Using Cannabis/Marijuana….What are the Risks?

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A Guest Post by Marvin…Thanks Marvin

A good debate holds both pros and cons for a specific topic. The best debates cover the most controversial topics. In this article you are about to read, I will go over all the risks and benefits that cannabis holds. As you may know, cannabis is a plant that holds the capabilities of a drug. You may also know that drugs can hold health risks as well as other risks that many people become concerned about.

With cannabis, the risks that come with using this drug are: addiction, oral hygiene concerns, and heart deficiencies. With cannabis, the benefits that come with using this drug are: the ability to treat physical pain, the ability to treat psychological ailments, as well as increasing the ability to recall (memories). In this article, I will be switching between using the word cannabis and using the word marijuana.

Studies show 30% of those who use marijuana, may have a slight degree of a marijuana use disorder. Studies also show that 9% of people become dependent on marijuana. In 2015, an estimate of 4 million people (in America) matched the diagnostic criteria for marijuana use disorder.

Researchers have found that those who use marijuana are more likely to have oral health problems than those who don’t. It is more common for those who use cannabis to have caries than it is for non users. Caries are the decay of teeth. It is also more common for users of this drug to have more periodontal diseases and oral infections.

According to, “observational studies have linked the chemicals in marijuana to an increased risk of heart attacks, heart failure and a heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation”. It has been found that 6% of patients under 50 who experience heart attacks use cannabis. It has also been found that cannabis users between the ages of 18-44 have a higher risk of having a stroke than non users do.

All of this is to say, we shouldn’t go about drugs in a light manor especially cannabis. In short, using marijuana leads to people having use disorders(addictions), tooth decay and oral infections, as well as heart attacks and heart failures. After reviewing all the risks and concerns revolving around the use of cannabis, I’d like to now view the benefits of using cannabis. As I have stated before, the benefits that come with using marijuana are: the ability to treat physical pain, the ability to treat psychological ailments, and increasing the ability to recollect.

As reported by, “Ninety-seven per cent of respondents used cannabis primarily for chronic pain. Average pain improvement on a 0–10 pain scale was 5.0 (from 7.8 to 2.8), which translates to a 64% relative decrease in average pain. ” The website also states that “Half of all respondents also noted relief from stress/anxiety, and nearly half (45%) reported relief from insomnia.”

In a study involving rats as test subjects, researchers found that using cannabis “induces deficits (…) of cognitive function, including working memory. In the experiment, the rats were made to choose between two things, with there being one correct answer each time. As the test progressed, researchers observed that “exposure to cannabis (smoke) significantly enhanced choice accuracy” among the rats.

This information proves how the use of marijuana can not only release someone from chronic pain but, deliver a calmer state of mind as well as, increase the ability to remember something. As laid out, the information suggests that using cannabis holds more significance in benefits than risks. Only 9% of people become reliant on cannabis, this number is less than half of the people population. As for dental hygiene, studies have found it is “more likely” that those who use this drug will have oral health problems, this suggests that there is a higher chance of having oral health problems but it is not certain. The amount of people who experience heart attacks under the age of 50 and who use cannabis, is only 6% which again, is less than half of the people population. After using cannabis to relieve pain, 64% of people felt significantly better. The users of this drug also mentioned a decrease in anxiety as well as insomnia. With this decrease of stress, more people can function properly mentally as well as physically. Lastly, this drug allows the user to reclaim information that may have gotten lost or pushed to the back of the brain.

In conclusion, using cannabis brings risks and concerns of health but there is a higher chance of the drug impacting you positively rather than negatively.

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