Testing the Germination Rate of Cannabis Seeds JustCannabisSeed.com Sells Online

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The Force Cannabis Seed Germination Test

Occasionally I test the germination of some of the cannabis seeds I offer for sale online.

Just recently I got a customer complaint that he had purchased The Force Cannabis seeds and that none would germinate.

When this happens it prompts me to test the germination of these cannabis seeds myself.

So I took a few of those seeds and put them in the good ole wet paper towel method of germination. I then forgot about them for about 5 days, opened the paper towel, and here is what I see.

The Force Germination Test
The Force Germination Test

I think it is safe to say the Force is with these seeds, and germination is excellent. So, if you want to buy a strain that will give you 100% germination…..well let the Force be with you!