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You can find the Free Cannabis Seed Deal Here….

This free cannabis seed offer has been ongoing here on JCS.

Due to it’s popularity I have, however, run out of these seeds more then once.

This year I decided to grow some plants just for these orders.

Why? One might ask, why not sell these seeds for more?

I certainly could, but this is simply my way of giving back to the cannabis community that has been so good to me!

So below you will find how the free cannabis seed deal went since it’s inception…..

Update…9/5/22…I was going through the drawer I kept my free seeds in when this seedbank first started out. And low and behold there were seeds there….lots of seeds! These are seeds you can read about at the beginning…the big sativa, some grinspoon type of phenos… those seeds. Those of you that have been customers for sometime will remember. Newer customers can read about them below. I gave out over 50,000 of these seeds!

Sadly I simply do not have enough seeds to start up my 20 dollar free seed deal right now……

So here is what I am going to do, for every $100.00 spent, not only will you get a small vial (about 10 seeds) of the new auto-flowering free seeds, but also a small vial of these original free seeds. So, every order, no matter how small will receive two vials of free seeds (about 15-20.) And two extra vials of these seeds for every 100 bucks you spend.

So 15-20 completely free cannabis seeds in every order, no matter how small. Money tight? Just order the minimum order of the seeds I have on sale ( I try to have a strain on sale all the time) and get the free seeds too!

Update…7/13/22…I have harvested some seeds that were destined to get my free seed offer going again. But, I simply do not have enough to fill those orders for very long. So I have decided to use them as the free seeds you will get for every $50 spent on orders. So you will get a small vial of these seeds (about 10 or so) with every order, no matter how small. And I will send an extra vial for ever $50 spent.

These seeds are a mix of most of the auto-flowering strains I sell. Looking for a special pheno type in an auto? There will be some real keepers in these seeds, and many will be F1’s so should have excellent hybrid vigor! Here is a list of the genetics involved…Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, MI5, Afghani, Blueberry, Sour 60, Sour Lowryder 2, and Blue Haze…..

Be sure to sign up for my email list, to get a heads up when I have more seeds for this very popular offer!  And, as I spoil my list with exclusive discounts, you will always get a heads up when I am adding more cannabis strains or seeds to the lineup, and when I add new content to the blog.

1/21/21……Sorry! Due to the huge popularity of these orders I am again out of the seeds. I will grow more!

Free Cannabis Seed Orders1/5/2022…Finally, I am able to fire up the free seed orders again!

I have raised the price of shipping and handling to $20.00….for a couple reasons:

1. I am compensated for my time filling these orders a bit.

2. This will likely keep them around for a bit longer. (they can sell out in just a few days)

For those who would say “Wait a minute, these are not free!”

I would say, at this price point you are still only paying a buck a seed or so. You will not find a deal like this anywhere else online.

Also be aware that some of the seeds will be a bit immature. The reason for this is it got cold in the grow room, and if it gets too cold maturing seeds well becomes problematic. The seeds are pretty small so you still should get close to 20 viable seeds per order. And I let the plants go till they were literally dying of old age, so this is as mature as they were likely to get.

The image above is a few of the free seed vials opened up so you can see exactly what an order will be comprised of. You can actually count the seeds if you like, and of course can maximize the image to look at the seeds closer.

And once again, here is a list of the auto-flowering genetics involved in this grow: Sour 60 Autos, MI5 autos, Blue Haze Autos, Sour Lowryder Autos, Blueberry Autos, and even a few Afghani Autos thrown in for good measure. 

And here is a link detailing the grow…..New Free Cannabis Seed Grow.

Update…12/31/21….I have harvested the free seed grow I had going on. They will be ready for you guys in a week or two. If you would like a heads up when they are ready be sure to sign up for my email list. Signing up is a no brainer as I will not spam you, but I do give my email list exclusive deals on my seeds quite often. Oh, and Happy New Year!!

Sorry, those seeds did not last long! I am again out of seeds for the free seed orders. I am again growing more as we speak, and will have them available soon….I promise! If you would like to keep an eye on their progress follow this link…New Free Cannabis Seed Grow. To know when they are again in stock, just sign up for my email list.

FREE CANNABIS SEEDS….. Yes, these cannabis seeds are free….but, you will be charged a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

Lots of folks think this must be some sort of scam, but it’s not, simply my way of giving back to the cannabis community a bit.

I have sent out hundreds of these free cannabis seed orders….and not one complaint yet!

Here is a link to see some customer-generated images of some of the plants grown from a free weed seed order…..Cannabis Plants Grown From The Free Seed Offer

These are not bag seed, hemp seed, nor trash seeds. There is some great genetics in this mix. All the seeds that were grown out for these free cannabis seed orders were purchased from popular seed banks like ILM, Seedsman, Attitude, and other seed banks. I generally buy top shelf cannabis seeds to grow out and offer for sale. But, mismarked seeds are fairly common, and my loss is your gain.

