seeds for the masses

After buying seeds from I was surprised when they sent me over 100 seeds for $40.00! I bought 3 different seed packs of 3 seeds that came with 7 extra seeds each and they sent an extra pack of 10 seeds of a different kind! all labeled. that’s 40 seeds for $40.00!!! can’t beat that $1.00 a seed, plus I got the free seed pack and got 65 more seeds!!! that dropped the price to under $.40 a seed!!!

Note from Jerry:

If you buy seeds that I have grown out (not bought wholesale) you will find I am very generous. I generally simply scoop a small vial full, even if you only ordered 3 seeds. That being said, as I begin to run low on some of my strains I will have to be a bit less generous, but, I want you to be a return customer!