Question: What exactly is a cannabis seed?

Answer: A cannabis seed is one of nature’s ways of propagating a species.

I wrote a behemoth 3500-word blog post on the subject, that should be the answer you are looking for.

The post is titled fittingly What Is A Cannabis Seed.

Question: Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer since the legality of buying and possessing cannabis seeds is in such a state of flux.

Generally owning cannabis seeds as souvenirs, and collectibles are legal in most locals. Germinating them is where one can run into trouble. You will find strong disclaimers within my site and in my shipping materials.

The bottom line is it is up to you the customer to know the laws that are in effect where you live and to obey those laws. I do not in any way whatsoever encourage you to break any laws anywhere, at any time.

You can find more info at my Disclaimer, Privacy and Cookie Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Question: What is a cannabis seed bank?

Answer: A cannabis seed bank is simply an online website that will sell you cannabis seeds.

Online marijuana seed banks generally sell Indica strains, Sativa strains, Feminized Cannabis strains, Auto-flowering strains, Hybrid Cannabis crosses, and Cannabis Rudellis strains (possibly.)

Many seed banks are busy creating new strains and crosses. Then these new strains of cannabis are presented for sale online.

Cannabis is actively bred to produce higher potency pot and to create more highly medicinal marijuana.

If you want to buy the highest quality cannabis seeds online you have come to the right place, to take advantage of the great sales prices you will always find here on Just Cannabis Seed.

Question: What countries does JustCannabisSeed.com ship cannabis seeds be to?

Answer: I will ship to all of the USA and Canada. If you live elsewhere and want to buy my cannabis seeds contact me. I will help you out if I can. Most of our orders come from within the US.

Question: Why are cannabis seeds so expensive to buy online?

Answer: There is a lot of time and effort in producing a new stable strain of cannabis.

Years of breeding the plant. So this is one reason, the main reason I suppose is the fact that you the customer is willing to pay for those high priced beans.

You will not find a $10 seed anywhere on this site, I keep the prices of my cannabis seeds cheap! You would find it difficult to find any seeds cheaper anywhere online. Just 2 bucks a seed!!

Question: How long are cannabis seeds good for, how long do cannabis seeds remain viable?

Answer: Cannabis seeds if stored correctly can last for years.

They do however begin to lose viability after several years. I have had seeds that were well over 5 years old sprout well.

I guarantee 90% viability as all my cannabis seeds are fresh, and the germination rate is tested periodically.

Question: How to tell a healthy cannabis seed?

Answer: A healthy cannabis seed is dark in color and larger when compared to other seeds. Not pale or light green. Some are tiger-striped, some have small ridges on them.

I wrote a blog post that touches on the subject as well…What is a Cannabis Seed?

The ultimate test, of course, for health and viability is does the seed sprout? I have sprouted tiny sick looking seeds and grown out wonderful heavily producing plants.

Most seed sellers will choose the best seeds to sell first, and work their way down to the smaller seeds later. All the seeds I sell are guaranteed, if you have a problem with my seeds…contact me, and we will figure it out.

Question: What is seedless marijuana called?

Answer: Sinsemilla….seedless cannabis is known as sinsemilla. When cannabis is grown to consume as a flower, seeds can be troublesome. Plus they would give you unwanted material, devoid of thc to inhale.

Therefore seeds are the bane of sinsemilla growers everywhere.

Question: Why is a cannabis seed coat important to the plant?

Answer: “The seed coat also ensures that the plants’ seed remains in a state of dormancy until conditions are right for the plant embryo to germinate, or sprout.

Key among these functions are the nourishment of the embryo, dispersal to a new location, and dormancy during unfavorable conditions.” As per Google Search…

Generally, the seed coat protects the embryo from the time it comes from the mother plant until it can sprout and become a plant itself. The coat also conserves moisture within to assure its survival.

When conditions are favorable ie. moisture and warmth, is optimal the seed will swell as it absorbs moisture, the shell will split open, and a new life will emerge.

For more info on cannabis seed check out my behemoth blog post…What Is A Cannabis Seed?

Question: How long does a cannabis seed take to sprout?

Answer: Cannabis seeds can take anywhere from a few days to germinate, up to 3 or more weeks. I have personally waited for almost 3 weeks for stubborn seeds to make their appearance.

I wrote a blog post on Best Ways To Sprout Cannabis Seeds, that may interest you. The seeds we sell are tested on occasion to know they are viable.

Question: What are the best cannabis seeds for beginners?

Answer: IMO the best cannabis seeds for beginners are the autoflowering seeds. There are several reasons I feel this way….The plants grow fast and are not in the ground for too long, so less time for problems to develop.

The plants are small and easy to conceal. (thieves abound) I wrote a blog post on the subject of the Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginners too.

Question: What is the best way to store your cannabis seed?

Answer: Cannabis seeds should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. I’m not one to store them in the freezer, as I believe that is a bit extreme. I don’t even store in the refrigerator, as they tend to be too moist.

