What is Delta-8 THC?

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There’s been a lot of popularity surrounding the more recent Delta-8 THC, but what exactly is it?

Delta-8 THC, or delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the four main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

In the cannabis that the majority of cannabis enthusiasts are used to using, it is the compound delta-9 THC that provides most of the desired effects.

Delta-9 and delta-8 are two very similar cannabinoids, but have some differences. Delta-8 provides effects of less potency and intensity than delta-9, which, on the other hand, means less adverse effects as well.

Delta-8 is legal in many areas due to the fact that most of it that is on the market is manufactured from hemp-derived CBD- this makes it legal, technically.

Delta-8 is known to be a safe compound, as it naturally occurs in all cannabis, just at smaller amounts. The effects that delta-8 provides, although less potent, are the same as delta-9 offers.

There are many medical conditions that can be treated by using delta-8, also.

Delta-8 THC is a trend that is still young, and many questions still exist regarding its effects, origin, and legality.

JustCannabisSeed.com does not offer legal advice- however, we want our customers to stay informed on any and all cannabis topics, so please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for the latest advice and information!

Types of Cannabis Plants, and Seeds

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What Types of Cannabis Plants are There?

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. It is generally accepted that there are three species of Cannabis, ie…Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis plants come in both male and female, with the ability to hermaphrodite (that is females that produce pollen in a last ditch effort to continue their species). Hermaphroditism is the bane of sinsemilla growers everywhere, but is the result of that practice. We have seeds available for both Indica and Sativa. Ruderalis plants produce little THC and is undesirable for most people for that reason. There are also a few variations of seeds as well. Seeds can come as regular seeds ( will produce both male and female at about 50/50), feminized seeds (will produce only female plants as they are lacking the Y chromosome), and auto flowering seeds (auto flower plants will flower regardless of light cycle.)

Regular Cannabis Seed

Now let’s take a closer look at the advantages, and disadvantages of each type of seed. Regular seed is the seed commonly sold online. They will produce both male and female plants, and these plants will be photo sensitive. (need about 12 hours of darkness to initiate flowering.) Outdoors without shading they will grow all summer, and flower in the fall. Indoors you can ‘make’ them flower by increasing the dark period to about 12 hours. Disadvantage…you will have to contend with male plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seed

Feminized seed is seed that manipulated during breeding to contain only the female or X chromosome. These seeds should only grow into female plants. The advantage of feminization is you will not spend time nor waste space raising male plants….If you are wanting sinsemillia. (seedless flowers) Disadvantage…feminized seed is more difficult to produce and usually commands a higher price.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seed

Lastly you have the auto flowering seeds. Auto-flower seeds are produced by crossing a Ruderalis plant with either a Sativa, or a Indica plant. Auto flower plants are not photo sensitive, or in other words, do NOT need a longer dark period to initiate flowering. They will flower at a certain age regardless of the length of the dark period. There are a few advantages of auto flowering plants…They are generally shorter and smaller, so easier to conceal. No need to tamper with the light cycle, as they will bloom under even 24 hours of light. Disadvantage…they are felt to contain less THC, although they seem to be gaining ground in that department.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

There seems to be no end to the medical benefits of cannabis! And, now with legalization becoming more common, more and more studies are being conducted proving even more medical benefits of this incredible plant. Recently, scientists are realizing that cannabis not only can help with the devastating side effects of some cancer treatments, but may even help ‘cure’ cancer. The medical benefits of this amazing plant are many and varied. Here are just a few of the conditions treated with Medical Cannabis….Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches and migraines, Epilepsy, and it’s seizures, Cancer and it’s treatments, Depression, Asthma, Parkinson’s, ADD/ADHD, Stress, Insomnia, nausea, anxiety, chronic pain, some wasting conditions, with more conditions seemingly added every day. Click to shop for medical marijuana seeds.

The Hash Plant Strain- Why Stoners Love This Strain

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Currently, all of the attention has been geared toward cannabis plants which have interesting (and often “colorful”) names, such as Sour Low Ryder, The Force, Afghani, or BadAss BB’s– the list goes on.

Cannabis seedling
Hash Plant Seedling

However, it seems as if the weed strains which are named to be much more traditional and straightforward are the ones that have the longest lasting positive reputations.

One of the most direct strain names is one that weed enthusiasts are going crazy over. This strain is modestly named Hash Plant. The strain of Hash Plant offered here on Just Cannabis Seed is called Tajikistani Hash Plant.

It’s not difficult to figure out where this Hash Plant’s strain name originated from- it’s highly suitable for extraction, due to the super resinous flower that it produces, in combination with a speedy flowering stage during the growth of this cannabis plant (around 7 weeks in length), a result of it’s mountainous origins.

