How I Handle the Freebies

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Just a quick post to tell you guys how I generally handle giving out freebie cannabis seeds.

I am going to give most orders some free seeds….even the very small orders…so free seeds in nearly every order! The only two exceptions would be a free seed order of $20.00 (which I have had to curtail temporarily, I am growing more!) and, the various seed packs I offer….they are already a great deal.

Also, if you order seeds I have purchased wholesale you will usually get at least one extra seed of any strains ordered. However if you order seeds I have grown out myself, and especially if I have many of them I can be even more generous.

If your order is under $50.00 you will get an 2 extra vials of free seeds (everyone gets some free seeds!) One vial of the old free seeds, and one of the new free seeds. For every additional $50 for an order I will include another vial of free seeds. Basically the more you spend the more generous I will be with the free seeds.

I tend to spoil my customers a bit….I do this because I want to be your go to for cannabis seeds. I want everyone to become a repeat customer….

If you still have any questions about free cannabis seeds be sure to ask me in a comment below.

10 thoughts on “How I Handle the Freebies

  1. Can y’all call me

    1. I am hard of hearing so don’t do much business on the phone. A better option is my contact email….here.

  2. When you give free deeds, they’re called ‘free’ when it would be nice to know what variety they are. If I like the free seeds, how would I order them from you? See? I couldn’t!

    1. Here is a link explaining about the genetics of the seeds in a free seed order Andrew…Free Seed Genetics
      I just grew some of those very same genetics, but did not produce enough seeds to start up the free seed offer again. So I am including about 6-10 (depends on the size of the seeds) of these seeds in every order, along with the normal freebies I send.
      I have a plan to grow out a mixture of Sativa’s, Indica’s, and Auto-Flowers, and actually offer free seed orders of those 3 genetic lines. The free seed deal has been very popular, and has helped a bunch of folks out. I doubt there is another website online that sends 20 cannabis seeds of quality genetics for that price.

  3. Hope you announce winners soon

    1. Yes, I am sorry, I will do that this week for sure!

  4. I received an email saying I was a winner of some seeds when will these reach me thanks 😊

    1. I was wanting you to affirm your shipping address, but when you did not I sent them to the address on file. You should get them in the next few days. Your winning poker hand was an Ace high three threes. Congrats!

  5. Hey Jerry,
    Just a quick question, are the free seeds auto’s ? I have accumulated quite a few and no where does it say so.

    1. I generally write a blog post telling about the genetics involved in the free seed orders. It would depend on when you bought them. the most recent ones are all autos and here is a link to their blog post….The New Free Cannabis Seeds Offer

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