Can You Sex a Cannabis Seed by Its Appearance?

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Many state that there are tricks on sexing a cannabis seed by its overall appearance. A popular photo shows on the Internet quite frequently, and a lot of cannabis growers use this photo as reference to sex their seeds.

Most cannabis growers would much rather know the sex of their seed immediately, but is this possible?

Here, we will go over this theory, as well as the photo.

Contrary to what many think, you cannot sex a cannabis seed simply by looking at a seeds characteristics. Furthermore, you cannot sex a cannabis seed, period.

Cannabis growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike- beware of this well-known myth.

If this were the case, the process for feminized cannabis seeds would not exist, and would not be such a “hit” in the cannabis seed market.

The Photo Behind the Myth

sexing cannabis seeds

Here is that photo that is widely recognized by many tokers and growers as a genuine guide to sexing cannabis seeds.

This photo displays five seeds (which honestly, may not even be cannabis seeds)- the photo states that two of the seeds are male, while the remaining three are female.

According to this photo, if there is no “perfectly round” crater present at the bottom of the seed, it is surely a male seed. This is purely myth.

In addition, you cannot sex a weed seed by the way it rolls on a flat surface. This photo should be considered nonsensical, however, there are still far too many who side with these false statements.

There are also many seed banks online who are currently selling seeds that they claim to be certain are feminized seeds, however, use the seeds’ characteristics as determination that the seeds are female.

There are even some seed banks who offer “free male seeds” to customers as a promotion. may not offer feminized seeds, but we do offer you the guarantee that your seeds’ genders are unknown- which is much better than having your hopes let down by a falsely-informed seedbank.

We would much rather tell you that we are unsure of the sex of your seeds, than to promise that they are either female or male cannabis seeds, and later find out that the exact opposite is true.

In Conclusion

There is no surefire, 100% guaranteed way of sexing a cannabis seed by its appearance. If anyone tells you otherwise, please let them know that this is a common myth. Stay informed with

Can You Tell Whether A Cannabis Plant Will Be Male Or Female By Just Looking At The Seed?

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sexing cannabis seeds

Does the size, weight, shape, or appearance of a cannabis seed, or any other factor about a cannabis seed indicate what sex the resulting plant will be?

Or the type of plant…auto-flower, Indica, Sativa, or Ruderellis?

How about the potency of the plant you will grow, can you tell how potent the resulting plant will be?

The quick answer is….I think not. The longer answer is, but I’m am not actually sure. This question has been asked by many marijuana growers, but think about it…If you could determine the sex of the plant by the seed, they would not take all the time and energy to produce feminized seed.

Cannabis seeds come in many sizes and shapes, some are determined by the type of cannabis (to a point), but it seems only certain plants, and it does not seem to hold true to differentiate Sativa from Indica, nor Autoflowering cannabis from any other cannabis.

Hell, you can grow two of the same plants, one big and healthy with big fat seeds, anther plant from the same seeds can be small and spindly, and the seeds it produces can be small as well.

Health and longevity of the plant’s cycle determined the size of the seeds as well…in my experience.

I guess Dutch Passion came up with the very first feminized cannabis plants in the ’90s. Feminization was a great tool for cannabis bud growers. No more wasting time on growing males out till they showed sex, and then having to dispatch half the crop you just grew

I personally have grown great crops of cannabis from small very undersized seed and big fat first seeds. Too, when one is producing seed the very first seeds the plant makes generally become much bigger and fatter than the seeds produced later in the seed cycle.

I will be doing a fairly extensive experiment as I grow out about 10-20 strains of auto-flowers this spring. I will compare the seeds, try to pick which will be male and female. I will mark all of them, grow them out and post my results here…be sure to bookmark or follow to see those results.

I’m looking forward to it and it should be interesting!

Cannabis Plants…Male Or Female?

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Cannabis plants are Dioecious plants and have both male (androecious) or female (gynoecious) individuals.

Cannabis can also become a hermaphrodite and can display both female, and male flowers in a last-ditch bid to continue the species. This is the bane of sensimilla growers everywhere….the dreaded…HERMIE!

So without further ado here are some images to help you figure out whether you are raising male or female cannabis plants.

First, let start with the boys….

And now for the girls…

So, as you can see the difference is fairly dramatic. They are easy to tell apart, with just a bit of experience. If in doubt you could always send me an image and I would help you figure it out.

Feminized Cannabis Seed

When growing cannabis one must always be aware of the sex of the plants (when they finally show.) This is especially important if you want to havest sinsimilla or seedless marijuana.

Sensimilla simply refers to female marijuana plants that have not been allowed to be fertilized and produce seeds. Instead of the plant putting all of its energy into seed production, it just continues to bloom flowers, create new buds, and develop higher concentrations of THC and other sought-after cannabinoids.

There is a ‘fix’ for the cannabis gender problem. and, that is feminization. Feminized cannabis seed has been around for some time now.

Growing your plants from feminized cannabis seeds makes growing sensimilla cannabis a breeze. There are several ways to create feminized cannabis seeds.

How To Produce Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds are produced by ?forcing? a female cannabis plant to hermaphrodite, or produce ?female? pollen in a last-ditch effort to continue the plant species. Female cannabis plants can be ?forced? to hermaphrodite by several methods?

  • Rodelization
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Gibberellic Acid

Rodelization is taking advantage of the plants? last-ditch effort to continue the species in the absence of a pollen-producing male marijuana plant.

As female cannabis plants continue to flower and age, some can produce ?female? pollen if you will, this pollen lacks the y chromosome and produces seed that grows only female plants.

This is one way to produce feminized cannabis seeds and the way most people do it ?accidentally.? The reason you will sometimes find just a few ‘bag’ seeds in your marijuana.

Colloidal Silver is mixed with distilled water to the recommended strength, then sprayed on the blooming female cannabis plants?.basically ?forcing them to hermaphrodite and produce pollen, again lacking the Y chromosome, thus producing only female marijuana seeds and plants. You can pick up colloidal silver at Amazon.

Gibberellic acid is used in the same way as colloidal silver. Gibberellic Acid comes in a powder that you mix with distilled water and spray on the blooming female cannabis plant. This like colloidal silver causes the female plant to produce pollen, which again will only grow into female plants. You will find gibberellic acid at Amazon as well.

Ok there is a forth way to propagate only female cannabis plants?cloning. Cloning is the act of rooting a cutting from a plant. The clone will be a duplicate plant?just like the plant the cutting was taken from. A clone will be the same sex as the parent plant and will be basically identical.

In Conclusion

There is so much great information on growing cannabis online, anyone should be able to be successful. If you can keep a house plant alive and happy growing cannabis should be relatively easy.

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