Cheap Cannabis Seeds

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No matter what you call them…Cheap Cannabis Seeds, Cheap Marijuana Seeds, Cheap Pot Seeds, or Cheap Weed Seeds, this is the site you have been looking for.

First off, one way to get your hands on some of the cheapest cannabis seeds you will find online is to take advantage of my email list exclusive offers by signing up for my email list. I don’t spam you, nor even bother you much, so this is a no-brainer! I regularly send discount coupon codes exclusively to my list.

Many people equate the word ‘cheap’ with a low quality product. Nothing could be farther from the truth here at (JCS)

I sell some of the highest quality, dirt cheap cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online. Yes, my cannabis seeds are ‘cheap’ but only in price…..never in quality!

But, please if you know of any websites online who sell their marijuana seeds for cheaper….let me know in a comment below.

All my genetics are being sold by other seed banks online….the only difference on my site is, they are simply cheaper then those other guys.

The Big Cannabis Strain Mother Plant
The Big Cannabis Strain

I actually grow most of the cannabis seeds I sell, and, by cutting out the middle man I can offer my cannabis seeds for cheaper then other seed banks.

You will find no cannabis seeds for sale on(JCS) for over $6.50 per seed. With many being priced much cheaper then that!

Not only are they about the cheapest weed seeds you will find anywhere online….since I have grown them out, they are also some of the freshest cannabis seeds you will find online. Therefore 100% germination should be a slam dunk.

I believe prices are coming down on some of the other cannabis seed banks you will find online, perhaps as a result of my cheap prices…:) I just see no reason to take advantage of my customers….even though I too could tell you about all the time and money I spend creating, and producing these top shelf genetics to sell to you guys online….yada, yada

Truthfully, it is more a labor of love, and not the chore other seed banks make it seem to justify their high prices.

She Produced Over 50,000 Seeds I Gave Away For Free
Big Sativa for Free Cannabis Seed Orders

Since we are talking cheap weed seeds here I should start with my Free Cannabis Seed Offer.

When I built this website I had just finished a grow, during a brutally hot summer, inside my greenhouse.

I was working so much at the time i just didn’t give these plants (they were mis-marked seeds from a large seed bank and not auto-flowers as they were suppose to be) the care they deserved.

Even Free Seed Grows Can Be Impressive
Free Cannabis Seed Bud

Most became males (the stress of the heat perhaps) except for one large female Sativa type of plant that reminded me of some Strawberry Cough plants I had grown out previously. She produced over 50,000 beautiful mature seeds!

She was a beast, and would have been 10 feet tall outdoors. She was covered with the normal Sativa like flowers, and would have produced many lbs of sinsemilla.

I thought to myself….ok, now these cannabis seeds are destined to be cheap…..really cheap….or even better yet….Free!

Free Cannabis Seed Order Talk About Cheap!
Free Cannabis Seed Order

These cannabis seeds are indeed free, I only ask for a nominal fee to cover shipping and handling. You will get about 20 seeds in these free cannabis seed orders, and no other purchase is necessary. This offer is only while supplies last, and is so popular I have a hard time keeping them in stock.

At less then a buck a seed (after paying the $15 shipping and handling fee) these are absolutely the cheapest cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online.

You can see many more grows from free cannabis seed orders here…Plants Grown From a Free Cannabis Seed Offer

Very Reasonable Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

From the inception of I have always wanted to offer some of the most economical cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online. For that reason you need look no farther for cheap hybrid cannabis seeds then the a strain I offer called The Force.

The Force is a well-rounded hybrid, 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. Another in the Star Wars series from New 420 Guy Seeds.

This frosty hybrid combo of the famed Jedi and Alien Kush.

I grew these seeds out, but ended up harvesting them just a bit early. So they were destined to be very cheap weed seeds.

No worries however, as I have test germinated them several times with nearly 100% germination every time.

At only $4.50 a seed, these will be about the cheapest Force cannabis seed you will find online.

