The New Free Cannabis Seeds Offer

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The plant above is the Girl Scout Cookies Auto Mother of some of these free seeds!

Just a quick post to share the genetic make-up of the free seeds I am offering with every paid order right now.

I was going to fire up my 20 buck free seed offer, but decided I simply do not have enough of these seeds to go very long with those.

So what to do….give every paid order….no matter how small a vial full (about 10 seeds) of these very fresh seeds I just harvested.

So without farther ado, these seeds should all be autos, and will be F1 crosses (or a pure strain) of these popular strains….Sour Lowryder 2 Auto, MI5 Auto, Girl Scout Cookies Auto, and The Forge Autos.

These plants will likely exhibit some great hybrid vigor, and should be potent, and robust! You will likely get some awesome plants from these seeds for sure!

Everybody loves a deal, and to get the most bang for their buck, so here is your chance! Place an order, and enjoy these great seeds!

30 thoughts on “The New Free Cannabis Seeds Offer

  1. Hey beautiful plant she is gorgeous. Am I to late for the free seeds

    1. Nope, I still have them available Brian.

      1. Can I get seeds

        1. Sure, put an order in.

      2. The site says they are out. I am trying to get some as well

    2. Good

      1. Everything looks good

  2. I can not wait to grow these!!! How can I get I to this?

    1. Just put in an order, all orders will get a vial of these seeds, while supplies last.

  3. Hey you guys better hurry up and get some of these free seeds…I spent 19.50 plus shipping for three girl scout cookies auto seed …. Got 5 and then he also sent me 23 free seeds and every single one of them pop and are growing now………that was my second time buying from Jerry and both times were awesome got more than I paid for and free seeds both times… And paid for order and received them both within three days of purchase…and he answer every single email dude is awesome

    1. Thanks for your kind words Doyle. I do tend to spoil my customers, and I do this for a couple reasons. One, I just love to give people a great deal on some awesome genetics, and two, I want to turn every customer I get into a return customer! And, I am not surprised that you got 100% germination as these seeds are only a few weeks old. Please share some pics of the plants as they mature, I would love to see how some of the crosses turn out.

      1. I will be sure to the gorilla glue are flowering very nice and I will certainly get some pictures for you as we go … Thanks for everything you do for the community….to be honest I don’t know where things would be if not for meeting you… looking forward to the future..

      2. 362 seeds

  4. Hi Jerry.
    I found your site in my emails. I’m new to growing just started last year. I think I’m doing OK so far for a rookie haha!! I just wanted to know more about what you have available. I’m leaning toward a few more auto plants to stick outside. I like indica or indica dominant hybrids. I’m going to look around on your site. Thanks Mike Benneig.

    1. I would love to enjoy the girl
      Scout seeds a if possible

      1. Completely possible.

  5. For my last free seed batch, I put them all directly in my garden outside; It’s a joy to try and determine which plant is what strain. So far no males and all are loving this high desert climate with vigorous growth, watered every 2 days with the soaker hose, and fed with only compost tea, no artificial nutes. The ordered autos are all in a 4×4 tent and growing well. TY…Jerry!!

    1. YW Allan, enjoy!

  6. I would like some seeds

    1. Ok, place an order and you can have some.

  7. I have only ordered twice from Jerry but I have to say he is one really solid guy. My 2nd order was delayed due to a clerical error and not only did he make good on the order but he completely doubled everything. Twice the ordered seeds and twice the amount of free seeds. He definitely didn’t have to do that but none-the-less he did. JCS has a customer for life. Everything I planted has germinated and are growing fine……..Thanks much Jerry.

    1. You’re welcome Gene. I am all about customer service, and if I screw up and delay your order I will generally send you extras, as I think it is the right thing to do. I realize that is pretty much unheard of in this day and age, but it is the way I roll.

  8. I purchased 4 Sour lowrider 2 purple autos and received like 30 free seeds :).

    I have 16 sample seeds growing right now under a 1200 watt LED among other lights!

    Starting a fay by day grow journal for every plant and I want to help create some content for the site!

    This is by far my favorite seed bank and you deserve more visibility!

    Msg me or email me so I can send some awesome pix of the grow

    1. Send via my contact email Schwifty, I love customers pics of what they have going on!

  9. 70 seeds on show in the jar

  10. Good evening Jerry do you have any more seeds for a new home? Much appreciated

  11. Hi great website and great deals on some nice looking plants. I was wounder the same about the seeds if we pay shipping and get seeds?
    or better off just purchasing some seeds from your selection? To get free ones

    1. You can get free shipping if your order is $50+, and yes generally I have some great deals on seeds, much cheaper then about anyone else online. And, before long I will be offering my 20 dollar 20 free seed deal again.

  12. probably too late on the autoflower seeds but please keep me in mind for sativas

    1. It is not too late William, I have a bunch of those left!

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