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    greetings from beautiful Reno, NV.  I promised the man I'd provide a grow diary for a seed deal and here is my first entry.  Poverty grows are just what you would assume.  I have a $19.99 full spectrum 75 watt led panel grow light bought on Amazon.  During germination and vegetative phases of the autoflower I utilize two 8 watt GE grow bulbs hanging from light fixures.  I have a 18 inch by 2 foot mylar lined card board box.  I cut on 4 inch by 4 inch slot in bottom corner so a fan will push cooler air in.  And help dissipate the heat generated by the lights.  When flowering begins I'll add some more lights and really keep an eye on the temp.  I figure when I'm home I can blast it with usable light and control the heat.  when I'm away I drop the heat producing lights and go with just the led panel.  Right now I have a durban poison and sour 60 seedling one week old.  Out of my free seed pack I had one germinating seed that didnt make it.  But have a second ready to be planted tomorrow.  So will grow three autos in that space utilizing one gallon cloth pots.  

     I know the issues with small pots.  but when growing for consumption and a hobby I really don't want half pound producing trees next to my football jerseys hanging in the closet.  You can grow some killer mini trees using what you can find inn most dumpsters.  but if you have $20-$50 bucks you can really do nicely.  My soil is moisture cointrol miracle grow.  I promise new growers aq few things.  You will over water, over suppliment, over trim, over stress, and harvest before its over.  The biggest is over watering.  Remember it is a weed.  You really have to go out of your way to mess up growing a weed.  So let it do its thing.  and provide the minimum care initially.  Then experiment with nutrients and layering and the high yeild stuff once you build some experience.  Your first grow in many cases is the best because you don't do all that extra crap!  Keep it simple and have fun.  Free weed is awesome.

     You nay sayeers stay tuned.  You may find three one gallon containers produce more top shelf bud than one three gallon container.  Key words top shelf.  

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Awesome post, and good advice! Thanks, and keep us in the loop!