I have also grown out some F1 hybrids which I am also selling cheaply. These are all nice dark, fat mature seeds that are sure to germinate well.

At the price point of $4.50 per seed these too are some very low priced pot seeds. I will simply list these, and say a few words about some that caught my eye.

Cannabis Seeds I Grow For Cheap
The Gold Stud and His Harem

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X Jedi Glue A very crystalized F1 hybrid that is sure to please.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X Burnt Sugar Cookies This plant should produce large buds for a great harvest.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X Sugar Haze Sativa Dominate F1 hybrid. If you like Sativa’s…..this cross is for you.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X Black and Blue These are big fat Indica type of seeds, and a strong growing plant.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X Sour Plums Sour Plums is a beautifully flowering cannabis plant, and this F1 cross will be a real winner!

I Feel F1 Hybrids Should be Cheap Seeds!
Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X OG Kush This plant was impressive because of it’s extensive crystallization. They looked like they had been dunked in sugar!

Santa Marta Colombian Gold X DUI A popular strain of cannabis for some time this is a great cross.

BadAss BB’s is an F1 cross of The Black, and The Big, two cannabis strains that have been around for a few years. Some of these plants will likely turn purple , especially when grow in the coolness of fall.

Affordable Indica Cannabis Seeds

I will be adding more cheap Indica cannabis seeds to the line up in the near future. Indicas have always been my favorite type of cannabis plant.

Cheap Indica Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Indica

Here are some of the Indica cannabis strains I have for sell….

Narkush Regular Cannabis Seeds…Narkush is a very frosty Indica strain straight from the Hindu Kush Mountains. These cannabis plants can become so resinous that they can even have trichomes on their stems!

Mazar-I-Shariff X Mazar-I-Shariff Regular Cannabis Seeds….is a cross between two separate lines of this amazing landrace strain. This will create a landrace strain that will exhibit hybrid vigor, for healthy, fast-growing, large plants.

The Black Regular Cannabis Seeds….This is an awesome strain that can turn so purple in the coolness of fall it can sometimes look black! It’s actual lineage is unknown, but at $6.50 a seed I doubt you will find this strain any cheaper.

Low Cost Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Producing some of these pure Sativa cannabis seeds has been a labor of love for the last couple of years.

Even though I have spent time, and several grows developing some of these seeds, the Santa Marta Colombian Gold in particular….I will still offer them inexpensively.

A few words about the Santa Marta Gold cannabis strain if I may:

My Labor of Love, But Still Low Cost.
Long Season Santa Marta Colombian Gold

I grew my very first cannabis plant in 1968 as junior in High School.

And it was a Santa Marta Colombian Gold plant.

I remember the plant well, and I remember all it’s characteristics. It was a long season tropical type of Sativa….that did not even come close to finishing at 4500 ft elevation where I lived in Southern Oregon.

We smoked the leaves anyways and got a sore throat…

I grew these seeds several times in the past two years, and isolated a phenotype that was closest to that phenotype from all those years ago.

And my Real Santa Marta Colombian Gold was born.

I have spent much time and energy on this strain, and at $6.50 a seed is still a cheap price point.

Hawaiian Regular Cannabis Seed….A new Sativa strain just added to the line up recently. This too is a tropical type of Sativa plant that will take time to flower, but will be so worth it!

Lebanese Regular Cannabis Seeds….These Lebanese cannabis plants tend to be short and small with thin stalks, stunted branches, thin Sativa type leaves, copious resin production, somewhat leafy buds and a short flowering period.

Inexpensive Hemp Cannabis Seeds

Sunset Sherbet Regular Hemp Seed…..I have only one variety of hemp cannabis seeds right now. I bought these seeds bulk wholesale, and this is a very popular strain, but I feel their germination rate is beginning to fall…so priced cheaply at only $3.50 per seed.

Cheap Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds

Coming soon a strain of cheap Ruderalis regular cannabis seeds for those of you who want to breed new cannabis strains. Ruderalis is of course the strain that makes all the auto-flowering cannabis possible.