I like to store in an unheated garage, or somewhere like that. I think the perfect temp would be about 40 degrees. They will last many years stored at room temperature.

You will find a chapter entitled How To Store Cannabis Seeds if you would like more information.

Question: How are auto-flower cannabis seeds made?

Answer: Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are the result initially of a Sativa, or an Indica plant is crossed with a Ruderalis cannabis plant. The Ruderalis cannabis strain is a very hardy, durable plant that originated in northern Europe and Russia.

This strain of cannabis flowers by age, not how long a dark period it is exposed to. A true auto flower is not simply an F1 cross, there is some inbreeding needed to create a stable strain.

Cannabis ruderalis, or C. sativa subsp. sativa var. spontanea, is a low-THC variety or species of Cannabis which is native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Many scholars accept Cannabis ruderalis as its own species due to its unique traits and phenotypes which distinguish it from Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa; however, it is widely debated by many other scholars as to whether or not ruderalis is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa.


Question: How long will it take to receive the seeds that I ordered from JustCannabisSeed.com?

Answer: That will depend on how you pay for the cannabis seeds you bought. If you send cash (I think the very best way to buy cannabis seeds online) I will ship your order the day I receive the cash.

You can send the cash registered mail if you like, that way I have to sign for it to get it. You should at least send your cash with tracking enabled (ask when you send it) so you can track it all the way to my PO Box.

The seeds should get to you within a week…depending on where you live. Bitcoin also has a quick turn around of a week or so. If you pay with any of the other payment methods…ie. Bank wire/transfer, personal check, or money order., be aware I don’t ship your seed order till the funds clear my bank.

Some of these methods have a waiting period before the funds are posted. You can find additional payment info at the Payment Methods, What is a Cannabis Seed, Buy Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin, Buy Cannabis Seeds With Cash.

Question: What kinds of cannabis seeds can I buy online?

Answer: Cannabis seeds come in a few variations:

There is the regular seed…as nature intended. These cannabis seeds will sprout and about half will become female and the other half male.

They will grow all season outdoors unless you can shade them to initiate flowering, or indoors where you can control the dark period to initiate flowering.

Then there are the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. These are either a Sativa, an Indica, or a Hybrid cannabis plant that has been crossed with a Rudellis plant so it does not need the long dark cycle to initiate flowering.

These plants are a great choice for beginners and will remain smaller in size, and quicker to mature, then their photosensitive cousins.

Lastly is the feminized cannabis seeds. These cannabis seeds are grown out by treating the female cannabis plant so that the will become a hermaphrodite…or produce pollen….essentially female pollen…devoid of the Y chromosome. These seeds produce female plants and can accentuate growing a crop of bud.

These cannabis seeds are a bit more work to produce and normally cost more the reg seed.

Question: What if you have run out of the cannabis strain I ordered? What if you have no more of the seeds I ordered.

Answer: I reserve the right to substitute similar seeds if I am ‘out of stock’ in the seeds you ordered. The seeds I substitute will be the same price or more.

I will usually contact you via email to discuss the substitutions of the cannabis seeds you ordered for JustCannabisSeed.com. and follow your recommendations.

Question: What is ‘feminized cannabis seed?’

Answer: The short answer is feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that will produce only female plants. The reason they do this is that through plant manipulation one can ‘make’ female cannabis plants produce pollen, in a last-ditch effort to make seed (the ultimate goal of seeded plants.)

This ‘pollen’ produced by the female marijuana plant is incapable of producing the Y or ‘male’ chromosome. Therefore the resulting offspring will be female, fem cannabis seed is a wonderful thing for those who do not want to deal with males. In other words, great for sinsemilla growers

You will find a more in-depth article covering the feminization of the cannabis plant here….What Is A Cannabis Seed, Cannabis Plants, Male Or Female?

Question: What is sinsemilla when it comes to cannabis flowers?

Answer: Sinsemilla is simply seed-less cannabis flowers. Or sinsemilla cannabis is simply cannabis flowers that have not produced any seeds. When growing your cannabis flower, you make sure there are no males around to seed your cannabis flowers, and that will produce sinsemilla cannabis flower.

Question: What are the conditions and illnesses that can be treated with cannabis?

Answer: Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat a multitude of conditions. We are just now, with the continuing legalization efforts, and the resulting increase in research, figuring out this plant may well be the most important plant in existence for treating illness. Here is a list of some of the conditions cannabis can treat….

Question: Can you tell the sex of a cannabis plant by looking at the seed?

Answer: The jury is still out on this one. I’m not sure whether to believe it or not.

I have an experiment planned for my next grow, and that is to try to determine the sex my plants will be simply by looking at the shape of the seed.

I will be writing a long blog post about the subject and will link to it here.

Question: You sell bulk seed here at JustCannabisSeed.com?

Answer: Yes, I can sell you bulk seed here on-site for steeply discounted prices. I have another website that is entirely devoted to selling wholesale bulk cannabis seeds.

