Jerry is an amazing man. He has helped me rise up in this game as its more of a male based job but he isn’t biased and gave me a few tips and the rest is history. I’ve gotten probably 10 free seeds packs with all of the orders that I’ve placed and I’ve always gotten the most vivacious novelty items that pop in less than 8 hours most of the time. That’s with my special trick for making my medium work so well with his seeds. But, his product is always so fresh and that super important to make a good mama or just for yourself. Thank you for letting that breeder bug get me cause you were 100% right. I also want everyone to know that Jerry is one of a kind they make few cut from the cloth he came from. Treat him right and he will do the same. Thanks for the 6 years Jerry you have taught me so much with your plethora of knowledge I owe you big time . Thanks Jerry for everything you do. .I really appreciate you!