My Permaculture Food Forest Update…6/24/23

Made a trip up to my property. Was an awesome visit, as my son and his wife (who is pregnant with my Grandson!) joined me, and brought some herbs to plant. I also brought some willows, and black walnut trees to plant.

I love sharing what I am doing up there with others, and at some point in time will likely begin giving tours of my food forest, and the permaculture practices I have in place. With all the interest, and Portland OR and Seattle WA only a few hours away, I could be busy! Time will tell if that ever comes to fruition.


I want to get all herbs that will flourish in those conditions established up there. I can then easily propagate them from my own plants.

It was a cool day there which can happen in the middle of summer at that altitude. It still can get over 100 degrees as well.

We put all the herbs on drip irrigation, and I am chomping at the bit to get back up there and see how they are doing.

Foodforest plants
Foodforest plants

Virtually all the plants and trees I have planted are doing well, which is surprising, and awesome!

My food forest is taking shape! I have over 30 more trees and other plants I will be taking up, and planting in the next few weeks. I want the trees to get well established before winter is upon us again.

rooted cuttings
rooted cuttings

And, I have a few hundred rooted cuttings of many different plants and trees

I will be bare root planting in their own pots this year.

Once they are established in their pots next summer, they will be joining the rest of the food-forest.

I am wanting a good solid line of evergreen trees to the north of my area there to block those cold winter winds.

I am somewhat new to propagating hardwood cuttings truthfully, but it is a very easy process, and once I get it really zeroed in I will grow some great plants for basically free.

I only kept one video of the thousands I had on my trail cams, I put it on my Youtube channel, and here it is for you to enjoy.

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