Bred by Sensi Seeds, Hash Plant is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with only 10% of its genetic makeup consisting of Cannabis sativa.

Hash Plant owes very much of its adoration to the Afghani strain and its remarkable genetics, as well as descended inspiration from the tremendously well-known (and truly legendary) Northern Lights strain.

Several widely-recognized dispensaries have recently served as sources of the Hash Plant strain.

Large Cannabis Leaf
Indica Type Leaves of the Hash Plant Strain

This serves as no surprise, since the effects of Hash Plant consist of a pleasant euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, and an overall sense of feeling calm, making it perfect for those who are looking to use cannabis to treat insomnia and anxiety disorders.

The aroma of Hash Plant is considered to be danky and spicy, while its flavors are spicy, yet sweet, as well as earthy and woody. Hash Plant provides true hash effects along with the customary kush plant flavor and scent.

There are many variations of the Hash Plant strain, all of which offer almost all of the desired effects of marijuana.

For a smooth, “take it easy” kind of high, the Hash Plant strain is sure to be recommended, undoubtedly. Stoners love this strain, and for reasons obvious- what fellow toker would not want to be giggly and chatty, yet tranquil and blissful?!

The First Time I Smoked Pot….Wow!

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Guest Post From Cody, Thanks Cody

The first time for anything just kind of sticks with you.

That is especially so when it comes to the first time anyone or mostly anyone ( I’ve some friends tell me that they couldn’t remember their first time.) tries grass for their first time.

I love cannabis, but honestly my first time with lovely lady Mary Jane was a nightmare.

I had just turned 18 and I was really interested in trying pot.

I thought maybe my friend Alex could help because of the stories he had told me about his older brother being able to get the best stuff. I thought they were just stories because he talked a lot, but I gave it a shot.

What do you know, he delivered.

Alex gave me a call later that day and told me he had it, and to come over with my half of the money because we split it 30/30 for an 8th of bud. (60 bucks an 8th here in the north. My head still can’t rap my head around the prices up here.)

Anyway, so cash in my pocket I walked the 9 blocks from my house to his house almost skipping with excitement.

When I got to his house, we went straight to his living room which was in the basement, and he presented me the weed. I grabbed it and inspected not even knowing what to look for because this was truly the first time seeing buds up close and personal.

The buds were beautiful.

Cone shaped Christmas trees with red hairs. Northern Lights was the strain according to my friend.

He asked me if I had something to smoke out of. I looked at him with a dumb look which he recognized and said nevermind and that he had a pop can. At that I thought maybe he hadn’t smoked as much as he said he did, but whatever.

He found one, pulled a tack off a board on the wall, and started poking holes in the can. While he was doing that, I broke up the weed, like he told me to do. Then we smoked.

I remember that it hit me right away.

I felt like my head had turned into an elevator, and it shot up like a bullet which made me super paranoid, and started getting the helicopter spins.

I thought there were choppers outside, and the police were coming to get me.

Then Alex’s dog started barking in my face, as if yelling at me that I was in big trouble. ( I kept thinking the dog was barking at me, but really he was laying quietly behind me.

I know it was because my whole life, I tried to be as good as possible, and my subconscious mind told me had just done something that school taught me was just as bad as raping and murdering a baby.)

Cannabis can be a bit ‘edgy’ the first time you get high.

My friend asked me if I was alright and I explained my situation. He tried to calm me down the best that he could and it worked a little until I started thinking about how my friend had said that his grandma was not going to be home until later that day ( He lived with his grandma.)

Which got me thinking that maybe she could be home earlier than expected. 3 am in the morning. No one in there right mind would worry about a grandma coming home at 3 in the morning from a trip out of town. But? ? I wasn’t in my right mind.

My world was fucked, flipped, turned upside down. I knew that no one or anything could help me and that I had to ride it out.

I rode out the nightmare, then passed out.

Next thing I remember is waking up feeling refreshed. Better than new, and walked home.

I learned a lot from that experience. No one should smoke a potent strain for their first time! You need to not to take life too seriously because it will weigh heavy on the mind.

My first time smoking marijuana was also my first bad trip.

Also, it wasn’t like the movies like so many others as well as myself expected it to be.

Fast forward to today…..I have nothing but good trips now!

That’s my story.
With hope and peace to the universe,

Customers Cannabis Plants Grown From My Cannabis Seeds…..Awesome!!!

