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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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OK... I recently got my seeds for my 2022 (outside) grow.   I'll post updates if/as they grow.

(THE GOOD)  However, approx a month earlier, I noticed 1 seed at the bottom of the shipping envelope from my May 2021 purchase (not in 1 of the seed tubes).  I figured, why not... I'll try to germinate it.  This is an "atta-boy" for Jerry and JCS.  After a week, the old seed popped.  The seedling grew out and was a female.  After sexing at 4-5 weeks, and noticing some preflowers, I planted it outside in my portable greenhouse in a 7 gal fabric pot (beginning of April 2022).  It grew to a nice but very short plant (maybe 14-15" tall) with thick dark green leaves and a single central cola, and a pleasant but not overbearing cannabis smell.  I think it might be a Lowryder Auto.  It was doing well and lived through a whole bunch of late April frosts.  It is/was only a few weeks from an apparent harvest as the pistols were getting brown/red.  I would approx about a little over 1 oz. of buds from the looks of it.  

(THE BAD/UGLY)  But....We got many inches of rain over the past 10 days.  I thought the tent greenhouse had protected my plants from all the rain. It may have protected the plant from the pouring rain, but not the wetness and humidity.  Today I did a close up check and noticed the grow was full of brown budrot!  Nothing was spared.  The wetness and humidity followed by a few days of 80deg days caused its demise.  I had no choice but to pull it up and dump it in my compost pile -- nothing could be saved.  Excuse my language, but THAT SUCKS!  Maybe, I should have stayed with just an inside closet grow!??!  Never saw brown budrot before and I hope I never see it again --- it is NASTY.

Oh, well.  I have my new seeds so I'll see how they germinate/grow.  Hopefully, better luck this time.

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Yeah budrot can be very invasive. I have lost huge plants to it before. Some strains are more susceptible to it as well. In that environment I would likely stay indoors, and invest in a dehumidifier.