How To Grow A Ten Pound, Ten Foot Tall, Cannabis/Marijuana Plant

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Growing 10 Pound Cannabis Plants

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“Make the most you can of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere”

-George Washington

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth of the country”

-Thomas Jefferson

The Force Cannabis Strain
The Force Cannabis Strain

I have grown many thousands of cannabis plants in my day. And, I’m sure I have grown some that produced a full ten lbs of dried cannabis flowers….but I have never weighed out the dried flowers to know for sure. I do know I have grown many plants that have topped the 15 foot tall mark. Mostly in guerilla grows. Growing 10 pound plants is completely doable! It just takes some planning, and sometimes a bit of luck.

I have a crop of the 15 plants the law allows me to have that I plan on growing for size and seed. This will be in a year or two when I retire to my property out in the country.

So how does one go about growing huge marijuana plants? It isn’t really very difficult, although you do need a few things in place to accomplish this.

How Big Can a Cannabis Plants Get?

What is the biggest weed plant in the world?? What is the world record marijuana plant?

Well there is no real conclusive evidence that I have found online. I have read of a 30 foot tall monster cannabis tree grown in I believe Australia. I have also read of 20-30 foot tall plants grown in Hawaii.

I personally have grown plants that I measured that were just over 15 feet tall. I have never weighed the finished bud from any of those gorilla grows however.

I also never took pictures of those grows as that was in the dark ages of cannabis legalization, and those would have simply been evidence.

I remember walking into those grows and being impressed by both the size of the pot plants, and the huge colas they produced.

In those days I got all my genetics from Canada, as they were faster finishers, and there is nothing worst then having a huge plant that does not finish outdoors.

I cannot imagine anyone can grow these types of huge weed plants indoors. One is simply limited by the amount of light you can offer the plants.

The environment that I believe would be the most conducive to growing huge marijuana plants would be a very tall greenhouse. I would love to see someone set up a greenhouse specifically to grow huge weed trees!

Have you ever grown huge cannabis plants? Please share pictures for us all in a comment, I would love to see what you have done!

Want To Grow Huge Weed Trees? Start With The Right Genetics

Choosing the right cannabis strain to grow 10 lbs plants is likely the most important factor when wanting to go BIG. To grow huge cannabis plants you will want to grow photosensitive plants….no auto-flowering plants will work.

Of the plants I offer for sale right now on this site I would choose these marijuana strains for growing 10 pound plants… The Force (I grew this plant out and it showed incredible hybrid vigor), Master Orange, Paul’s Purple Fire, Glue Cookies, Rusty Glue, The Black, and BadAss BB’s to name a few.

Big Cannabis Buds in the Sun
Cannabis Buds in the Sun

Santa Marta Colombian Gold: I grew this strain out and was impressed with the vigor it exhibited as it grew. This is a landrace inbred Sativa strain from Columbia South America. These tropical Sativa plants can get big, it is a Sativa however so the buds may not be huge. But, if you have the long summer this plant will take to finish, and you feed it well, this strain could produce 10 pound plants.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold/Jedi Glue: I was planning on making Jedi Glue seed, but, 8 plants and no male….So I decided to cross it with another plant I was growing at the time, the Colombian Gold plant. I wasn’t too sure about this cross and thought about just putting the seed in the free seed jar. I came to the conclusion it could be a marketable cross, the size, and energy of the pure Sativa, and the hybrid vigor and the heavy covering of trichomes of the Jedi Glue. This cannabis strain could well impress.

The other Santa Marta crosses I have may well work too. If it were me I would grow out several strains and find those that look as though they would fill the bill.

A Little Used Technique for Growing Huge Marijuana Plants.

So what is this secret technique? It is simply growing some plants out during the winter before you plan on that huge outdoor grow, and then harvesting those plants, and re-vegging them in time to put them outdoors.

There are a few benefits to utilizing this technique…such as, you will know how the plant grows, you will have an idea if that plant can get huge, and revegged plants will turn into vigorously growing bushes…perfect for growing those 10 pound plants in your long sunny outdoor growing season.

This technique has been used by master growers for years to grow outdoor 10 pound cannabis plants.

Another Little Used Technique for Growing Huge Cannabis Plants

Here is another technique for growing huge marijuana plants. I have done this a few times and will be experimenting with this cannabis growing technique again in the near future.

This cannabis growing technique is to simply pin the main stalk of the cannabis plant to the ground as it grows.

You start when the plant is about 5 or 6 inches tall. Gently begin to bend the whole plant over towards the ground, every few days you pull it farther over, till the whole plant is horizontal, and tight to the ground. You will see the side branches continue to grow up.

As soon as the side branches are say 6 inches tall or so you cover the main stem that is pinned tight to the ground with soil….and then water it. The main stem will begin to root, the entire length of it.

The growing tip will still turn up, and you can continue to pin it down and cover with soil.

I have done this with what would have been a 15 foot tall cannabis plant. Basically pinning down 10 full feet of the main stem, then allowing the growing tip to continue up to reach the height of all the side branches.

