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My name is Brandon and I was not sure where to leave a review and I wanted to wait until I at least tested germination however I was impressed with my order all the extra seeds were a great touch and the reason I didn't wait until germination some of the seeds were not perfect but I'm not looking for perfect I try to only spend my money with honest business owners and I will continue to purchase my seeds for now to start my own pheno hunt and for all the extra seeds he gave me not only in the flavor I ordered but he gave me a whole pack of some random cut Wich is amazing because I need the medicine so I purchased all 60 day seeds and the cut he gave me were regular so I great touch.

  • Shout out to J.L for giving me what other companies would have charged 3 times as much for!  Thank you and God bless!

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Thanks so much Brandon, I am all about return customers. I think that is the way to run a business. And I have always prided myself on my honesty, life is just too short to take advantage of people.