My Food-Forest Update…6/8/23

Just went back up to my property, to check on the water, check on my food forest plants, and to plant a few things. Elephant garlic being one.

It was a beautiful day, with tons of insects, and other critters enjoying the many places they can access water there.

Everything is growing and flourishing, thanks to the water, and a bit of fertilizer. I have over 100 bird houses installed, and many are being used by the multitude of birds that nest there…here are a couple that posed for me…

The one on the left is some kind of swallow (several kinds nest there), and the one on the right is an endangered western bluebird. The bluebirds raise several clutches in my bird houses every year.

Here are several random images of many of the plants I have growing…

A little about the images from left to right,

  1. Some of the cuttings simply shoved in the ground to bedrock.
  2. That is an eastern tree called Buckeye, I grew these from seed.
  3. A Black Locus tree.
  4. Elderberry, it may make it.
  5. Chinese Elm tree, these grow quickly, and can get pretty big.
  6. One of 100 Irises, many are blooming like this their first year.
  7. Cottonwood tree cutting.
  8. A willow cutting. Many of this type of water loving trees will root and grow.

Every year I see turkeys that are nesting somewhere on my property. And I will see the occasional flock feeding through.

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