You will be hard-pressed to find cheaper bulk cannabis seeds anywhere else online. That website is called BulkWeedSeed.com. I usually have seeds for sale in bulk for as little as a buck a seed!

Question: How long do cannabis seeds stay viable?

Answer: Cannabis seeds can retain their viability for many years. Generally, about 5 years for those selling cannabis seeds online. There have been cannabis seeds over 30 years old that still sprout, and grow well.

Question: Are cannabis seeds illegal?

Answer: The legality of cannabis seeds is seemingly always in a state of flux in some locals. Generally, they are legal to possess in most countries as the seeds themselves contain no THC, which is what scares the powers that be.

Cannabis seeds are legal to possess in all 50 states in the USA for instance, as collectibles. Thos3e possessing them to run afoul of the law (in a few states) if they sprout the seeds.

You the customer are responsible to know the laws in the place you live when buying cannabis seeds from JustCannabisSeed.com.

Question: Are the cannabis seeds you sell online fresh here at JustCannabisSeed.com?

Answer: Yes, the cannabis seeds we sell online here at JustCannabisSeed.com are fresh. Most I have grown out myself, and I guarantee germination.

If the cannabis seeds you buy from this site fail to germinate, just let me know and I will take care of you. I send replacements once….with extra freebies thrown in.

Question: How many cannabis seeds in a pound?

Answer: The answer to this question will vary because cannabis seeds vary in size. Generally speaking, the are about 50-60 cannabis seeds in a gram, and there are 28 grams in an ounce and 16 ounces in a pound.

So, let’s do the math….28 X 55 = 1540 seeds in an ounce. 16 X 1540 = 24,640 in a pound, for a ballpark figure.

Question: What are the best cannabis seeds for beginners?

Answer: I believe the best cannabis seeds/plants for beginners to grow are the auto-flowers. Why? For a few reasons…

  1. They are not photo-sensitive so no worries about light duration or light leaks.
  2. They mature fast so less time in the ground, and less time for problems to develop.
  3. They are smaller and easier to conceal.
  4. Here is a blog post on the same subject…Best Cannabis Seed For Beginners.

So here are some auto-flowering plants I sell and would recommend to anybody new to growing.

  1. Blue Haze Auto 2.0
  2. Durban Poison Auto Regular Cannabis Seeds
  3. Sour Lowryder 2 Autoflower Green Pheno Regular Cannabis Seeds
  4. Sour Lowryder 2 Autoflower Purple Pheno Regular Cannabis Seeds
  5. Sour 60 Auto-Flower Purple Regular Cannabis Seed
  6. Sour 60 Auto-Flower Donkey Dong (Green) Regular Cannabis Seed

Question: Can cannabis cure the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Answer: Well the jury is still out on this one. I think cannabis helps suffering, and would likely relieve some of the symptoms associated with this novel virus. But, will it cure the virus….hmmm, let’s go online to research it. I will give links to more info:

  1. Expert answers: can cannabis and CBD affect coronavirus?
  2. Cannabis and coronavirus: Here?s what you need to know
  3. False claim: Marijuana kills coronavirus
  4. CBD May Not Be A Cure For Coronavirus In Humans, But May Play A Larger Role In Treating Canine Coronavirus
  5. Can Cannabis Really Kill Corona Virus?
  6. CBD Versus Viruses: What Do We Really Know?
  7. Marijuana not shown to treat 2019 novel coronavirus

Question: How long do cannabis seeds take to mature?

Answer: Well, now that I have produced cannabis seeds instead of bud, I can answer this question.

When one is producing seed you want to make sure you leave the plant alive long enough to know you have mature seed. How long does it take…well that depends.

Some plants, auto flowers, for instance, seem to mature their seeds pretty fast, a month or two.

Some landrace strains of cannabis, Santa Marta ColombianGold, for instance, can take twice as long. You will know by removing seed from the plant and examining it.

The seeds will form, just as the flowers did pretty much from the bottom of the bud to the top. So, if you have a plant with seeds from the top of the bud that is mature, it is pretty much ready to harvest.

Question: Are your ‘Free Cannabis Seeds” actually free? No Purchase Necessary?

Answer: Yes, the seeds in the Free Seed Offer from here at JustCannabisSeed.com are completely free, and no purchase is necessary.

Free Cannabis Order

I do not send the seeds to you for free, however.

I charge a nominal fee for shipping and handling of these orders of $15.00. It costs me around $10.00 to send a free seed order on its way, depending on it’s destination. My Free Seed Offer is not….making me rich!

I have searched the web and can find no better deal on free cannabis seeds. I find no one that even comes close.

Most sites that rank for the search term ‘Free Cannabis Seeds’ don’t have any free seeds to offer you at all. And many of these sites seeds start at about 10 bucks a seed.

So, if you are a newbie grower, or just want a rockin deal on some great seeds you will do no better anywhere I have found elsewhere online then my Free Seed Deal!