Is This the Real Santa Marta Colombian Gold? My Journey Hunting for the Phenotype

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Well lets start at the beginning.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain

I grew my first Santa Marta Colombian Gold cannabis plant in 1969. I got the seeds from a kilo of ‘redbud’ that I had procured. Cannabis was generally fully seeded and fully mature in those days. No one here in the USA grew cannabis to speak of…..Certainly none was grown for bud to sell. And no one grew indoors either.

I lived in Southern Oregon at the time at nearly 4500 ft. above sea level. Needless to say, not the latitude one could successfully grow a long season tropical Sativa like plant like the Colombian Gold.

The growing season there was about 31/2 months. The Santa Marta Gold plants I grew got to about 6 ft. tall, and were very bushy, as they were about 6 ft. in diameter as well.

Long Season Santa Marta Colombian Gold Pheno

As fall approached the plants just barely began to flower, then the first frost brought an end to the grow. We didn’t know any better so we smoked the leaves, and basically got a sore throat.

I remember the plants were big, robust, healthy, and impressive. Thin Sativa like leaves, and very slow to flower, just what you would expect from a tropical Sativa.

Fast forward to today….

I have made it my passion to bring back some of those ‘old school’ cannabis strains of yesterday. So the pheno hunt has begun! I have grown Santa Marta seeds several times now, and can seed several distinct pheno-types. Some have asked how….if this is a Landrace Sativa strain…there can be ANY different pheno-types?? Well, what has happened is the Colombia Gold has been crossed….there in Colombia! The actual pure Santa Marta Colombian Gold of days gone by may be gone forever.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male

I can however try to isolate a pheno-type that is as close as I can get to the original genetics…..just like the plants I grew so long ago. And I am having some success…..

I found several pheno-types while growing out many of these plants….one has large leaves like an Indica dominate plant, and one is short and stocky. Both of these pheno-types are quick to flower, and are basically almost ready to harvest before my chosen pheno-type has gotten into full flower!

The pheno-type I have chosen is very Sativa dominate, and takes a long time to flower just as it should. These plants are very tall, slender, and have the thinner Sativa like leaves. I think this plant is close to the original.

I am propagating it as we speak. I have just one female, and one male….once their seed is mature I will produce enough to sell on this site. These will be F2’s and I will see if they breed true….if so, I think I will be close, and satisfied I have achieved my goal.

Then I will move on to my next project….Panama Red….

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain Review

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Cannabis Sativa Flower

Santa Marta Colombian Gold is seriously old school marijuana. Colombia Gold is a Sativa landrace cultivar developed years ago in the Santa Marta Mountains of Columbia in South America. As a matter of fact, this strain is closely related to the famous Acapulco Gold.

The Gold cannabis strain is a near pure Sativa with a calming, yet energizing, cerebral high, that will have you coming back for more. Some say it has a skunky taste, while others have said it tastes of lemons or limes.

This strain has been bred, inbred, and cultivated for 100’s of years by the local growers in the Santa Marta Mountains. They have created one of the most stable strains on the market. The strain has been half of many hybrids over the years, just as I hybridized it with Jedi Glue.

It is a big beautiful plant that grows vigorously, with big tight buds that are covered with trichomes. So many trichomes that it comes in at about 19% THC.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold cannabis high produces giggles, chattiness, and improves mood and concentration. The strain is great for treating depression, stress, PTSD, nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and even seizures. The high finishes with a mild sedation which can bring on a restful sleep.