One Customer Wrote

Well we are so glad to have you here. You have found the rabbit hole to the best deal around. Jerry is extremely eclectic in his breeding. He has the best o the best at a fraction of the cost. The freshness of the quality product he creates is amazing. I usually place my order and have them in just a few days. By the time i have everything ready and sterile for the next batch the seedlings are already popping up. It makes things so easy to do a perpetual grow if that’s what you are into. He also is all about bringing it back to the originals (F5) He has inspired me in so many ways to go above and beyond and to create the best of the best. I mean we found two Dr. Grind-spoons in our free seed pack. Which is the #1 most sought after strain by some. When we did find some it was extremely expensive. I believe it was 5 for 150$. We got ours for freeā€¦in our free seed pack that comes with every order. You have to think he has been doing this for many years so I can only imagine what can be found in some of those packs. Its like Christmas or a as Forrest would say ” Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get” Well I love to see the website growing and everyone talking and exchanging little tricks or treasures of the trade. I hope we can all be kind to each other and mother earth and lets try to bring it all back to the way things were. Simplicity is key ! Glad to have here and hope to see repeat business. The product and its quality speaks for itself.