
  2. Only one guess per person. In the case of multiple guesses only your first guess will be considered, any other guesses will be deleted.
  3. Give me your best guess in a comment on this blog post.
  4. No purchase necessary in order to play.
  5. This contest will go on till I have 100 guesses, or so. I want everyone to have a chance to guess.
  6. Winners will receive their prizes with no cost to them.
  7. The persons guessing closest to the number of free cannabis seed orders without going over wins.
  8. Void where prohibited by law!
  9. Only guesses in a comment on this blog post will be considered.
  10. I will announce the winners here in this post by first name only.
  11. In case of duplicate guesses, the first one to guess correctly wins.
  12. Only guesses in a comment on this blog post will be counted.

I will choose 3 winners, the 3 people closest to the correct number of seeds without going over.

Be sure to either subscribe to my blog, sign up for my email list, or check back often so you will know if you won. I will make every effort to contact the winners, but I do need a way to do this, as I don’t want any winners to miss out!

And, here is what you can win:

First Place…A small vial (about 5 seeds) of 3 strains I carry.

Second Place…A small vial of 2 strains.

Third Place…A vial of one of my strains.

OK, here is the image of the seeds……how many are there?

How Many Cannabis Seeds Are There?

Types of Cannabis Plants, and Seeds

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What Types of Cannabis Plants are There?

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. It is generally accepted that there are three species of Cannabis, ie…Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis plants come in both male and female, with the ability to hermaphrodite (that is females that produce pollen in a last ditch effort to continue their species). Hermaphroditism is the bane of sinsemilla growers everywhere, but is the result of that practice. We have seeds available for both Indica and Sativa. Ruderalis plants produce little THC and is undesirable for most people for that reason. There are also a few variations of seeds as well. Seeds can come as regular seeds ( will produce both male and female at about 50/50), feminized seeds (will produce only female plants as they are lacking the Y chromosome), and auto flowering seeds (auto flower plants will flower regardless of light cycle.)

Regular Cannabis Seed

Now let’s take a closer look at the advantages, and disadvantages of each type of seed. Regular seed is the seed commonly sold online. They will produce both male and female plants, and these plants will be photo sensitive. (need about 12 hours of darkness to initiate flowering.) Outdoors without shading they will grow all summer, and flower in the fall. Indoors you can ‘make’ them flower by increasing the dark period to about 12 hours. Disadvantage…you will have to contend with male plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seed

Feminized seed is seed that manipulated during breeding to contain only the female or X chromosome. These seeds should only grow into female plants. The advantage of feminization is you will not spend time nor waste space raising male plants….If you are wanting sinsemillia. (seedless flowers) Disadvantage…feminized seed is more difficult to produce and usually commands a higher price.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seed

Lastly you have the auto flowering seeds. Auto-flower seeds are produced by crossing a Ruderalis plant with either a Sativa, or a Indica plant. Auto flower plants are not photo sensitive, or in other words, do NOT need a longer dark period to initiate flowering. They will flower at a certain age regardless of the length of the dark period. There are a few advantages of auto flowering plants…They are generally shorter and smaller, so easier to conceal. No need to tamper with the light cycle, as they will bloom under even 24 hours of light. Disadvantage…they are felt to contain less THC, although they seem to be gaining ground in that department.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

There seems to be no end to the medical benefits of cannabis! And, now with legalization becoming more common, more and more studies are being conducted proving even more medical benefits of this incredible plant. Recently, scientists are realizing that cannabis not only can help with the devastating side effects of some cancer treatments, but may even help ‘cure’ cancer. The medical benefits of this amazing plant are many and varied. Here are just a few of the conditions treated with Medical Cannabis….Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches and migraines, Epilepsy, and it’s seizures, Cancer and it’s treatments, Depression, Asthma, Parkinson’s, ADD/ADHD, Stress, Insomnia, nausea, anxiety, chronic pain, some wasting conditions, with more conditions seemingly added every day. Click to shop for medical marijuana seeds.

Can You Sex a Cannabis Seed by Its Appearance?

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Many state that there are tricks on sexing a cannabis seed by its overall appearance. A popular photo shows on the Internet quite frequently, and a lot of cannabis growers use this photo as reference to sex their seeds.

Most cannabis growers would much rather know the sex of their seed immediately, but is this possible?

Here, we will go over this theory, as well as the photo.

