Medical Marijuana Saved My Life!

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Guest Article From Todd, Thanks Todd

Shock Trauma Bud
Shock Trauma Bud

I was asked if I would share the story about my wife and I?s use of cannabis as pain management and some of our history.

Many moons ago, lol. I was the ripe old age of 17 when I found out that I have a lot of arthritis wrecking my body and causing a lot of pain. At that time I stayed stoned, drunk or both nonstop as that is what the young does.

It was not until my times in lock-up that I found out how much pain I was actually in (forced sobriety).

Every time I got released I went right back to that partying lifestyle and my pain was manageable, I still took the pain meds as ?Why let a high go to waste?.

During my last incarceration, only prison sentence, I was brutally assaulted by my cell mate as he shattered my skull in with a padlock while I was sleeping. As a result I had emergency surgery to get all of the skull fragments out of my brain.

The arthritis and now this left me with crippling pain that keeps me from functioning without the aid of (at the time) Vicodin HP 10/300 4x per day and Morphine shots every other day.

Gorilla Glue Flower 4
Gorilla Glue Flower 4

I came home from prison in 2003 with a dependency on Vicodin and Morphine to be able to function.

While I was locked up I grew up and decided that the party lifestyle was over and it was time to put those things away.

So here I was, home at last with a massive addiction that I was fine with as it was legal, but I did not realize what it was doing to me internally.

I got with a wonderful woman and started watching the news. I saw story after story about the opioid epidemic we were in (early 2000s).

People were actually breaking into pharmacies, overdosing, and dying from these pills that I take every day. Hell of a wake-up call, finally getting my life together and addicted to opiods that are killing people in massive numbers.

I had to do something about it.

On the news I saw the push of Medical Marijuana and seeing all these segments of people touting the medicinal properties of my old friend and lover Mary Jane.

I thought to myself, a bunch of potheads wanting to get high and that was the extent of it. It was not until I bought a house that things changed.

Dried Cannabis Flower
Dried Cannabis Flower

We bought our house and I was still hearing these ?Hippies? going on about the Medicinal Aspects of Marijuana and I started thinking wow this is now mainstream as these people are not the stoners I knew from my past.

One day, my new wife wanted the deck removed from the back of our house and all of the youth bailed on me yet we could not afford to pay someone to do the work so it was up to me. Off to work I went and it was taking forever as the pain was just too much so it was stop and go?..

Then one day I saw yet another push for legalization and started thinking, ?Does this actually work? Or was I just too high in my youth to care about the pain I was in??

About a week into the back breaking labor of this patio removal I seen our youngest and her boyfriend and I know they smoke so I asked the boyfriend if I could get a ?J? from him. He was way too willing to give me one, (would not even accept payment), poor kid almost dislocated his shoulder trying to reach into his pocket, lol.

I took that single joint and lit it up and coughed like a dog barking at a squirrel. I coughed so much I had to sit down and as I sat there I felt the pain going away, the hurt was still there as it always was but the pain was going away with just that one hit so back to work I went.

As the pain started to grow and I felt as if I needed to quit for the day, back to the garage I went, this time the hit was easier so I took a second and butted out and sat in my chair feeling the pain going away?.. Back to work?.. Back for a hit? back to work? back for a hit? back to work? then as I lost light I quit for the night and the next day was HORRIBLE!!!

Oh my freakin god I hurt soooooo bad but the patio was all but gone which was a great thing as it took all I could to drag myself to the garage and the loving embrace of Mary Jane.

In the garage, I lit up again and took two hits?.. It was beautiful?. The pain melted away into normalcy so I just stayed right there and enjoyed the normal, it was good and I was not baked so it was not the excessive use that I thought it could have been all those years ago.

With the patio removed and the illegality of marijuana back to the pills I went as I wanted to be completely legal, no more prison time for me.

Finally, my state became a Medical State and I began saving to become a MM card holder?.. But as would happen all of the time, every time I tried to save something would come up (Wife and I are disabled and very limited income) and savings would go away.

Then I started thinking, ?it worked great for the pain caused by work but will it really work on the day to day pain??

So acquire I did, it was for the sake of science, as I did not want to save all of this money just for it not to work on day to day pain.

Off to the garage to do ?Science stuff??. As I took my microdose (couple hits), I sat back and did not feel a thing so I thought well I guess it is not going to work and I wanted a cigarette so I stood up and did not notice anything, so I reached to the top of my cupboard (where I keep my garage smokes) and caught a glimpse of my arm and started laughing?.. my arm was over my head, reaching into the air to retrieve my cigarettes, it has not done that in years because of arthritis in my shoulder?. Holy Flippin Hell!!!!!

I started moving my arm and all there was was a little hitch half way up where the pain would be and to think about it I felt no pain standing up so I sat back down only to get back up? again and again?.

Blackberry Spacewreck LED
Blackberry Spacewreck LED

All there was, was that little hitch where all of the pain would have been?.. Holy Crap I am a believer!!! So back to trying to save and those pills I went but it would just never come to fruition as things just kept coming up.

HELL YEAH!!! The day had come?.. my state is now a RECREATIONAL state and I AM LEGAL?.. I got some smoke and ended the pain pills and never looked back.

I do still take a couple of OTC pain pills (Advil), as I do not partake during the day (only at night while the kids are all sleeping, gotta be responsible).

As for my wife?. She is disabled with fibromyalgia and in pain all of the time.

I got her to try my long lost love Mary Jane and she has since quit all pain meds and has opted for edibles as she does not like the smoker cough.

It has been over a year since she has taken a pain pill and a couple years for me.

Nobody Special?? Just,

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