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Where Can You Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online?

Wow, I am trying to find some regular autoflowering cannabis seeds to buy so I can produce my own seed. But, the price these seed banks ask for their seeds is outrageous! It is no wonder people are amazed at how cheap my cannabis seeds are.

cheap cannabis seed

You can find a few seed banks that offer seed for less then $10.00 USD a seed, but not easily. I find no one online that sells their seed anywhere as cheap as I do here on

Hell I found some seed banks that were so proud of their seed or, just so greedy (this more then likely) that they offer their seed to you at $12.00-$15.00 A SEED!

The sad thing to me is these seed banks are busy selling their high priced seed all day long. People buy them. I think there is something to be said about people thinking they are getting something special because they are spending more money. The truth is they can get the very same genetics here for much cheaper!

The fact is anyone can grow any cannabis plant out and make seed easily no matter the genetics. It does not matter, cannabis is cannabis and all the plants grow out and do their thing. I can grow and make seed from a $100 seed or a $1 seed it makes no difference. The seed I produce will be the same seed anyone else would produce.

I guess I will have to pay that high price so I can produce 10,000 seeds of those genetics and sell on my site for a third of their cost.

My seeds will always be cheap. I will always sell you those same top shelf genetics for a fraction of the price of those ‘other’ seed banks.

My goal at is to make YOU a return customer. And it is working, I take such good care of my customers that after less then a year online 60% of my visitors are return visits to my site.

Here is a link to the cheapest cannabis seeds I offer for you to take advantage of….

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