Free PDF’s, Free Images, and Completly Free Cannabis Seeds

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Just Free Stuff From Just Cannabis Seed….

Hi, as I said elsewhere I am all about customer service here on JCS. I want users who come to my site to go away with something of value…even if they do not order any of my cannabis seeds.

Greg Green Grow Bible
Greg Green’s Grow Bible

So what is there here that is free and has value? Well, first I have a long list of over 100 free pdf downloads for your information, and enjoyment. Here is a link to these free pdf downloads. There are several grow guides and bibles for your enjoyment and education, and there are eBooks on just about every other cannabis related topic.

Feel free to download one, or all of them. no purchase necessary, nor any obligation.

I also offer completely free cannabis seeds to everyone at Just Cannabis Seed. These seeds are the same genetics as we sale. They are simply over runs, mistakes, and mismarked cannabis seeds. You will likely find some great plants in these free seeds. Order one or 10, well worth the effort, lets over-grow the world with cannabis! But always remember I have cheap cannabis seeds for sale as well.

Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

You will get over 50 free cannabis seeds in every free order of seeds. I also send an order of free cannabis seeds with every paid order of cannabis seeds. So order some cannabis seeds, and get free seed!

Second I have a completely free affiliate offer on board now. I pay 15% commission on every sale you generate. All you have to do is share your special link and the visits you generate will be recorded, and you will make money…it is simple as that. Just click here to join the Just Cannabis Seed affiliate ranks.

Third I have many cannabis related images I have taken, and own all copyrights to. I also offer these images free to download, and royalty-free to use on your blog or website. I only ask for a backlink to this site. You can use one or all of them, just a single backlink would work. Please link to my Weed Seed Shop, or any of my product pages. If you need to know how to do this dont hesitate to contact me. You can find these royalty-free cannabis images here.

Here are just a few of the images you could use:

In Conclusion

I am all about helping my fellow pot grower out. I don’t simply want your money, I do not mind giving real value away for free. Everyone loves free stuff! So take advantage of these totally free offers, then go and pick up an order of the cheap cannabis seeds you will always find on sale at JCS.

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  1. Ordered some seeds from this site was very pleased, Told 4 friends about this site don’t know if they ordered from here as of yet. but i had another order to place. very fast service and free seeds too, No complaints just good service Thanks Tom B

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