These particular plants ended up being about 9-10 ft tall, and 10 feet long. They were pure Sativa plants, so not huge buds, although there was a ton of them. I did not weight the harvest, but it was substantial. Using this technique with a good hybrid could make for an impressive harvest for sure.

This creates a huge ten foot tall, ten foot (or even more) around pot plant, with a huge root mass….a virtual cannabis monster plant!

And, here is another way to accomplish basically the same thing in another way. You grow the plant indoors early as discussed above.

Then you take the 3-4 foot plant, pull it out of its pot, and simply lay it completely on its side, covering the root mass with soil.

As the side branches begin to turn and go up, you again begin to pin the main stalk down to the ground. Then cover with soil as above, pulling the growing tip down as well.

I have never actually done this, but could imagine 15 feet or more of the mail stalk pinned down and growing roots to create a Super Cannabis Plant… mostly by the size of the marijuana plant you start with, and the length of your growing season.

I will be experimenting more with this next growing season. Could I grow a plant that would have a dried harvest of even more then 10 pounds?? I think if one grew the right plant, this could be possible.

Please leave a comment if you have ever used this technique for growing huge weed plants. I would love to hear your experience!

Start Your Cannabis Plants Indoors

You must start with plants that can obtain a large size when grown out. And you must make sure you have a good long growing season where you plan to do this, as well as long hours of sunshine.

I would also start the plants indoors before the outdoor season begins to give them some size even before planting them outdoors. I would grow them a couple months before putting them out in the early spring, if wanting to grow 10 pound plants.

Remember also, if the days are still short when you put them out you will need to supplement the hours of light so they are not induced to begin to flower….which will only slow down their growth.

Extend the Vegetative State of Your Marijuana Plants

This is your goal when attempting to grow huge cannabis plants!

By starting indoors in January-February you will assure a long enough vegetative cycle that you will have the best chance to grow enormous weed plants!

If they begin to get too big indoors for your lights to reach the lower extremities of the plants you might consider side lighting them as well.

Be sure to grow them in as big a pot as you can handle when transplanting outdoors. I wouldn’t use anything less then a 5 gallon pot. And actually bigger would be better!

Once you plant outdoors you should either plant in prepared soil in the ground (my favorite) or or use the huge fabric pots that are popular for this growing technique.

Growing 10 Pound Plants Indoors

I think it would be very difficult to actually grow a plant completely indoors that could produce 10 lbs. of dried bud. I would think you could only accomplish this with the help of those long summer days….

If any of you have grown a cannabis plant indoors that produced 10 pounds of bud please tell us about the grow in a comment.

Growing 10 Pound Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Well I think it would need to be a combination of indoor, and outdoor growing. As stated earlier I would start my plants indoors under lights in January-February.

This will give your plants time to veg and get big before you even put them outside.

Just imagine putting a 3-4 foot plant in your outdoor garden in the early spring!

By the time fall arrives the plants can be 7-8 months old….time to turn into huge cannabis plants!

The Climate Needed to Grow a 10 lb. Cannabis Plant

To grow huge, tall marijuana plants you will need a long growing season, and a plant that is sure to finish in that season.

It is not like you can move a huge cannabis plant indoors if you begin to run out of time to finish.

Any of the tropical areas of the world should work well, and, much of the USA will work well too. As you approach the northern border with Canada the season will begin to be too short I would imagine.

You will likely want to be down around sea level as opposed to up in a mountainous region. You would need an area that gets lots of sunny days, too much rain or overcast conditions are not likely to work well either.

Feeding a 10 Pound Cannabis Plant

Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order
Large Cannabis Bud

One thing a very huge marijuana plant will require is food. (All the ‘I grew this cannabis without any nutes people aside’) You will have to feed your plants. Either with a mixture of soil and nutrients (super-soil) or on an ongoing basis, such as when you water….

I have grown huge 14 ft. tall plants using nothing but chicken crap straight from the hen house. All those that say you will burn your plant simply use too much.

You will want to feed a high nitrogen diet, as this is the main building block of the plant.

Then as the plant matures and begins to fully flower a bloom formula will suffice.

You can see many of these big, tall cannabis plants found online are grown in large grow bags with with the growers rendition of super soil. You can find many recipes online.

On a side note, now that I grow mostly seeds for you guys I feed a complete fertilizer throughout the plants lives as they are producing seed, and need a full spectrum fertilizer.

If I were growing plants I wanted to get huge I would simply grow them in the ground (depending on soil type.) I would however dig down 3 feet or more and about 6 ft. across and mix in the ingredients for super soil.

I would also mix in about 1/3 volume of perlite, or something like it that would assure well aerated soil. Cannabis loves soil that holds air.

And, did I mention you will have to feed your plants if you want them to reach their full potential! 🙂

Pruning and Training for Enormous Cannabis Plants

Pruning and Training

Cannabis Sativa Stems
Cannabis Stems From Huge Plants

There are some pruning and training techniques I would utilize when growing monster cannabis plants.

Topping….I would top the plants as they grow to give them multiple top buds, so they wont be the normal Christmas tree shape, and have many competing top buds.

This will broaden the plant, and strengthen the plant as well.

Done correctly you will end up with a plant that can be just as wide as it is tall.