Contrary to what many think, you cannot sex a cannabis seed simply by looking at a seeds characteristics. Furthermore, you cannot sex a cannabis seed, period.

Cannabis growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike- beware of this well-known myth.

If this were the case, the process for feminized cannabis seeds would not exist, and would not be such a “hit” in the cannabis seed market.

The Photo Behind the Myth

sexing cannabis seeds

Here is that photo that is widely recognized by many tokers and growers as a genuine guide to sexing cannabis seeds.

This photo displays five seeds (which honestly, may not even be cannabis seeds)- the photo states that two of the seeds are male, while the remaining three are female.

According to this photo, if there is no “perfectly round” crater present at the bottom of the seed, it is surely a male seed. This is purely myth.

In addition, you cannot sex a weed seed by the way it rolls on a flat surface. This photo should be considered nonsensical, however, there are still far too many who side with these false statements.

There are also many seed banks online who are currently selling seeds that they claim to be certain are feminized seeds, however, use the seeds’ characteristics as determination that the seeds are female.

There are even some seed banks who offer “free male seeds” to customers as a promotion. may not offer feminized seeds, but we do offer you the guarantee that your seeds’ genders are unknown- which is much better than having your hopes let down by a falsely-informed seedbank.

We would much rather tell you that we are unsure of the sex of your seeds, than to promise that they are either female or male cannabis seeds, and later find out that the exact opposite is true.

In Conclusion

There is no surefire, 100% guaranteed way of sexing a cannabis seed by its appearance. If anyone tells you otherwise, please let them know that this is a common myth. Stay informed with

Low Stress Training for Cannabis Plants

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Low Stress Training (or LST) is a method used by cannabis growers to increase yields from their plants.

Purple Sour 60
Sour 60 Purple Pheno

In a nutshell, the plant stems are gently tied down, which flattens out the plant, changing its shape intensely. This method also makes for better light distribution, as with the plant tied down, bottom foliage and potential bud sites are exposed to light. 

This method is “low-stress” compared to other methods for higher yields, such as topping. This means that your plant is at a much less risk of going into plant shock, which can be a cannabis grower’s nightmare.

You can only use the LST method when your plant is in its vegetative state, which is very important to note.

Not only is LST a fun, easy method to use, but you can get the most out of your cannabis plants by using it!

 To perform this method, you must first prepare your container.

This may consist of simply puncturing or drilling holes in the rim of the container that your cannabis plant is in- the basic concept is to create points in which your plant can be securely tied down.

You don’t want to use anything too thin, which can damage the plant by cutting into it. Plant ties are made specifically for LST and are readily available from all sorts of retailers.

The next part is just as simple- tie your plant down to where it is now horizontal, rather than vertical, and ensure that it is secure and straight, so that all branches of the plant are aligned.

If you have punctured or drilled holes in a plastic container, for example, simply loop the ties you have chosen through the holes and around your plants. Tie a knot to a secure the plant in place. It’s best to check the plant regularly and adjust the tie as needed to maintain the flat shape of the plant.

After doing all of this correctly, you have now successfully used the LST method. Your plant now has more surface area exposed to light, which will lead to higher yields and the conservation of light and space.

Continue to care for your plants, wait, and enjoy the higher yields that this method can result in!

Most Common Pests Encountered When Growing Cannabis Plants- With Safe Treatments

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Beautiful Male Cannabis Flower

There are many different pests that you may have, or probably will, eventually encounter when growing cannabis. These pests can create huge obstacles in the growth cannabis and have devastating effects, including death of your plants. Some pests are much more common than others, and once the pests are identified, you may treat your plants accordingly with the correct pesticide for best results. Here are some of the most common pests that appear when growing cannabis, along with a few different treatments:

Fungus Gnats

 Fungus gnats are easy to identify and can be a huge problem for your plants. The flying adult fungus gnats are annoying to have around, but their larvae can spread plant disease and inhibit growth of plants, as well as cause plant death, by eating away at its roots. Fungus gnats are commonly mistaken for fruit flies. There are a few different ways to keep these pests away. Focus on killing both the adults and their larvae. There are a number of options for getting rid of these, including:

 Sticky Traps: They trap adult gnats which, ultimately, leads to their ultimate demise.

 Hydrogen Peroxide: Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water and water or spray your infected plants for one to two weeks, or until you see a 100% improvement.

