Blueberry Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seed

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Minimum Order of 3 Seeds…$16.50…

Blueberry Auto Regular Cannabis Seeds have been around for a while. This auto-flower was derived from an Indica strain that won High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2000.

I just harvested these seeds on 11/20/21….so freshness is assured.

If you like speed, and couch-lock potency this is the strain for you. Blueberry cannabis has been impressing cannabis growers for many years, add a few of these to your order and be impressed!

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6 reviews for Blueberry Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seed

  1. Stephen Benn

    Bb is one of the best meds for I. Been a huge bb (dj short and .2nd generation 🧬) fan since the 9o’s. I need z miracle if anyone out there. Rule 303.

  2. Marc Pinsky (verified owner)

    Made original purchase in 05/21. I had almost 100% germination of these autoflower seeds. However, out of rotten luck only 2 of the 7 blueberry seeds turned out female and only 1 lived to grow out. My grow was an inside “closet” grow. Grow time from seed to harvest was approximately 3 months. Prior to harvest, pIant was 29″hx23″w. I got about 2.75 oz of dried cured buds out of my plant. Drying buds had a moderately strong mj aroma. 1 month cured buds have only a mild aroma. As this was my first successful grow I can’t tell if “low” yield was my fault. The end product gave a good buzz euphoric high with very minimal couch-lock. 2 small bowls is all you’ll require.
    Obviously, it is a good strain as friends and adult children polished off a full mason jar (just over 1 oz). (Remainder is for ME!).
    Only “con” I can give is that they are NOT feminized seeds so you need about 3-4 weeks before you can sex your plants, discard your males, and start all over again.

    • Jerry

      Hi Marc, thanks for taking the time to comment on your grow.That is rotten luck, but unfortunately can happen. 2.75 oz harvest is pretty good for an auto, so good job. The way I would look at it is you got that 2.75 harvest from you $30 investment (for the seeds), so not too bad! Truthfully, just the joy of growing the plant, and the knowledge that you are growing clean healthy medicine is so worth it!

  3. Travis B (verified owner)

    These blueberry autos have done well. I yielded 81 grams. Plant has a good deep profile. Ive grown the blue haze 2.0 as well is had a more profound blueberry smell. They were both great plants.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Have not grown these out yet. I have no doubts about these seeds or others I have bought from here. I can tell good seeds when I see them and these are very nice can’t wait to grow them out. Just wanted say some of us growers want to have a choice of regular seeds to choose from with some being male plants. Also I wanted to say I remember the days of Columbian Gold, Redbud from the early 80’s. Old school here. For more than 4 decades I have smoked in secrecy and still to this day I feel the need to hide away when I no longer need to. Hard to believe its legal where I live. Long live the bud my friends long live the bud.

    • Jerry

      Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to comment. I have other customers who have grown these Blueberry Auto seeds out and were impressed. I too am old school and can identify. I love the fact that cannabis is becoming mainstream, and is losing it’s stigma. There really is no downside, and never has been.

  5. Noah Babcock

    Haven’t got these seeds yet but just ordered a 3 pack what’s the best way to start growing them without risking pollinating the females (if there is any)

    • Jerry

      I just sprouted some of those Blueberry Autos, and had 100% germination. If it were me, I would plant them about 1/4 inch deep in a good fine high quality potting soil (yes it can make a difference) keep them moist (not soaked) and add a bottom horticultural heating pad if you have one. They should pop in a few days.

      Also, you can let them grow till they show their sex, then if you do not want any seeds you would eliminate any males before the have the chance to loose their pollen.

  6. Scott

    I started these in the second week of April. These did great outside even with the days getting longer. It looks like they are almost done just a few more days. Very sticky and sweet smelling. These colas are Pringle can size….July jam. Blueberry auto regular.

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