How to Maximize the Value of Your Cannabis

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How to Make Your Stash Last!

A Guest Post From Quinn, Thanks Quinn

As the ocean flows, cannabis flowers also come and go.

Dried cannabis flower
Cannabis Bud

When the tide is high, so are we, our jars are overflowing and our cares disappear.

However, when the ganja goes away, some of us look back with longing on the unnecessary cross joints and bowls packed tall, wishing for that time again.

But cry no more! Through the years of loving cannabis more than money, I have picked up many tips on getting the most medicine for your money. Here are a few notable ones below.

Buy in Bulk

Harvested Cannabis
Harvested Cannabis

To begin with, I would recommend buying larger quantities at a time. You will usually get better prices or deals, and you can save the extra you don?t use.

It is really nice to find a gram you stashed somewhere when you?re dry.

If you don?t prefer to buy cannabis, or are able to grow, growing your own could be a good alternative to this one as well. You will find all the top shelf seeds you need here…Weed Seed Shop

Be in the Moment

The biggest practice I?ve adopted that has improved my relationship with cannabis is meditation.

Whatever way works for you to be more aware of what you are doing, do this before and during your smoking sessions. For me this made every hit much more strong, and I could really tell when I had enough.

The more you can look at it as a sacred ceremony, the more it will reward you in that way, and be more effective.

Mix With Other Herbs

Another technique I have found is herbal blends.

I like to mix my flower with different herbs, such as mullein, sage, lemon balm, and others. Mullein for example also has many great properties, which include helping clear congestion in the lungs.

Always research first to make sure what you?re trying is safe, but I find it very fun to try new blends, as they can taste great and make the most out of your cannabis.

(As a side note, I have experienced almost more psychedelic effects with herbal blends, so be aware if this does not excite you!)

Scrape Your Pipe

This is a pretty well known one, but it is such a classic that it deserves a mention.

This is simply the process of using anything that fits in your pipe and bends, from paper clips, bobby pins, or pipe cleaner (funny how I never thought of the last one until now) and scrape the resin from inside.

You then collect this into a ball, and load it in the bowl. You can mix with flower for better results and a better burn, but this works with no flower required, which is why it?s such a great option.

I would recommend using a hemp wick or similar if you have it, as you may have to light it for longer than usual, and the lighter can get hot.

Share With Friends

Rusty Glue Cannabis Flower
Rusty Glue Cannabis

This last one is more of a philosophy, and it really helps your whole life.

I always try to share all I can with whoever I am around, and this develops a lifestyle and community of friends.

When you are always sharing with your friends, it is easy to ask them for assistance in anything, whether that is blazing up, or more serious issues.

Don?t keep too much away from others, and it won?t be kept from you.


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