New Crop Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

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Starting a new crop of autoflowers to create more seed for you guys. I am growing White Widow Autos, Afghani Autos, and Jack Herer Autos. I will add to this post as they are grown out. They should be about mature in late fall, early winter. Here are some images…

I am also conducting a bit of an experiment, and that is I am growing these plants out in the same soil, pots, of the Mi5 plants I just harvested. I see it said all the time ‘don’t transplant auto-flower cannabis plants.’ I transplant them all the time.

They also say ‘don’t reuse soil’ I reuse my soil all the time. I have harvested the Mi5 Auto Flowering plants, and then just dug a hole next to the stem of the harvested plant and planted the new seedlings. I will grow these out and update this post as it happens. Think the plants will grow well in the ‘used’ soil?

Yes, I think they will too. You can see the cut off stem next to the White Widow seedling in one of the images above.

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