I have not grown cannabis in 30 years.?

Now, I need to produce consistent medical cannabis crops on a budget in the hot, dry desert.? I researched online and found offering free seeds and cheap seeds on sale.?

I was very skeptical and untrusting of any free internet deals.? These seeds were the best prices I could find so, I decided to gamble a little money.?

I needed an alternate payment option so I contacted Jerry directly by email.? Jerry responded quickly, the information was very helpful and my options seemed trustworthy.?

The payment was made on Thursday delivery was received on Monday.?


There are many more seeds in my package than I ordered.?

Time to get to work.??

I?ve got sprouts and it appears I am now a Farmer in 3 days.?

Damn these Autos grow fast.?

Next crop I will not worry and plant directly from the package into the pot.?

I will keep you updated on my progress.?

I am very pleased with my purchase, will buy again, and personally recommend

Thank You, Jerry.?

Al G   6/5/2020