Free Downloadable Grow Guides, Free Cannabis Seed, Free Cannabis Images, and Free Cannabis Advice

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Free Cannabis Seeds
One Actual Order of Free Cannabis Seeds

We Are All About Customer Service, and Freebies here at How can we help YOU? Please let me know…


Did I mention free stuff?? We strive to deliver great customer service, freebies, and a positive customer experience on our website.

If you would like to leave me a message about ways we could improve, I would love to hear from you. Just use this link…Contact

FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE…We offer a completely free order of seeds here at JCS (that would be over 50 free cannabis seeds per order!) And, unlike many cannabis seed banks, there is no purchase necessary (although you will receive one order of free seeds with each paid order too.). You will however have to pay shipping and handling. In the USA this will be a flat rate of just $10.00. Help us over grow the world with cannabis! Free the seeds! Plant them everywhere!

And now lets talk about even more free stuff…Free PDF’s to download. There are over 25 free eBooks to download, with more being added every day. There are several marijuana growing handbooks, many on various cannabis related subjects, such as growing in soil, growing hydroponically, closet growing, pruning cannabis, harvesting cannabis, trimming your harvest, curing your buds, cannabis strains, cannabis alchemy, indoor grow lights, and even some cannabis recipes. Here are a few of the more popular downloads… Greg Green ? The Cannabis Grow BibleJack Herer ? The Emperor Wears No Clothes-2TheMarijuanaGrowersGuide ….The Marijuana Grow BibleGrowing Elite Marijuana

The Cannabis Grow Bible
Greg Green’s Cannabis Grow Bible

I have just added some royalty free cannabis images to the mix. These are all images I took, and own the copyright to. I am offering them to you for free to use anywhere you want, I only ask for a back link in return. Here is that link…100% Free Cannabis Images.

And now for my last freebie….advice. I have been growing this plant we all love for nearly 50 years. I grew commercially for over 10 years. if you need/want advise, please ask on our Cannabis Forum. I try to get on the site daily, and will answer your questions there. Cannabis is a very forgiving plant to grow, usually has few problems, if well cared for.

Thanks for visiting my site, and thanks for reading. Again, you can get free cannabis seeds here, and order cannabis seeds here, and you will find free grow bibles, and other Pdf’s to download here.

Yes, that is quite the list, and all free, no obligation what-so-ever, I’m not even asking for an email, although that could change.

2 thoughts on “Free Downloadable Grow Guides, Free Cannabis Seed, Free Cannabis Images, and Free Cannabis Advice

  1. Love this site! Its still mindblowing to me where the marijuana trade is today. Im 57 yrs old and smoking pot as a teenager buying 5 finger lids was common place. Its so outrageously funny how the seeds have become this protected little gem that back in my early pot smoking days they were abundant annoying little bastards you spent a significant amount of time after purchasing your sandwich bag of green , with a tilted tray and a card sifting all the seeds from the bud so you didnt have the misfortune of getting burned by an exploding seed unnoticed in your bowl! Boy have times changed!

    1. Yes, they have Laurie. I am 68 and right there with ya. I remember growing out those seeds back in the late 60,s early 70,s and they wouldn’t hardly begin to flower before fall (I lived at 4500 ft about sea level in OR.) We would smoke the leaves and get sore throats mostly. LOL I try to offer cheap seeds without any lost of quality in their genetics, even the free seed orders!

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