Growing More Cannabis Seeds to Add to the Free Cannabis Seed Offer

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Hey, I am growing out some plants, producing seed to add to the free seed jar. These will all be Autoflower F1 crosses.

Here is what happened, which seems to happen too much. I scour the web looking for regular cannabis seed in order to grow them out, get a male, and make seed. Often it seems I get no males, out of 15 plants I get no males?? Seems many seed banks sell feminized seed as regular seed…..irritating to say the least.

I bought regular seed of…Cream Carmel Auto, Amnesia Auto, Gorilla Glue Auto, and Mawba Negru Auto, and not one male! So I decided to use what pollen I had saved up and pollinate the plants myself, and just add any resulting seed to the free seed jar.

I had pollen from Sour 60 auto-flower, and the Force photo strain. So out came the pollen, and I blew it all over my plants twice a week apart. I can see it took, and there are many cannabis seeds being produced.


The plants continue to grow and mature their seed for my free cannabis seed jar. Anyways, here we are a week closer to chop, and those great new auto seeds for you guys.

Just so you know, when producing seed you will not get those huge colas that you see when producing sensimilla. The plants when not exposed to pollen will continue to stack on flowers in the hope of holding out long enough to get pollinated and produce seed….the ultimate end all plants want.

When producing cannabis seeds the plant puts most of it’s resources into maturing it’s seed, and propagating it’s species.

Here are some more images of the autos as they mature. It looks as thought the Gorilla Glue matures very quickly, and is almost done. I will continue to share the process of harvesting the seed, and preparing the seed for sale.

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seed Harvest For the Free Cannabis Seed Offer


Well chop time for the Gorilla Glue, crossed with either Sour 60 Auto, or The Force Photo males. These will be some F1 hybrids that will like exhibit some hybrid vigor, and grow fast and strong.

The Gorilla Glue is quite crystalled, and looks dank, and potent. Again, I will tell you that the buds do not attain the size of unseeded sinsimilla buds. Once a plant is pollinated its main focus is to mature that seed to propagate itself.

If you look closely you can seed the swelled calyxes with the cannabis seeds nestled neatly inside.

How does one know when the cannabis seeds are mature on a plant?

Well, you simply pick a few of the seeds from the top of a bud (these would be the last seeds to be formed) and remove the outer covering (calyx) to see if the seed is large, dark, and mature. Once these last seeds are mature, you know the rest will be too.

It looks like there will be a few thousand seeds perhaps on these two Gorilla Glue plants, they will be a great addition to the free cannabis seed offer.

I will share pics of the Gorilla Glue plants below…


Well it was whack day for all the Auto-Flower plants I was growing for seed for the free cannabis seed offer. I got fewer seeds then I thought I would, but such is the nature of hand pollination of cannabis plants. I will include more images of some of the plants included in the free seed deal.

And, again, I will remind you that cannabis flowers do not get as big when you are producing seed. The plant will puts it’s energy into maturing the seed (it’s whole purpose in life) rather than stacking on new flowers. You can easily see the crystallization of the buds, and their structure.

Cannabis Seeds I Produced For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer.

Here is how many Auto-Flower cannabis seeds these plants produced. I was a bit disappointed, but hand pollination has it’s limits. I would have gotten many more seeds if I had a male cannabis plant and simply let nature take over. I will be having a new seed counting contest soon, and these will be the seeds to count. Good Luck!

New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer

Here is a vid of the last Auto Flower plants to harvested to obtain more seeds for the Free Cannabis Seed Offer. These auto plants were easy to grow, and all turned out great. Some great genetics to add to the offer. If you are just starting out on your cannabis growing journey, or are a seasoned professional short of funds, you just can’t go wrong spending a few bucks for these free cannabis seeds. Enjoy!

Here are the final images of the plants/seeds being added to the free cannabis seed offer. These plants grew out strong and healthy.

I will say again that the buds on these plants may not seem to be that big. The reason as I have said previously is that when a female cannabis plant gets pollinated it’s ‘juice’….energy, goes to maturing the seed rather then stacking on more flowers.

So, as you can see, you will be able to grow some great cannabis plants even from a cheap free cannabis seed order. Take full advantage of all I have to offer at the Weed Seed Shop.

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  1. Nice!!!! Thank you so much for being an amazing person and company!!!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful process. Thank you for documenting it for us, and for sharing your hybrid creations. I can’t wait to grow a few new auto strains When you get them. 🙂 B

  3. Looking great, hope you some of those babies in the reg. selection as well.
    Happy Growing !

  4. Good work! Thanks for the effort. I’m sure everyone appreciates what you are doing.

  5. This is looking great! What a cool concept and I can safely say we all appreciate this!

    Happy growing and good health \o

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