And, did I mention I will sell these seeds cheaply as well!

Low Priced Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds

I love auto flowering cannabis plants. I like the fact that if you include a greenhouse you can easily grow at least 3 different crops a summer season where I live. You can enjoy many different types of medicine in one outdoor growing season.

Sour 60 Purple Pheno Cannabis Plant, Cheap Seeds for a Very Popular Strain
Sour 60 Purple Pheno

Without farther ado lets dive into my cheapest strains of auto-flowering cannabis that I am offering:

Sour 60 Auto-Flower Donkey Dong (Green) Regular Cannabis Seed….This is my favorite cannabis auto flower I carry. It is a fast finisher (about 60 days) potent (one fella told me it was the most potent pot he had ever grown) and is a very stable strain….ie: all the plants will look very similar. I will always sell this strain cheaply, and you will find it on sale often.

Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seed….this is a very popular strain and my cheap fixed price is only 5 bucks a seed. The crystallization of these plants is impressive, they too are a stable, fast finishing auto that customers love.

Inexpensive Cannabis Seed Packs

There is another way to buy some great cannabis seeds for cheap here on JCS. And that is to take advantage of some of our high quality, cheap cannabis seed packs. Lets take a look at just how cheap they are…..

Beginners Cannabis Auto-Flower Seed Pack Regular Seed….Beginner Auto-Flower Seed Packs contains 25 seeds total of 5 different auto-flowering cannabis strains that are great for beginners (5 seeds of each strain.) Fast-growing, and fast-finishing! That works out to only 4 bucks a seed!

Mature Tiger Stripped Cannabis Seeds...Inexpensive, But High Quality
Big, Fat, Mature, Tiger Striped Cannabis Seed

Purple Cannabis Seed Pack Regular Seeds….Purple Cannabis Seed Pack Regular Cannabis Seed is a seed pack that is sure to please, I mean…who doesn’t love those beautiful, heavily crystalized, deep purple buds? This offer works out to only about 5 bucks a seed!

F1 Hybrid Cannabis Seed Pack, Regular Cannabis Seeds…The hybrids were created with a big impressive Santa Marta Colombian Gold father plant, and the mothers were Black and Blue, DUI, OG Kush, Burnt Sugar Cookies, Jedi Glue, Sugar Haze, and Sour Plums, with some BadAss BB’s thrown in. And at a cheap price of only about $2.50 per seed….well that is just BadAss!

Mature Cannabis Seed Pack….I will take the time to pick only the biggest, fattest, most mature cannabis seeds I have available. Most will be well tiger stripped. Get the best of the best for a cheap price of only about 4 bucks a seed!

Price Of Cannabis/Marijuana Seeds Online

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Where Can You Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online?

Wow, I am trying to find some regular autoflowering cannabis seeds to buy so I can produce my own seed. But, the price these seed banks ask for their seeds is outrageous! It is no wonder people are amazed at how cheap my cannabis seeds are.

cheap cannabis seed

You can find a few seed banks that offer seed for less then $10.00 USD a seed, but not easily. I find no one online that sells their seed anywhere as cheap as I do here on

Hell I found some seed banks that were so proud of their seed or, just so greedy (this more then likely) that they offer their seed to you at $12.00-$15.00 A SEED!

The sad thing to me is these seed banks are busy selling their high priced seed all day long. People buy them. I think there is something to be said about people thinking they are getting something special because they are spending more money. The truth is they can get the very same genetics here for much cheaper!

The fact is anyone can grow any cannabis plant out and make seed easily no matter the genetics. It does not matter, cannabis is cannabis and all the plants grow out and do their thing. I can grow and make seed from a $100 seed or a $1 seed it makes no difference. The seed I produce will be the same seed anyone else would produce.

I guess I will have to pay that high price so I can produce 10,000 seeds of those genetics and sell on my site for a third of their cost.

