How I Handle the Freebies

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Just a quick post to tell you guys how I generally handle giving out freebie cannabis seeds.

I am going to give all orders some free seeds….even the very small orders…so free seeds in every order! The only exception would be a free seed order of $15 (which I have had to curtail temporarily, I am growing more!)

Also, if you order seeds I have purchased wholesale you will get at least one extra seed of any strains ordered. However if you order seeds I have grown out myself, and especially if I have many of them I will be even more generous.

If your order is under $50.00 you will get an extra vial of free seeds of another strain I sell (everyone gets some free seeds!) For every additional $50 for an order I will include another free strain. Basically the more you spend the more generous I will be with the free seeds.

I tend to spoil my customers a bit….I do this because I want to be your go to for cannabis seeds. I want everyone to become a repeat customer….

If you still have any questions about free cannabis seeds be sure to ask me in a comment below.

2 thoughts on “How I Handle the Freebies

  1. Can y’all call me

    1. I am hard of hearing so don’t do much business on the phone. A better option is my contact email….here.

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