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Blue Tahoe Cheese is a very potent Indica dominant hybrid that is sure to please! This strain sports a THC concentration of over 25%. Flowering time indoors of about 60 days.

This strain is great meds for many medical conditions. Blue Tahoe Cheese will leave you in a deeply relaxed state, and you might eat too much!

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Blue Tahoe Cheese is a predominately Indica hybrid developed by the pros at New 420 Seed Guys. This hybrid strain (80% indica/20% Sativa) was created by crossing the old school Blue Cheese with a Blue Tahoe.

Blue Tahoe Cheese can be cultivated indoors, where the plants will need a flowering time of about 60 days or outdoors. Blue Tahoe Cheese was bred for THC production, and you won’t be disappointed!

This strain is both stinky (yum) and potent. It smells like a mixture of Tahoe OG and Cheese. You will find it will produce 3 different phenotypes, all of which are equally potent.

THC levels will hover around 25%! The high will sneak up on you then drop you right on the couch….where you will want to stay. Those that enjoy Indicas will love this sedating hybrid. Great meds for a verity of medical conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress, PTSD, and appetite loss.

Blue Tahoe Cheese flowers with beautiful orange pistils among the vibrant green leaves. The plant flowers beautifully and will produce buds that are tight, dense, and covered in trichomes. Novice cannabis consumers should be cautious with this one.

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    AAA+ experience with JCS. Jerry is an amazing individual and a pleasure to interact with. Smooth and fast delivery, he really went above and beyond with my order. Two thumbs up. I definitely recommend people shop at JCS.

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