Feminized Cannabis Seed Pack

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You will find all the feminized cannabis seeds I offer in this one Feminized cannabis seed pack. Here is what you will get…5 Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds ( my suppliers favorite auto-flower!), 5 Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds, and a 5 pack of the Blackberry Zittlez Feminized Cannabis Seeds. But, you will get double the Blackberry Zittlez Seeds, which you can read about in their link.

I doubt you will find any fem seeds anywhere online for cheaper, so if you want to grow big, and not deal with any males at all….here you go!

So basically you get 20 feminized cannabis seeds in these Fem Seed Packs.

4 reviews for Feminized Cannabis Seed Pack

  1. Tom Belohoubek

    hi I want to order your new 20 seed pack, but I wonder if you send to Ontario,Canada.

    • Jerry

      Yes, I send to Canada.

  2. greg.brand

    2 of the 3 strains are listed as autoflowering. the Blackberry Zittlez is not listed as autoflowering. Is this correct. Thanks

    • Jerry

      Yes, that is true.

  3. paul.pierce

    An honest company with good genetics, and always get back to ya, id recommend JCS seeds strains to any grower, or collecters 🌱🌳

  4. VA grower

    The gorilla glue auto I grew got over 4.5ft in a 7gl pot I dont weigh it but if I had to guess it was in the 450-500 gram per sq meter range. The Girl Scout cookies is not far behind and you can probably get about the same size. They both have a very good smell. If you’re growing indoors you’re going to need to invest in negative pressure and charcoal filters.

    • Jerry

      I have been getting good reports on that strain, and have grown a few out myself for seed….looks to be solid genetics!

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