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Is This the Real Santa Marta Colombian Gold? My Journey Hunting for the Phenotype

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Well lets start at the beginning.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain

I grew my first Santa Marta Colombian Gold cannabis plant in 1969. I got the seeds from a kilo of ‘redbud’ that I had procured. Cannabis was generally fully seeded and fully mature in those days. No one here in the USA grew cannabis to speak of…..Certainly none was grown for bud to sell. And no one grew indoors either.

I lived in Southern Oregon at the time at nearly 4500 ft. above sea level. Needless to say, not the latitude one could successfully grow a long season tropical Sativa like plant like the Colombian Gold.

The growing season there was about 31/2 months. The Santa Marta Gold plants I grew got to about 6 ft. tall, and were very bushy, as they were about 6 ft. in diameter as well.

Long Season Santa Marta Colombian Gold Pheno

As fall approached the plants just barely began to flower, then the first frost brought an end to the grow. We didn’t know any better so we smoked the leaves, and basically got a sore throat.

I remember the plants were big, robust, healthy, and impressive. Thin Sativa like leaves, and very slow to flower, just what you would expect from a tropical Sativa.

Fast forward to today….

I have made it my passion to bring back some of those ‘old school’ cannabis strains of yesterday. So the pheno hunt has begun! I have grown Santa Marta seeds several times now, and can seed several distinct pheno-types. Some have asked how….if this is a Landrace Sativa strain…there can be ANY different pheno-types?? Well, what has happened is the Colombia Gold has been crossed….there in Colombia! The actual pure Santa Marta Colombian Gold of days gone by may be gone forever.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male

I can however try to isolate a pheno-type that is as close as I can get to the original genetics…..just like the plants I grew so long ago. And I am having some success…..

I found several pheno-types while growing out many of these plants….one has large leaves like an Indica dominate plant, and one is short and stocky. Both of these pheno-types are quick to flower, and are basically almost ready to harvest before my chosen pheno-type has gotten into full flower!

The pheno-type I have chosen is very Sativa dominate, and takes a long time to flower just as it should. These plants are very tall, slender, and have the thinner Sativa like leaves. I think this plant is close to the original.

I am propagating it as we speak. I have just one female, and one male….once their seed is mature I will produce enough to sell on this site. These will be F2’s and I will see if they breed true….if so, I think I will be close, and satisfied I have achieved my goal.

Then I will move on to my next project….Panama Red….

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for Cannabis Plants

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The Force Cannabis Strain

Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely common antiseptic, found in many homes, as well as supermarkets, and even convenience stores. It is very cheap regarding its price, and easy to obtain. It has many great effects on cannabis plants; some of these effects aren’t commonly talked about.

In this article, you will learn of many different benefits that hydrogen peroxide can deliver to your cannabis plants.

 It is a convenient, safe, and cheap treatment to aid in pest control. Algae, Fungus Gnats, Powdery Mildew, Molds, and more pests can be completely obliterated by the use of diluted hydrogen peroxide.

It’s as simple as making a 1:4 hydrogen peroxide to water ratio solution, and spraying it on infected plants. It also deters pests, so that those pests (i.e., fungus gnats) do not return and cause a second infestation.

It can also eliminate weeds in grows where weeds are an issue, so be sure to use it if you ever encounter this issue also!

Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order

Hydrogen Peroxide is highly beneficial in soil grows. This is because it adds oxygen to the soil to aerate it.

Most of us know that the chemical molecule for water is H2O. However, hydrogen peroxide’s chemical molecule is H2O2. This means that there is one more oxygen molecule in hydrogen peroxide than in water, explaining the addition of oxygen to the soil. By mixing the same ratio as mentioned above of water and hydrogen peroxide, the resulting solution can serve as an excellent fertilizer for happier, healthier plants. It may also be added to water in hydroponic systems for the further incorporation of oxygen into the water.

Seed germination is yet one more process that hydrogen peroxide can provide great benefit to. As previously mentioned, hydrogen peroxide consists of one more oxygen molecule than water, which helps for seedlings to sprout from their seeds more quickly, being much stronger. A soak with the 1:4 hydrogen peroxide to water ratio can bring you outstanding results.

It is a remarkably valuable disinfectant that you may use for your supplies and tools. Since it is safe for plants, you can use it on any tools/supplies that you use in your cannabis gardening, and one cannot stress enough the importance of sanitation. It can also be mixed into the solution above to be sprayed in your growing area, such as a grow tent, or larger areas outdoors. It’s an overall disease-deterrent, so even if you have something on your tools that you definitely don’t want to bring to your plants, hydrogen peroxide will take care of that with very little effort. It also cleanses water, which is necessary for grow systems such as hydroponics.

