Free Seed Grow 9/15/21

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Hey guys, I just grew out some plants for free seeds.

But this summer was brutally hot, and I have been busy so these plants were neglected a bit during the heat. Therefore they did not reach their full potential.

They seeds are the very same genetics as the seeds that made up a free seed order for the last few years. You can read about them on the free seed product page.

Because I will only get several hundred of these seeds I have decided to simply give them away with every paid order….while supplies last.

You will find some grindspoon type of genetics, some Sativa, and some autoflower seeds in the mix.

Be aware these plants were sprouted late in the season (during the hot spell) and did not put on much size. That certainly is no indication of how large plants grown from these seeds may get.

I get many first time growers buying my cannabis seeds here onsite, so these would be awesome seeds to practice with.

I love giving out freebies, so here ya go!

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