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Free seed curiosity

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Out of any of the strains within in the free seed collection did any strain you can recall having strong dank smell at a really early age like 25 days thinking its a sativa, leaves are fat,and in tight formation..just curious cause ive got 2 little ones growing from my free seeds swear their twins and they are doing things ive never seen this early in a plant grow and they smell WOW amazing..??ok hope to hear back.

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Hey Aaron, the main Sativa grown out for those seeds was a big heavily crystallized plant. She showed excellent vigor when growing. There are a few different pheno types in her genetics. I have only grown out a few seeds from her, but you can see some of the great plants grown by customers (especially Ashley) from those seeds on my site.

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  My name is Ashley and its nice to meet you @aaron.stout.  I have purchased so much from Jerry that we have found some amazing things in our free seed grows.  I will say one thing I have found usually noticed that indicas tend to have the really fat cover/fans leaves vs. the tall lanky ones tend to be Sativas but, hey you never know with these things they are amazing and tend to pop with 8-12 hours.  Here are some pictures of some past free seed grows.  We haven't found one bad seed or had one issue with unstable seeds with any of our grows.  Thank you again Jerry for bringing it back.

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