Overall, hydrogen peroxide is wonderful for cannabis plants. It’s cheap, easy to obtain, safe, a useful disease-deterrent, and provides remarkable outcomes when applied to certain processes in cannabis growth. It serves as an effortless and ideally-suited disinfectant as well. Don’t underestimate the power of H2O2!

Using Cannabis/Marijuana….What are the Risks?

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A Guest Post by Marvin…Thanks Marvin

A good debate holds both pros and cons for a specific topic. The best debates cover the most controversial topics. In this article you are about to read, I will go over all the risks and benefits that cannabis holds. As you may know, cannabis is a plant that holds the capabilities of a drug. You may also know that drugs can hold health risks as well as other risks that many people become concerned about.

With cannabis, the risks that come with using this drug are: addiction, oral hygiene concerns, and heart deficiencies. With cannabis, the benefits that come with using this drug are: the ability to treat physical pain, the ability to treat psychological ailments, as well as increasing the ability to recall (memories). In this article, I will be switching between using the word cannabis and using the word marijuana.

Studies show 30% of those who use marijuana, may have a slight degree of a marijuana use disorder. Studies also show that 9% of people become dependent on marijuana. In 2015, an estimate of 4 million people (in America) matched the diagnostic criteria for marijuana use disorder.

Researchers have found that those who use marijuana are more likely to have oral health problems than those who don’t. It is more common for those who use cannabis to have caries than it is for non users. Caries are the decay of teeth. It is also more common for users of this drug to have more periodontal diseases and oral infections.

According to heart.org, “observational studies have linked the chemicals in marijuana to an increased risk of heart attacks, heart failure and a heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation”. It has been found that 6% of patients under 50 who experience heart attacks use cannabis. It has also been found that cannabis users between the ages of 18-44 have a higher risk of having a stroke than non users do.

All of this is to say, we shouldn’t go about drugs in a light manor especially cannabis. In short, using marijuana leads to people having use disorders(addictions), tooth decay and oral infections, as well as heart attacks and heart failures. After reviewing all the risks and concerns revolving around the use of cannabis, I’d like to now view the benefits of using cannabis. As I have stated before, the benefits that come with using marijuana are: the ability to treat physical pain, the ability to treat psychological ailments, and increasing the ability to recollect.

As reported by ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, “Ninety-seven per cent of respondents used cannabis primarily for chronic pain. Average pain improvement on a 0–10 pain scale was 5.0 (from 7.8 to 2.8), which translates to a 64% relative decrease in average pain. ” The website also states that “Half of all respondents also noted relief from stress/anxiety, and nearly half (45%) reported relief from insomnia.”

In a study involving rats as test subjects, researchers found that using cannabis “induces deficits (…) of cognitive function, including working memory. In the experiment, the rats were made to choose between two things, with there being one correct answer each time. As the test progressed, researchers observed that “exposure to cannabis (smoke) significantly enhanced choice accuracy” among the rats.

This information proves how the use of marijuana can not only release someone from chronic pain but, deliver a calmer state of mind as well as, increase the ability to remember something. As laid out, the information suggests that using cannabis holds more significance in benefits than risks. Only 9% of people become reliant on cannabis, this number is less than half of the people population. As for dental hygiene, studies have found it is “more likely” that those who use this drug will have oral health problems, this suggests that there is a higher chance of having oral health problems but it is not certain. The amount of people who experience heart attacks under the age of 50 and who use cannabis, is only 6% which again, is less than half of the people population. After using cannabis to relieve pain, 64% of people felt significantly better. The users of this drug also mentioned a decrease in anxiety as well as insomnia. With this decrease of stress, more people can function properly mentally as well as physically. Lastly, this drug allows the user to reclaim information that may have gotten lost or pushed to the back of the brain.

In conclusion, using cannabis brings risks and concerns of health but there is a higher chance of the drug impacting you positively rather than negatively.

10 Tips For Harvesting High Quality Cannabis

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You have done everything right, your cannabis plants/buds look great. Now what?

Well, this is the moment you have been waiting for….like a child waiting for Christmas, it is time to harvest what nature has provided.

The time to harvest your crop is when the trichomes have become cloudy, and the pistils have mostly turned darker. You will need a jewelers loop, or some kind of magnification in order to determine the proper timing. Be aware the longer you wait the ‘heavier’ the stone is likely to be.

The number of days to flower before harvesting will vary widely according to strain. Some auto-flowers are ready to harvest in only 60-70 days from planting. Some tropical Sativas can take twice as long to flower.

With out farther ado here are my 10 tips for producing high quality cannabis buds….

