Steven Kinker

Smoking cannabis has always been a hobby of mine. But not until this last year have I got into growing.

I?ve learned that it can be a very rewarding endeavor to test my patients and making me strive to learn and know more so that I can produce something I dearly enjoy.

My interest in growing bud peaked when I noticed a seed I had thrown into one of my wife?s house plants as a joke actually sprouted and grew. That?s when I realized growing my own smoke would be an economical solution to the 2020s financial crisis.

I began to research and slowly buy grow equipment. This task was daunting and at first very overwhelming but after careful consideration, I was able to buy myself a light and the other equipment I was gonna need to grow myself some cannabis.

The next task I had at hand was what genetics to start with?

The internet is filled with info so I used most of my free time reading about strains and watching videos helping me learn the ins and outs of indoor growing and what strains to grow.

After a lot of research, I got kinda worried. Good seeds were expensive! And what the hell who doesn’t like free stuff so I searched free cannabis seeds and found my answer!!

Jerry?s site!

I was able to find some awesome strains and the seeds were way cheaper by buying my marijuana seeds from

They have great reviews and pictures of buds that looked like they would cost me hundreds of dollars to grow at a fraction of that cost.

I?m so excited to get my next grow started! customer service was awesome and I got an email the same day I emailed Jerry with questions.

I will post some pics to show how this grow turns out.

Happy growing everyone!!