My seeds will always be cheap. I will always sell you those same top shelf genetics for a fraction of the price of those ‘other’ seed banks.

My goal at is to make YOU a return customer. And it is working, I take such good care of my customers that after less then a year online 60% of my visitors are return visits to my site.

Here is a link to the cheapest cannabis seeds I offer for you to take advantage of….

Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

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JCS~The Home of Cheap High-Quality Cannabis Seeds Online

With cannabis becoming more mainstream, and accepted, both socially and legally. Cannabis seed banks are popping up all over. Many of these seed banks still charge those high prices for the seeds they offer.

Most of these seed banks are simply marijuana seed resellers. They don’t produce the seed they sell, they buy all their cannabis seed wholesale, and then simply resell at a profit. And, at the going rate of $10.00 a seed the profit is enormous!

I’m doing things a bit different here at JCS, you see I produce many of the seeds I sell, and although I do buy seed wholesale as well, I don’t need to enjoy that huge profit margin, because I would rather pass the savings on to you, my customer.

Cheapest Cannabis Seed Online?

Young Cannabis Plant

I don’t really know that my cannabis seeds are actually the cheapest you can find online. But at 2 bucks a seed I kinda think they are!

I offer my cannabis seeds, which are all from high quality, killer genetics for cheap, bargain prices. I have slashed prices from now till Christmas. Some of my most popular auto-flower seeds are literally at wholesale, bulk pricing. Some of the cheapest seeds you will find anywhere. All my seeds have been quality tested, and you can be assured of getting the genetics you bought.

My site is new, and I want you the customer to be amazed at how cheap my seeds really are! I want you to take advantage of these low-cost cannabis seeds. I want you to come back and buy from me again. I strive for return customers.

Here are some links to some of the great cannabis seed deals I’m offering:

Cheap Deals

I’ve decided to sell The Force cannabis seeds cheap as well, at $2.50 a seed it is a real bargain! The Force is a very vigorous hybrid that exhibits excellent hybrid vigor. I was amazed at just how fast and strong this strain grows. I had to keep the plants below a certain height, and it was a challenge! The Force also buds out nicely.

Cheaper Deals

Next comes a couple of auto flower seed strains that are popular and sell well at the higher prices. Sour 60 Auto-Flower Donkey Dong (Green) Regular Cannabis Seed, and Sour Lowryder 2 Autoflower Green Pheno Regular Cannabis Seeds I have decided to lower these to rock bottom pricing. Slashed to wholesale bulk prices at ONLY 2 bucks a seed. Cheaper than those other guys!

If you are new to growing cannabis, a beginner at growing cannabis, these are the seeds for you.

Cheapest Deals

Indica Type Cannabis Bud

The cheapest cannabis seeds you will find is my Free Cannabis Seed Offer. These are seeds from the exact same genetics that we sell. These are top-quality seeds, not hemp, or seed from ragweed, or any kind of substandard cannabis seeds.

You will be charged a flat rate of $10.00 for shipping and handling within the USA. A small price to pay for over 50 high-quality cannabis seeds! That comes to only $.20 a seed! That sounds cheap to me!

These seeds are breeding mistakes, overruns, and mismarked seed. You will likely find some real ‘gems’ to grow out.

Free Deals

Cannabis seeds

Since I’m writing a post about all the cheap deals I have to offer, I think I should again mention my free offerings. Besides the free cannabis seed deal, I have over 100 Absolutely Free PDF Cannabis-Related Ebooks. There are several grow guides to choose from. You can download one, or you can download them all. These files have been tested, and are all safe and secure on my site….safe to download.

I also offer some of the cannabis-related images I have taken. These images are free to useon your blog or website. I only ask for a link from your website back to mine. A backlink. You could link to my home page, weed seed shop, or any of my product pages. Here is the link to the royalty-free cannabis images.

In Conclusion

Thanks for stopping by and reading my offering. I want to supply you with cheap cannabis seeds! Your one-stop weed seed shop!