There will be about 20 seeds (depends on the size of the seed) in each of these orders.

2/25/2020….Just added several hundred fresh Sour 60 Autos, and Sour Lowryder 2 Auto seeds to the free seed jar. These were again mismarked from the seed bank I got them from.

6/17/20….I grew out several strains of autos….specifically, Cream Carmel Autos, Amnesia Autos, Gorilla Glue Autos, and Mawba Negru Autos. I did not get a single male! I think some seed banks are simply selling Feminized seed as regular seed. Lacking a male I decided to cross all these auto-flowering cannabis plants with some pollen I had saved. The pollen came from two strains I sell….The Force, and Sour 60 Auto Flower. So these seeds will be in the mix. You can find some images of these autos in the gallery. I have written a post about the free seed grow with videos, and images of the plants these seeds will come from….you can find it here…Growing More Cannabis Seeds to Add to the Free Cannabis Seed Offer

Free Auto Flower Seeds?….yes you will find some free autoflowering seeds in the mix as well.

These seeds are overruns, cross-pollination’s, and/or seeds that have been mismarked.

Big Sativa
The Big Sativa for  Free Cannabis Seed Orders

You will find a huge Sativa (think of a huge Strawberry Cough, there she is to the right), a couple of autos flowers (they reminded me of Blue Haze), and one hybrid mixed in these seeds. I grew them, they were simply not the strains they were supposed to be, so in the free weed seed jar they went.

There are a few ways you could get me to send you a free cannabis seed order with no money out of pocket whatsoever…

I will trade seeds for content, if you are interested follow this link…Completely Free Cannabis Seeds….

Or want to take a look at the other top shelf cannabis seeds I offer click this link....WeedSeedShop.

New free cannabis seeds harvested on 10/1/21…..100% germination should be a slam dunk. Be aware there will be some immature seeds included, but most should also be viable. You will find about 20 seeds in each of these orders.

What could be better than…FREE CANNABIS SEEDS! Yep, these marijuana seeds are completely free, no cost, and no purchase necessary!

Just pay a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Some will say…”Hey that is not ‘free’??”

You have to realize no one online is going to pay for shipping and handling and send you 20 free cannabis seeds.

And most of the results for the search term ‘Free Cannabis Seeds’ will take you to seed banks who will give you some freebies if you order their other seeds.

You can get a free cannabis seed order from without making any other purchase. No other purchase is necessary. If you are a newbie and want to get some grows under your belt without breaking the bank, you just can’t go wrong with an order of these free pot seeds.

But, even if you consider the shipping cost as what you are paying for these cannabis seeds….that still comes out to less then a buck a seed….Cheapest weed seeds online!

Sorry, but a limit of one order per day.

These seeds come from the same genetics we sell, so

Free Marijuana Seeds
Free Marijuana Seeds

you will likely find some real gems within these free pot seeds.

There are around 20 free cannabis seeds in each order, depending on seed size. You can actually count the free weed seeds in the image above. Talk about cheap cannabis seeds….

Use these free weed seeds to hone your cannabis husbandry skills.  Or simply short on money and looking for a real ‘deal’ on marijuana seeds? Then this Free Cannabis Seed Deal is for you!

I doubt you will find cannabis seeds cheaper anywhere online. But if you do, drop me a line and let me know about it.

Everybody loves free stuff. And I enjoy giving free stuff away, so here is some more free stuff….Free Cannabis Images, and Free PDF Cannabis eBooks.

Or if you would like to see some of the other top shelf cannabis seeds we offer for sale go here….WeedSeedShop

4 thoughts on “Free Cannabis Seeds Deal….The History of This Offer on

  1. Jerry I think you’re an awesome guy. Straight up no games. What you say you do. I’m going to be ordering this evening or in the morning. I would love a few extra.
    Thanks, Jay

    1. Thanks Jay, I do pride myself for my honesty. I have always believed in the golden rule…

  2. Jerry
    Just one question before I decide what to order. In the free seed deal I see that there are a bunch of different strains involved. Will we know what seeds we are getting? Like, are they reg or auto, and maybe the strain as well? Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.
    Oh yeah, happy holidays to you Jerry

    1. They are a mix Gene, there could be about any of the strains I mentioned in there, both autos and photos. Growing the two together is not difficult, I would start them all under 18 hrs of light, the autos should all show by the forth node or so. Then you can flip y to 12/12 if you wanted and flower them all that way. Or you could separate the autos and put them in a different room to finish under a longer light cycle. Either way it is pretty simple.

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