Tom G

I bought some gorilla glue and received some free seed. I germinated 5 GG and 2 free seed with wet paper towel and all did well; I put the GG into the ground in some top soil in my back pasture and just gave it creek water and after about 2 1/2 months got some pretty good weed. The free seed I had in 2 pots up by the house. one I was told was a cheese head which I got a half a bag of fair weed the other was some sort of kush which grew about 5 foot and had a lot of big sticky buds on it. These I just gave water and miracle grow. I just pulled this kush up about a month ago and got 2 bags of killer smoke. I started a late GG in September which I moved into a grow house in the garage 2 weeks ago as it is now freezing some nights. This indoor growing with the lights and watching the humidity is going to take a while to figure out as I already had problems with white powder mildew. I can strongly recommend these seeds; both the GG and the surprise free ones!