 Neem Oil: Spray 100% pure neem oil mixed with water on infected plants and their medium.

Soil Cover: Put a cloth, or layer of perlite over the soil for prevention of fungus gnats; by doing so, the fungus gnats will not be able to access the dirt needed to lay their eggs in.

When dealing with fungus gnats, also be sure to aid in prevention by closing off any entrances they may have to the plants.

Spider Mites

Sour 60 Purple Pheno Cannabisabis
Sour 60 Purple Pheno Cannabis

These are tiny, oval mites that eat away at the chlorophyll, leaving relatively small yellow and/or white spots on the leaves as a result. If you also see silky web strings (look like spider webs) on your plants- this could be a sign of spider mites. The eating of the chlorophyll can lead to plant death at a rapid pace, and the webs produced by these tiny mites can cause a worthless product. Some of the ways you can take care of spider mites include:

High-Pressure Spray Bottle or Water Hose: Spray the infected plants so that these pests and their webs are knocked off of your plants.

Neem Oil: Just as with fungus gnats, you can use neem oil for spider mite infestations.

Make sure that it is pure so that you can be sure your plants will remain safe during treatment.

Vacuum: As odd as it may sound, you can also vacuum off the mites and their webs from your plants. When doing so, though, be careful not to damage your precious plants.

Beneficial Insects: There are many beneficial insects, such as…Lady Bugs, Praying Mantises, and Lacewings, one can take advantage of in controlling mites.

The best treatment for spider mites, just as with most other pests, is prevention. Be sure that you remain sanitary: wash your hands, check your soil, and be positive that all of your tools and supplies are clean.


These insects are extremely small, most commonly yellow in appearance (although they can be brown, red, green, or black), and some can have wings. You can find them underneath plants’ leaves. These pests are terrible due to the fact that can contribute to plant death in a number of ways. They feed on the plants juices, as well as introduce viruses to plants that are infected. Aphids also attracts ants, which will have you with even more of an infestation issue. You can get rid of aphids by numerous ways, including:

Lady Bugs Protecting Cannabis
Hungry Lady Bugs Protecting Cannabis

 Ladybugs and Other Beneficial Insects: Strangely enough, Ladybugs, Lacewings, and Praying Mantises are a great way for ridding your plants of these destructive pests. Beneficial Insects can eat aphids and do not destroy cannabis plants. They may occur naturally, or you can purchase them for the sole purpose of getting rid of aphids.

Neem Oil: Once again, neem oil is a great choice for treatment with these nasty, little bugs. Rub the leaves of the infected plants with pure neem oil.

 Garlic: Mix garlic and mineral oil into a solution and leave alone for 1 to 2 days. After that, apply to only one small spot on one plant leaf; if the spot turns yellow, dilute the solution with water, and try again on only one, very small area. Once you can apply without any damage to your plants you can spray the pests.

To prevent aphids from getting to your cannabis plants, be sure to keep your plants and their areas clean. Remove dead leaves and make sure to ALWAYS use sanitary equipment!


Some very over looked and less-talked-about pests that can destroy plant growth from early on are mice. Mice can make their way to plants either indoor or outdoor, and eat seedlings and roots. Mice have been known to even girdle a full grown plant, which can kill it! If you have the mysterious issue of disappearing seeds and seedlings, or see signs that something has dug into the plants’ soil, you may have a mouse problem. It’s a common misconception that their favorite food is cheese, however, they prefer seeds and grains over any other food. Prevent mice by setting up mouse traps, using garlic and basil around your plants to deter them, or even having a cat around. As with many other pests, sanitation is also key.

In Conclusion

There are many pests that can attack and destroy cannabis plants; we’ve covered just a few. The top treatments listed, though, can bring you great success in the ridding of these common pests. Almost everyone faces a pest issue when growing cannabis at some point in time, so no need to worry- take proper action in proper time after proper identification, and your plants will still have a chance at thriving throughout the entire grow process. 

How to Tell a Good Cannabis Seed From a Bad Cannabis Seed

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Are the Cannabis Seeds I Bought Online High Quality?

Mi5 Cannabis Seeds
Mi5 Cannabis Seeds

So did you buy some cannabis seeds online? If you didn’t buy them here on you likely paid too much! I sell high-quality cannabis seeds here for wholesale pricing….

But, back to the subject at hand.

The quality of cannabis seeds for sale online.

