New Strains of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds To Be Added to the Free Seed Jar……BAM!

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Hey all, hope life is treating you well, as we travel through these uncertain times. Cannabis is one constant that will always give you pleasure, whether growing the plants or consuming your prized buds.

I bought, and grew out several strains of auto-flowering cannabis plants just recently. I did not get one male!! I think I was sold feminized seed! That sucks, and is not surprising. I send the genetics you order, I think getting the wrong genetics is just a terrible way to do business.

So I had about 10 beautiful auto flower plants just begging to make my seed. What to do? Just so happens I had some Sour 60 Auto Flower pollen, as well as some pollen from a strain called the Force. So I pollinated the plants.

Many seed banks would simply sell the F! crosses for top dollar. I’m not that keen on F! crosses (even though they will likely display hybrid vigor.) So these seeds are destined for the free seed jar.

My free cannabis seed promotion has been a very popular offering. I make no money on these orders, they are simply a way I can give back to the cannabis community.

So the free cannabis seed offer will have some of these genetics added to the mix. Cream Carmel Autos, Amnesia Autos, Gorilla Glue Autos, and Mawba Negru Autos. Then of course the male half of these F1 crosses will be the Force, and the Sour 60 Autos.

Here are some of the plants that will be added to the mix….

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