Santa Marta Colombian Gold Regular Seed


Sour Patch CBD from Seattle Chronic is a cross between Super Sour CBD f5 (Sour Brasi x Sour D x Sour Brasi) x Sour CBD Grenades) and my Sweet and Sour Widow x Mango CBD. Plant finishes in 8-10 weeks and has dense fat nugs that smell similar to a sour patch kid dipped in gas. Tastes Sweet and Sour with a Mango and berry taste. Almost like a mouth full of sour patch kids but the smell wreaks of sour gas and funky fruit. Plant responds well to multi-topping, LST , stretches 2-3 in flower. Does well in most climates. It is great for pain relief, gastrointestinal issues, AIDS, stress, and ADD. Also good for PTSD. ​

– Robert “Rab” Stuberg

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Santa Marta Colombian Gold  has been one of the genetic bases of many of the most popular strains of today. It is one of the dominant strains in Original Skunk #1, created by Sam the Skunkman. This is the same old school strain many of us grew up on as young stoners.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold is a long flowering pure landrace sativa strain that produces soaring highs with a lemon hash/cat piss flavor. It’s a great daytime strain and it does very well indoors and outdoors. This generation was selected from thousands of plants. Santa Marta Colombian Gold is great for handling for pain, stress or insomnia. Also good for PTSD, ADD and ADHD. Flowering period is 10 to 11 weeks.


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