Question: What exactly is a cannabis seed?

Answer: A cannabis seed is one of natures ways of propagating a species. I wrote a behemoth 3500-word blog post on the subject, that should be the answer you are looking for. The post is titled fittingly What Is A Cannabis Seed.

Question: Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer since the legality of buying and possessing cannabis seeds is in such a state of flux. Generally owning cannabis seeds as souvenirs, and collectibles are legal in most locals. Germinating them is where one can run into trouble. You will find strong disclaimers within my site and in my shipping materials. The bottom line is it is up to you the customer to know the laws that are in effect where you live and to obey those laws. I do not in any way whatsoever encourage you to break any laws anywhere, at any time. You can find more info at my Disclaimer, Privacy and Cookie Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Question: What is a cannabis seed bank?

Answer: A cannabis seed bank is simply an online website that will sell you cannabis seeds. Online marijuana seed banks generally sell Indica strains, Sativa strains, Feminized Cannabis strains, Auto-flowering strains, Hybrid Cannabis crosses, and Cannabis Rudellis strains (possibly.)

Many seed banks are busy creating new strains and crosses. Then these new strains of cannabis are presented for sale online. Cannabis is actively bred to produce higher potency pot and to create more highly medicinal marijuana. If you want to buy the highest quality cannabis seeds online you have come to the right place, to take advantage of the great sales prices you will always find here on Just Cannabis Seed.

Question: What countries does JustCannabisSeed.com ship cannabis seeds be to?

Answer: I will ship to all of the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. There are likely a few other countries as well if I get an order from them. Most of our orders come from within the US.

Question: Why are cannabis seeds so expensive to buy online?

Answer: There is a lot of time and effort in producing a new stable strain of cannabis. Years of breeding the plant. So this is one reason, the main reason I suppose is the fact that you the customer is willing to pay for those high priced beans. You will not find a $10 seed anywhere on this site, I keep the prices of my cannabis seeds cheap! You would find it difficult to find any seeds cheaper anywhere online. Just 2 bucks a seed!!

Question: How long are cannabis seeds good for, how long do cannabis seeds remain viable?

Answer: Cannabis seeds if stored correctly can last for years. They do however begin to lose viability after several years. I have had seeds that were well over 5 years old sprout well. I guarantee 90% viability as all my cannabis seeds are fresh, and the germination rate is tested periodically.

Question: How to tell a healthy cannabis seed?

Answer: A healthy cannabis seed is dark in color and larger when compared to other seeds. Not pale or light green. Some are tiger-striped, some have small ridges on them. I wrote a blog post that touches on the subject as well…What is a Cannabis Seed? The ultimate test, of course, for health and viability is does the seed sprout? I have sprouted tiny sick looking seeds and grown out wonderful heavily producing plants. Most seed sellers will choose the best seeds to sell first, and work their way down to the smaller seeds later. All the seeds I sell are guaranteed, if you have a problem with my seeds…contact me, and we will figure it out.

Question: What is seedless marijuana called?

Answer: Sinsemilla….seedless cannabis is known as sinsemilla. When cannabis is grown to consume as flower, seeds can be troublesome. Plus they would give you unwanted material, devoid of thc to inhale. Therefore seeds are the bane of sinsemilla growers everywhere.