First off let me say mature cannabis seeds for sale online should be dark in color, and fully mature.

Tiger striped cannabis seeds are great, but not that common, and maybe a product of genetics. Tiger striped seeds are likely always mature.

That is not to say you can’t grow a high-quality plant from a pale immature seed. I have grown monster plants from the smallest of cannabis seeds, and even those pale immature looking seeds.

New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer

One way to tell if a cannabis seed is in deed mature is to squeeze it hard between the thumb and fore finger. If it is hollow and crushes easily it is immature and would not have sprouted. If it is solid, then it will likely sprout and grow a great plant.

The size of a cannabis seed is another indicator of a mature, viable cannabis seed. The bigger the seed the better…basically.

Can one tell anything else about a cannabis seed just by looking at it? Can you predetermine the sex of the resulting cannabis plant? IMO no, I don’t think so.

Another consideration when buying cannabis seeds online is the age of the seeds. You of course would not know how old the seeds you are buying are, but the good thing is they don’t suffer much with viability from age till they are about 5 years old, or even older. Any cannabis seeds should be stored properly if kept for any amount of time. Air-tight container in a cool dark place.

Below you will see an image of 4 rows of cannabis seeds. You can blow the image up if you need more clarity. You will see that the cannabis seeds on the far left are really large (a good thing) and dark in color. These are great seeds to buy as long as they are fresh.

The seeds in the second line from the left are the much sought after tiger-striped cannabis seeds, these too are likely great seeds, as they are dark in color, and fully mature. Tiger striping is a sign of maturity as well.

The third line of seeds are smaller, but still dark and fully mature. These seeds look great as well, and can grow great plants.

The fourth row are not as mature, not as dark, and are smaller. These would not be considered premium cannabis seeds. That being said, they may all germinate, and grow great plants. That my friend is the real test of maturity….does the cannabis seed germinate? If the immature looking cannabis seeds sprout like normal you are golden. Before complaining about the maturity of the cannabis seeds you bought online, simply see if they sprout, and grow.

Cannabis Seeds

Growing More Auto-Flower Cannabis Seeds

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Have been busy in the garden as usual. I am growing out some great seed to share with you. I will share some images of some of those plants below…if you look closely you can see spent male flowers adorning the buds. Should have enough of these seeds to offer them on my sister site

Cannabis Bongs, Pipes, and Blunts, OH MY! (Part 1)

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Guest Post From Travis….Thanks

When it comes to choosing how to smoke your weed, the choices are almost endless. For a new smoker it can be a lot to wrap your head around. Where do you start? Well, have no fear for I am here!

cannabis concentrates
cannabis concentrates

Choosing your initial smoking weapon can be tricky. A lot of times our first time smoking was unfortunately out of a coke can or some other crude smoking device.

From there we went to pipes or maybe a bong. Of course, when friends came around we all wanted to be the one to roll the joint or blunt; Regardless of whether or not we could roll.

What about the rest?

The ones just breaking into the cannabis game?

Before deciding your smoking method, it would be prudent to determine if you are going to be a daily smoker or a sometimes smoker. This may help determine the method and price range you want to stay in.

You see, the joyous thing about cannabis is that while it has medicinal benefits, it’s also fun. Cannabis can consume as much of your time and money as you want to let it.

From buying weed in whatever form to new glass and even growing weed and all the expenses there, the weed habit/hobby can get to be expensive!

With these things in mind let’s jump into our smoking methods and examine some pros and cons.

We’ll start with the paper. There are a plethora of paper, hemp and tobacco smoking products out there.

Sugar Haze Cannabis Strain

Most wraps come in different flavors and styles. Of course, for the all-natural smoker out there, there are hemp and natural papers.

Some people even go as far as to take a cigar and split it open, empty the tobacco, and roll a blunt. So what are the benefits of using wraps? Some people say they get a buzz off of tobacco wraps in addition to the high of the THC or relaxation of the CBD.

A lot of people like the strong flavoring on papers and wraps to mask the taste of their weed. With blunts, you can roll quite a bit of weed at one time.

Fans of blunts say that they are slow burning and relaxing.

Fans of joints say they are also slow burning and easy to transport.

Whatever the reason there is definitely some die-hard joint and blunt fans out there.

The downside of joints and blunts are surprisingly few. First, you have to learn how to roll.

There are plenty of tutorials out there but the bottom line is that you have to do the rolling. Learning to roll can be tedious and time-consuming.

