Can You Sex a Cannabis Seed by Its Appearance?

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Many state that there are tricks on sexing a cannabis seed by its overall appearance. A popular photo shows on the Internet quite frequently, and a lot of cannabis growers use this photo as reference to sex their seeds.

Most cannabis growers would much rather know the sex of their seed immediately, but is this possible?

Here, we will go over this theory, as well as the photo.

Contrary to what many think, you cannot sex a cannabis seed simply by looking at a seeds characteristics. Furthermore, you cannot sex a cannabis seed, period.

Cannabis growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike- beware of this well-known myth.

If this were the case, the process for feminized cannabis seeds would not exist, and would not be such a “hit” in the cannabis seed market.

The Photo Behind the Myth

sexing cannabis seeds

Here is that photo that is widely recognized by many tokers and growers as a genuine guide to sexing cannabis seeds.

This photo displays five seeds (which honestly, may not even be cannabis seeds)- the photo states that two of the seeds are male, while the remaining three are female.

According to this photo, if there is no “perfectly round” crater present at the bottom of the seed, it is surely a male seed. This is purely myth.

In addition, you cannot sex a weed seed by the way it rolls on a flat surface. This photo should be considered nonsensical, however, there are still far too many who side with these false statements.

There are also many seed banks online who are currently selling seeds that they claim to be certain are feminized seeds, however, use the seeds’ characteristics as determination that the seeds are female.

There are even some seed banks who offer “free male seeds” to customers as a promotion. may not offer feminized seeds, but we do offer you the guarantee that your seeds’ genders are unknown- which is much better than having your hopes let down by a falsely-informed seedbank.

We would much rather tell you that we are unsure of the sex of your seeds, than to promise that they are either female or male cannabis seeds, and later find out that the exact opposite is true.

In Conclusion

There is no surefire, 100% guaranteed way of sexing a cannabis seed by its appearance. If anyone tells you otherwise, please let them know that this is a common myth. Stay informed with

My Life With Cannabis

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My first encounter with Cannabis was through a story I was told by my father who grew up in Fez, Morocco.

MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis
MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis

The story, which dates back to 1942, is a tale of young boys ? my father and his brothers – who decided to horse around with their mother. Somehow, the three oldest brothers managed to buy Hashish and on Friday night dinner they put the hashish on their mother?s plate. She ate it with her dinner without noticing anything at all.

The food she had prepared for the family was enough for both Friday and Saturday for 9 people (parents and 7 children) since cooking on Saturday ?the Sabbath- is prohibited in the Jewish religion.

The family woke up on Saturday only to discover that both the entire prepared and raw food had disappeared from the house. All the pots and pans were empty.

It turned out that the mother of the family, under the influence of the Hashish she had eaten at dinner, woke up in the middle of the night and ate everything in sight ? without knowing it.

For a long time I was against marijuana under the influence of all who opposed it without offering any good reasons why. I have since changed my mind.

Last summer my wife went to Europe and I asked her to buy a few cannabis seeds. She bought three and brought them back on August 4th.

On August 5, 2019, I planted one seed in my garden. It grew into a beautiful plant. I showed it to a few people who commented that it was a model plant that could be on a poster.

Unfortunately, frost came very early in 2019 and before the frost I dug out the plant (very carefully) and put it in a huge planter. It continued to do beautifully indoors but I noticed that its growth had slowed.

Thin Cannabis Flower
Grindspoon Type of Cannabis Plant

I did not provide special lighting to the plant.

It also did not help that my little 12Lb dog started feasting on the bottom leaves and behaving very strangely! Eventually I did put a fence around the plant to protect it from the dog.

The winter in New York is very long and although the plant survived for another 3 months indoors it stopped growing and eventually died.

I did realize I needed 2 more months for the plant to mature but I did not have that time. Now some of my seeds are in the ground, two full months earlier than last year?s experiment.

I truly hope to succeed this year!

A Harel

Medical Cannabis For Pain Relief…Does It Work?

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Guest Post From Mary, Thanks Mary

I was 48 year old women living with a life of pain.

Sour 60 Purple Pheno
Sour 60 Purple Pheno

Medication for my auto immune disease did a lot of damage to my liver, so I choose to live with pain versus taking pain pills that would continue to harm my liver.

I was very hesitant to try cannabis at first and after researching the positive effects I decided to try it.

Cannabis changed my life.

Nothing helped my pain like Cannabis. I highly recommend trying it, not only did it take my pain away,I was able to sleep better, more energy, and a calmer mood.

My life of living in pain is gone.

Trying something new can be a little scary. These are 3 main types of Cannabis in many flavors, smell and taste. Try the different main types cannabis until you find your favorite.

Ata Tundra Cannabis Strain
Ata Tundra Indica Cannabis Strain

Indica Cannabis: can also be referred too ?in the couch? this term is because India puts you into a relaxed and calm state. Some people say they got scared because they were ? couch-locked? for 20 mins. I find it?s more your body fully relaxes to a point it feels so good you don?t want to move? but you can.
When you first try Indica it will put you to sleepy state fairly quickly. As you get used to the effects you really start to enjoy the pain-free relaxed state you are in.

Sativa Cannabis: to me is day time cannabis. Not only does it take your pain away, but it can also give you energy and a creative mind. When you first try Sativa it can make you sleepy, but as you get used to it, you will get enjoy more of the other effects. For myself I enjoy this type when I have a job to tackle or to play with my artistic side.

cannabis concentrates
Cannabis Concentrates For Pain Relief

Hybrid Cannabis: seams like the best of both worlds. In hybrids, most strains will have either more Indica vs. Sativa or visa versa. My personal favorite is Indica so when looking at these strains I usually pick an India dominate strain. For example 60% Indica 40% Sativa.

I really like as you explore their web site looking at the different types of seeds. They have made the choices easier with a descriptive blurb about each and every strain of seeds they carry. Growing your own cannabis at first is confusing, but with so many videos to watch it makes it much easier. Grow some seeds today!

Just Opened a Sister Site! Drum Roll Please!! The

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A good friend just published a website called The She will be selling the same genetics as we do here on

Be sure to check out her stunning new website! And, check out those deals!