I am giving  a 3 stars,  only because have not tried to grow any yet. 

As for quantity, this first time I did not feel like I just got screwed. I am 55, most of my life, seeds came with every bag weed we bought. I have gotten rid of over a million seeds. In my lifetime.

First couple of orders from other seed banks  I felt like I got royally  fucked. ( 20 seeds ) over $130. USD.  Yes, I know, you  ? pay for ? the genetics.

With Just Cannabis Seeds, I didn?t feel like I was totally hustled. The seed packs I paid for, some the exact number I ordered, some nice amount of extras. Now for the ?FREE ? seeds.  I ?ll be damned,, they were FREE, , and there was a freaking bunch.  

The most amazing part of my wonderful  ( so far ) , experience with  Just Cannabis Seeds was how unbelievably fast they got to me. I mean like I expected to see someone from the company in my driveway. 

The order was processed in the afternoon of the 26th August, I got them a little after 2:00 PM on 28th of August. 

I could not have asked for them any faster. 

I know I am going to sound like I am ungrateful, I assure I am exceeding grateful for your generosity Just Cannabis Seeds has shown concerning the quantity  of FREE /Extra seeds customers receive. Sorry, but I have 2 minor ? complaints ?about the low quantity? of strain selection. Offered. 

It, not a deal-breaker, just like having choices for consumption and breeding.   Now #2, this is more of an age thing, ( if you old enough, ) you will agree.. The damn prices. 

Comparatively, Just Cannabis Seeds has some of the cheapest marijuana seeds online!?

Sorry, but until  I was in a Cannabis legal state, never heard of anyone paying more than 1 or 2 dollars for all the seeds that were in your last bag of Cannabis you purchased.  Sure as hell, never heard of anyone paying  $1 or more for 1 seed. 

Oh well, that?s the price of not growing to prison and giving my money to the legal system.  I look forward to ordering from Just Cannabis Seeds.  As soon as possible, will let you know if the quality matches the quantity. 

It was delightful doing business with you!


MRV     (. Legal in IL )