  1. To begin your harvest you will want to remove all the fan leaves from your cannabis plants. I usually do this while they are still in their planting pots. You can simple pluck them off, or use scissors.
  2. I also like to remove any larger leaves from the buds themselves. If there are no trichones on the leaves anyways.
  3. I like to tape the strain identifier that I have used so I know which strain is which.
  4. I like to cut the whole plant off and take it to the drying room. I live in a very dry climate and this can substantially slow down the drying process. If you live in a more humid environment you might want to cut all the individual branches off the main stem to speed up the drying, and alleviate mold concerns.
  5. I maintain the proper temperature, and humidity in the drying room. To accomplish this you may need to use a humidifier, de-humidifier, air conditioning, or heat….depending on your circumstances. Keep humidity around 50-55%, and the temp near 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Drying should take from 1 to 2 weeks, anything longer or shorter you will need to adjust the temp and/or the humidity.
  6. You then hang your plants/buds on suitable hangers, making sure there is plenty of air flow all around.
  7. Once your buds are dry enough it is time to cut them all off the main stems, and cure your harvest.
  8. Most cure their buds in an air-tight container…preferably glass. I like to cure for about 2 to 3 weeks. Many cure for much longer.
  9. Keep a close eye on your buds as you cure them, burp your jars of buds daily at the start. Drying more if need be. As the buds cure, and no moisture problems are present you can burp them less frequently.
  10. Now you are ready for a final cleaning up trim, then packaging your bud for use. The finished bud can be store nearly indefinitely in a glass jar as well. If I have a large harvest I like to put a Silica Gel Desiccant Bag in with the buds. You can find the on Amazon.


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How to Grow Great Cannabis Indoors

Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold
Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Cannabis is a plant, that is easy to grow, however it naturally thrives outdoors. But, under the right conditions there are many benefits and advantages of growing indoors.

No 1. The first advantage to growing indoors is that you completely have the ability control your end results.

You will be building the environment from ground up, this environment will become your personal grow space. You are mother nature and control everything, from lighting, to the choice of pots, the growing medium, nutrients, air flow, temperature, humidity, ect….YOU will be responsible for the success of your girls.

Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order
Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order

No 2. Outdoor growing is cool and all but dealing with the seasons most definitely is not.

When you depend on Mother Nature to provide for your plants, you will be locked into only one harvest per year, (if growing photo plants) especially the farther you live from the equator. Cannabis is an annual plant and naturally flowers but once a year.

That being said it is safe to say that the number of harvests is not so much about the plant itself but more about the environment that you will learn to create.

When you grow indoors, you can create the right conditions for your cannabis plants to produce more than one harvest in a year!

This Frosty Girl is From a Free Seed Order Too!

Harvesting 5 to 8 times a year is possible!

Especially if you are growing autos.

And it could even be done with photos If you have to rooms, because it takes a plant two months to mature and flower. That means you could grow cannabis year-round when done indoors.

One for the vegetation phase (where you give it 16 to 20 hours of light) and one for the flowering phase (where you give it 6 to12 hours of light). This simple method enables you to grow up to 8 harvests annually.

NO 3. You will gain a personal relationship with each and every plant you will came to know them as you watch
them grow develop and mature, as you are going to provide everything that nature does, and
believe me it?s going to take some work because growing indoor is more so about focusing on the quality of each

NO 4. Some would say that the biggest advantage to growing cannabis indoors is that you will have full control
over your personal growing experience (environment.)

I have used the term experience because that is specifically what it is, and you’ll find a love for it!!!

You can control your grow medium (look forward to a future post on building the best growing medium), lighting, temperature, water, humidity and CO2 levels with relative ease. It is also much easier to keep your grow environment free of pests and disease of which we will fully discuss fin the near future (pests and disease).

Free Cannabis Seed Grow
Grown From a Free Seed order

NO 5. There is also a difference when it comes to the THC, CBD & Other canabanoids that is provided from
indoor cannabis when compared with outdoor cannabis.

Indoor cannabis tends to result in substantial higher trichome counts, denser flowers, and a more potent high. Outdoor weed creates a weaker high, with fewer trichomes and less dense flowers.

One reason why indoor-grown cannabis is deemed more potent is because of the controlled environment it is grown in.

Not only this, but the introduction of high CO2 levels when compared with the natural environment has also heightened bud growth and produce THC levels that are challenging to obtain outdoors. When you consider everything that cannabis that is grown outdoors has to go through, it is probably of no surprise that it will be considered much less potent.

Please take note that the content within this post are solely intended for educational and informational
purposes only. Please be aware of your local laws within the state you reside in.