Some plants respond well to topping, and manipulation in general, and some simply do not.

It is always advantageous to have experience growing a strain to know how it will respond to stimuli. And, this is the recommended way to determine if a strain will grow into huge cannabis trees.

I would also recommend actually trimming off many of the lower leaves, buds, and lowest branches from the plant to make them concentrate growth within the upper flowers.

The ones receiving adequate sunshine. This effectively opens up the lower part of the plant to allow for good air circulation; which can be helpful for controlling disease, and pasts.

Watering Huge Cannabis/Marijuana Plants

Watering cannabis plants is a very personal thing. Every cannabis plant does not require the same amount of water.

My favorite answer to the question ‘How often should I water my plants?’ is you water them when they are thirsty. So how does one know if they are thirsty? Well if they are grown in containers I like to heft the pots, if too light you water, if still heavy you don’t.

Plants in huge containers, or in the ground, of course, make that technique problematic.

A plant will give you tell-tell signs of weather it is thirsty or not. When a plant begins to need water some leaves, starting at the bottom of the plant, will begin to wilt, and take on a dry, dull appearance.

Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

Let the plant ‘tell’ you it is beginning to get thirsty.

You can also feel down in the soil near the base of the plant. If the soil is beginning to dry out down an inch or two it is likely time to water.

Also, always keep in mind that basically the bigger the plant the more water it will require.

Likely the very best way to water cannabis plants is daily with an automated drip system.

Cannabis plants growth rates will suffer if they go from too dry, to too wet over and over again. With hand watering this will likely be the case.

Support for Your Huge Cannabis Plants

You have taken the proper steps and your cannabis plant is starting to get enormous!

Now what, will it get too big, could it get so big it could fall over? Yes, it can, once your monster plant begins to flower it can indeed have trouble supporting itself!

What to do?

Plant Staking

One must realize this huge plants will also be supporting huge buds. Without any support the limbs are likely to break under the weight. Support will be required to prevent breakage.

The Big Cannabis Strain
The Mother Plant

I would recommend a wire cylindrical trellising to give support to all the side branches as their flowers begin to put on weight. I like using a wire fencing that has holes large enough to put your hand through.

Install the fencing while the plant is smaller so its branches can grow out to, and through the fencing.

Another method often used is netting made out of nylon, or plastic. If using this method of support I would recommend covering the plant at least twice with netting.

You can find this netting readily available on Amazon. Indoors they are used in scrog gardens, outdoors you will want them to hold the plant together as the buds begin to put on weight.

Once when the plant is about 5-6 feet tall, then again when the plant is pushing its final height of 10 feet or so. Once the plant has grown through this netting it will be supported well.

You can however simply add more netting any time you see the weight of the buds is going to become problematic.

Growing Monster Cannabis/Marijuana Plants to Produce Seed

This is my plan when growing out these huge plants myself.

Big Sativa
Not Quite 10 Feet, but Produced Over 50,000 Seeds!

I can legally grow 15 plants here where I live. I want to grow out 15 HUGE cannabis plants, which would include one huge male plant.

I am curious just how many seeds I could grow using this technique.

I grew a big Sativa you can read about on my Free Seed Offer. This plant got about 9 ft. tall or so, and thrived in the summer heat in my greenhouse. I got about 50,000 seeds from this one plant!

A really big monster plant would likely produce many times that number of seeds. I would then offer those seeds for a very discounted price….a win/win.

This post will be a continuing project, that I will be adding to in the future. Subscribe to my Blog to get notifications when I add to this post. It will likely become a behemoth of a blog post before I am done….like this post…What is a Cannabis Seed?

Do you have some experience in growing monster cannabis plants? If so, please take a moment and share some of your expertise in a comment for my readers….I and they would love to hear about your experiences.

6 thoughts on “How To Grow A Ten Pound, Ten Foot Tall, Cannabis/Marijuana Plant

  1. Jerry i have to say your great man i recently placed my first order and very happy I’ve started growing for my own medicine this started with my medical card then study on cannibas have become very interested different strains cures for cancer or killing tumers so many it has become a hobby and i thought i would grow 4-5 then one more and before you know it 10 -12 love your input reading from your experience.

    1. I would love to get some of your seeds

      1. Genetics- it has to have the right genetics to grow that big to begin with

        Starting Early Inside- starting the plants early inside in late February/early March gives them a long veg time to establish a mature root mass and abundant biomass.

        Transplanting- come early June is the perfect time to transplant, won’t have to worry about triggering flowering and re-veg. For 5-10 pound monsters you need either 150-200 gallon fabric pots filled with “super soil” or transplanted directly into the ground that has been tilled deep and properly amended with very rich fertile soil creating your own “super soil”.

        Proper branch support- growing these monster plants you will need to double hog cage them vertically and then trellis them before the stretch to support the weight of the buds..

        1. Thanks for the comment Wolf, and sharing your expertise.

  2. Hi so I’m a bit late but I would like to look into some seedlings for central Sierra Nevada mountain range big a big strain

    1. I would go with the Black, or BadAss BB’s. Some of the Santa Marta crosses my work as well, but may be a bit long winded.

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