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Hi I am new here just place my first order this spring never did this before, my plants have really taken off, hoping to harvest soon, really nervous about the harvesting, growing for me is the easy part, I can just about grow anything. some of my plants are over 6ft tall.Doing a lot of reading on the harvesting process hope to get it done right. Any extra tips will be helpful.

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Harvesting is a very easy part of the process, I think. I know there are alot of people who spend months curing, burping jars, worrying about the process, and the final product. But it all boils down to drying the buds till they are smoke able. Ideally you want to draw the daying process out for a week or longer, then once dry enough to not mold, you can cure for about as long as you want. If you have a small amount I would cure in jars, and be very careful of the moisture content (check the jars often....especially at first!) Curing can make the smoke much smother, although you can certainly consume your cannabis right away.

Basically, dry your herb till it is stable, then store in glass jars, and it will cure as well.