It can also add up in torn blunt wraps and papers. Luckily rolling papers come with multiple attempts, so master that and move on to blunts.

Well, that’s it for this edition. Be sure to tune in to the next sesh as we continue our exploration into the pros and cons of pipes and bongs.

What Do Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds Indicate?

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Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds
Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds

Why do some cannabis seeds got tiger stripes and some don’t? So what do the tiger stripes mean?

Well, the short answer is tiger striping means the seeds are likely mature! This is always a good thing as spending your hard-earned money on immature seed sucks big time!

Does tiger stripping tell you the resulting cannabis plant will be female or male?….No it does not. Do tiger-striped cannabis seed tell you the plant species…Sativa, Indica, Ruderillis, or Hemp?….No it does not.

Although, that being said, I have found that generally Indica seeds (or Indica dominate hybrid seeds) seem to be the biggest, while Sativa, and Ruderellis and Hemp seeds seem to be smaller.

I must admit, I love producing big, fat, mature, tiger-striped seeds, but those plain jane normal-looking cannabis seeds will likely turn into great plants as well. I have grown out huge, healthy plants from the tiniest of cannabis seeds.

I have noticed when producing cannabis seed, the very first nearly pre-flower seed calyxes can produce huge, fat, very mature seeds….and many will be devoid of tiger striping.

Generally smaller pale seeds and seeds with any dents, cracks or other deformities are simply immature, and unlikely to germinate well. When purchasing cannabis seeds online, the seeds you receive in the mail should be dark in color, and pass the maturity tests below.

Cannabis Seed Maturity Tests…..The Crunch Test, and The Float Test….And the Ultimate Test…

Cannabis Seeds
Here you see fat mature cannabis seeds on the left, then smaller mature marijuana seeds, till you get to the immature seeds on the far right.

A much better indicator of mature cannabis seeds is the test I call the crunch test.

Take a pot seed and squeeze it between your thumb and finger, as you apply pressure the seed may crush and break up in your fingers. This is a clear indication of a bad seed, one that is unlikely to sprout. Any seeds that do not crush are likely mature enough to be viable.

Float test for cannabis seed
The float test

And one last test that does work….the float test.

You, of course, would use this viability test on any cannabis seeds unless you are ready to plant them. The float test is simply putting your seeds in a glass of distilled water. Those that you find floating after a couple of hours are more than likely duds. Immature, and unlikely to sprout. Leaving the sinkers as being more mature, and much more likely to germinate.

And, of course, there is the ultimate test of cannabis seed viability…..sprouting them.

Weather it is just planting them, floating them, soaking them in paper towels, roughing them up with sand paper (Uggg, don’t do this) or any of the other ways folks think they have solved the sprouting problems in the world…If they sprout….regardless of what the seed looks like….it is viable.

My favorite way to sprout cannabis seeds is to simply plant them, weather in soil, jiffy pots, or rock wool, you plant the seeds about 1/4″ deep and keep moist, but not wet. Maintain a temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should be golden. I also especially like to sprout my seeds under artificial light, rather then the sun, which can get too hot for pots. Planted in the ground the sun is awesome!

Are Big Fat Tiger Stripped Seeds Harder to Sprout?

There are some growers that may tell you the big fat tiger stripped seeds are harder to get to sprout because of the extra thickness of their shell. I do not think anything could be farther from the truth.

I will take big mature seeds any day over weaker smaller more immature seeds! You got some fat seeds you don’t want just send them my way…..I will trade you for immature seeds any day!

If you have nice mature seeds and they are troublesome to sprout….age is likely the culprit.

I strive for those big mature seeds to sell here on And if you order seeds I have produced personally they will be big, dark, and fully mature….these are they seeds you should crave!

Some will say there is a lot of effort and knowledge required to produce great cannabis seeds, but truthfully, there is a lot more skill in producing great bud. They are just trying to justify their prices, that is all.

Producing great, mature cannabis seeds is a slam dunk, one just has to be patient enough for them to reach full maturity.


The paper towel method of sprouting cannabis seed
Testing cannabis seed for viability

In conclusion, if you want to be assured you will receive viable, mature seed that will sprout, buy your cannabis seeds from Because….I guarantee my seeds to be viable. And their viability is periodically tested. And my top-shelf genetics are cheap….likely the cheapest cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online.

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